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Starcraft: Mass Recall

Starcraft & Brood War Campaign Remake

The Legacy (of the Void) Edition of the Starcraft and Brood War campaigns remake. Mass Recall contains 68 maps, 59 from the original Brood War game, 3 that were hidden or deleted on various Starcraft supports, and 6 from the 1998 demo campaign.

This mod can be used with any Starcraft 2 version, including the free Starter edition.

Do not hesitate to leave feedback or suggestions in the comments below.

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September 1st 2016

We are watching the bug reports and will be publishing a fix, probably during the week end. Keep them coming, the more we have now, the more we will fix.

If you have version 5.x already installed, we advise deleting Mass Recall files entirely (our mods, maps and any old Mass Recall .zip file) before using the automated installer. Versions 5 and 6 are NOT compatible.

Known bugs so far:

  • Param/values/whatever: if lots of texts are like that, you may have a problem with your Mods: delete SCMRmod and SCMRlocal, and re-download them from the links below. If it is only one or two lines (say, a mission objective), report it in the comments section (in that case, please specify which language you are playing in).
  • Dependency cannot be loaded: The mods are not at the proper place. Check that you have put your mods (SCMRmod AND SCMRlocal) in the Mods folder, as on the picture below.
  • Unable to load map: Your maps are not that the proper place. Check that you have put the episode files such as "1. Rebel Yell" in a folder "Starcraft Mass Recall", itself to be placed in Maps, as on the picture below.
  • Bugs when skipping cinematics: game ends in defeat in Terran09, options are not taken into account at the end of Terran08.
  • Siege tanks with the 'brood war sounds" option do not have them in siege mode.
  • Visuals for queen, corsairs, reavers and arbiters have not been entirely updated.

August 30th 2016

SCMR Legacy Edition is live.


For now, here are torrent files for two of the larger parts of the mod (not up on the site yet):

For the torrent downloads, you will need a bittorrent client - if you don't have one, μTorrent is a decent one and quick to install (google "utorrent").

I would like to ask you good people to seed the files after your download is complete, for at least a little while, if at all possible. Thanks.


If you've played previous versions of Mass Recall, for a clean install it is recommended you delete any previous Mass Recall-related folders or zip archives from your Starcraft 2 root install directory, and delete or rename the SCMR.SC2Bank file in (Documents)/Starcraft II/Banks

For older versions of the mod, see the "Files" section.

How to Play

Auto install using the SCMR installer

  • place the installer and all downloaded zip archives to your Starcraft 2 install directory (the same folder where your Starcraft 2.exe is located)
  • run the installer
  • use the Mass Recall shortcut created on your desktop to start the game

    Auto install video guide by DeltronLive

    If you wish to play while logged on to, you will still need to manually install the mod (see "manual install" below)

Manual install

Don't let the number of steps put you off, the installation part is actually very simple and should only take about 2 minutes.

  • extract the map packs (SCMRmaps)to the "Maps" folder in your Starcraft 2 install directory (create the "Maps" folder if it doesn't exist)
  • extract the mod files (SCMRmod and SCMRlocal) to the "Mods" folder in your Starcraft 2 install directory

    Manual install video guide by Jayborino

    • illustration of the correct file paths (click to enlarge):

file paths

note that you can't have both the standard SCMRmod and the retro version in the Mods folder at the same time, one will always overwrite the other

  • launch the Starcraft 2 editor
  • open the setup map named SCMRsetup in your Maps folder and click the "test document" button on the top right (or press ctrl+F9)
  • when you're at the setup screen, save the game
  • go back to the save menu, highlight the save you just created and click the "show in folder" button.
    this will minimize Starcraft 2 and open the folder containing the save file
  • move or copy the save file to the saves folder under your account
    (your documents folder)/Starcraft II/Accounts/.../.../Saves/Multiplayer (or any other subfolder)
    if you can't find this folder, login to your account, go to campaign -> load, click on a save and click the "show in folder"-button. It will take you to the folder you need to move the save file into.
  • open Starcraft 2 again and exit the setup map
  • login to your account and load the save via the campaign load menu
  • once loaded, click the "install" button
  • when you're at the title screen, save the game again. You can now use this save to launch SCMR, the setup save is not needed.

Note that you can still save and load any SCMR map, as long as you're logged in.

During any mission, typing "quit" as a chat message will take you back to the menu.


Make sure to check out the auto install and manual install video guides also linked above. The end result in these videos is the same, regardless of install method.

Also make sure you're using an up-to-date version of Starcraft 2.

Other manual installation guides:


Click here to view full credits

map design and scripting


SCMRmod based on the Starcraft 2: Brood War mod by


additional development by


custom 3D models & textures by

Snowflake Entertainment / Project Revolution

PLEASE NOTE that this is a completely unofficial, non-profit, fan-made remake and in no way affiliated with Activision Blizzard.

Other custom campaigns from various authors can be found at the Custom Campaign Initiative. For Brood War-like multiplayer, you can have a look at Starbow.

Old time Brood War players may enjoy the Carbot Animations Brood War series.

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