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SCMR v6.2


  • cinematics are now played directly in ongoing mission, SCMR Cinematic Player map file no longer used
  • fixed "blinking" portraits during transmissions for Marine, Edmund Duke
  • small terrain and cutscene tweaks


  • fixed certain weapon/armor upgrade issues with Medics, Siege Tanks, High Templar, Samir Duran


  • Academies no longer build nukes (fix for latest version of Starcraft 2)
  • Battlecruisers have their energy back (fix for latest version of Starcraft 2)
  • Goliath ground attack range increased from 5 to 6
  • Spider Mine health decreased from 25 to 20


  • Burrowing Defilers no longer costs resources


  • Protoss Air Armor upgrades now require Fleet Beacon
  • Shield Battery can no longer target structures
  • Arbiter Attack range decreased from 6 to 5
  • Corsair maximum energy until Argus Jewel is researched decreased from 250 to 200
  • Argus Jewel now increases Corsair starting energy to 62
  • changed Scout hotkey from O to S (no longer overlaps with Corsair hotkey)
  • (Retro addon) fixed an issue where Tassadar couldn't be box selected


  • fixed certain issues with statistics
  • Dragoon profile is now saved in the Codex
  • SCV and Marine profiles are now unlocked also when skipping the Episode 1 tutorial mission
  • corrected icons for certain character profiles
  • Episodes 1 and 5 now start properly without cinema addon


Terran07: "The Trump Card"

  • slightly more space in main base

Terran09b: "New Gettysburg" (city version)

  • fixed a pathing issue with certain doodads

Terran10: "The Hammer Falls"

  • fixed missing audio in in-game cutscene ending

ProtossX05: "Battle of Braxis"

  • fixed an issue that spawned outdated versions Arbiters and Corsairs for the player

TerranX01: "First Strike"

  • the back door attack route is now revealed when resistance base is found

TerranX03: "Ruins of Tarsonis"

  • fixed an issue where music would not play when skipping the intro cutscene

ZergX05: "True Colors"

  • fixed an issue with skipping the intro cutscene

TerranL00: "Boot Camp"

  • fixed broken map link with skip tutorial button

TerranL05: "Extermination"

  • removed overlapping button from score screen

TerranL03: "Den of the Beast"

  • slightly optimized game performance

SCMR v6.1.1


  • Updated score screen transition



  • Reduced spider mine damage to medium units by 25%, small units by 50%
  • Battlecruiser movement speed reduced from 1.85 to 1.4


  • Consume (Defiler ability) now requires research


  • Included missing Fleet Beacon upgrades
  • High Templar movement speed reduced from 2.25 to 1.85

SCMR v6.1


  • Fixed various issues that occured when skipping intro cutscenes
  • Fixed a number of localization issues / missing text strings
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and tweaks


  • High Templar will no longer cast Psionic Storm on defensive structures


  • New graphics added to the score screen
  • Survival rate displayed on the score screen can no longer be negative
  • Added Codex entries for Dropship, Infested Kerrigan


  • Fixed armor upgrade bugs for the following units and heroes: Firebat, Medic, Siege Tank, Kerrigan (ghost), Defiler, Hunter Killer, Torrasque, Reaver, Arbiter, Corsair, Shield Battery, Warbringer, Aldaris


  • The Academy now requires Barracks
  • Spider Mines should no longer kill units inside Bunkers


  • Spore Colony no longer deals 45 bonus damage to biological targets
  • Ultralisk attack cooldown decreased from 0.96 to 0.89
  • Ensnare energy cost increased from 50 to 75
  • Missile weapon upgrades now affect Lurker attacks
  • Metasynaptic Node (Defiler energy upgrade) works again
  • Infested Command Centers now regenerate life at the same rate as other Zerg structures


  • Scout health and shields increased from 60/100 to 150/100
  • Corsairs no longer require an Arbiter Tribunal to be built, hotkey changed to O
  • Arbiters now require an Arbiter Tribunal to be built, training time changed to 138 seconds, attack cooldown increased to 2.55, Khaydarin Core (energy upgrade) works again
  • Shield Battery recharge rate reduced from 36 to 10, can no longer target structures, energy drain is now 1 energy for 2 shields, cost reduced from 200 minerals to 100
  • Increased Tassadar's selection priority
  • Fixed a bug where psi storm could deal more than 112 damage


  • new remastered victory screen backgrounds


  • Fixed a color issue with Dark Archon

New unit models / effects:


  • Carrier
  • Arbiter Tribunal


  • Kakaru

New icons:

  • Reaver
  • Corsair
  • Arbiter Tribunal


  • included Brood War unit voiceovers for Drone, Siege Tank (siege mode), Dark Templar (vanilla version), Shuttle
  • included Starcraft 2 unit voiceovers for Dragoon
  • included Brood War unit annoyed responses for several units

SCMR v6.0


  • new file structure: added SCMRLocal dependency which acts as a framework for localization
  • included remastered high-definition versions of the original CGI cinematics
  • added new descriptions for units, characters, planets
  • the mod now tracks certain statistics across the campaigns


  • attacking enemy forces will try to retreat when outmatched. Survivors will be added to the next attack
  • added variation to AI attack routes in certain maps
  • easy difficulty setting now easier: reduced attack wave, made attacking enemy bases easier


  • (optional) permanent visual effects on the ground at nuke detonations and destroyed buildings. Will not affect pathing or gameplay
  • (optional) included a city variant of the mission Terran 09: "New Gettysburg"
  • removed unit silhouettes when behind other objects


New unit models / effects:


  • Samir Duran
  • ComSat Station
  • Psi Disrupter
  • (optional) UED variants for Marine, Firebat, Ghost, Siege Tank, Goliath
  • new mission objective beacon variants for different Terran factions


  • Queen of Blades (without the cloud effect)
  • Cerebrate
  • Dark Swarm (Defiler ability)
  • Plague (Defiler ability)


  • Corsair
  • Arbiter
  • Dark Archon
  • Reaver
  • Warp Gate
  • Protoss Temple
  • Xel'Naga Temple
  • Fenix (Dragoon)
  • Raszagal


  • Bengalaas

New portraits:


  • Edmund Duke
  • Sarah Kerrigan
  • Gerard DuGalle
  • (optional) UED variants for Marine, Firebat, Siege Tank


  • Overmind
  • Defiler
  • Devourer


  • Dragoon
  • Artanis
  • Raszagal
  • Shuttle

New Icons:


  • Edmund Duke


  • Metabolic Boost
  • Parasite
  • Spawn Broodlings


  • Singularity Charge
  • Disruption Web
  • Stasis Field
  • Recall
  • Khaydarin Core
  • Scarab
  • Upgrade Scarab Damage
  • Recharge Shield


  • terrain aesthetics overhauled across the board
  • slightly reduced clutter and added space in some maps


  • most cutscenes revamped
  • many new cutscenes added
  • mission intro cutscenes can now be skipped by pressing the escape key


  • (optional) included all Brood War unit responses. Brood War or Starcraft 2 voiceovers can be selected for each unit individually
  • changed ambience in certain maps and added new ambient sound effects (Aiur and city maps in particular)
  • included Brood War unit death sounds for Marine, Firebat, Zealot in their respective sound sets (these sounds are played in addition to the Starcraft 2 sounds)
  • new alert voiceovers for certain units
  • new sound effect for Sarah Kerrigan's and Samir Duran's rifle shots
  • included original sound effects for when units are rescued


  • revamped Campaign Launcher GUI
  • new Campaign Launcher features: Codex, Stats
  • changes and added animations to the briefing screen layout
  • new stats included in the score screen
  • replaced the default SC2 tech trees with SCMR tech trees in the help menu
  • (optional) added unit, planet and character profiles as popups as they are introduced throughout the campaigns
  • (optional) the game displays an alert and creates a spacebar point when a hero unit's health drops below 60%
  • (optional) mission objectives are hidden until the end of the mission briefing
  • removed minimap markings for untargetable, non-gameplay structures in certain maps
  • added a button to the in-game menu for returning to SCMR title screen



  • Goliath ground range increased from 5 to 6


  • Consume no longer has a cooldown
  • Scourge upgrades now apply properly
  • Queens no longer have a speed bonus over creep
  • Spawn Broodlings can no longer be cast on Heroic units
  • Devourer attacks should make cloaked units visible again (in case they were visible when the attack hit)


  • Tassadar's Psi Storm radius reduced from 2.25 to 2 (same as regular High Templar)
  • Feedback can no longer be cast on friendly units
  • Corsair base armor increased from 0 to 1
  • Fixed a bug where Fenix (Zealot) would be a priority target for the AI


Loomings04: "Force of Arms"

  • enemy air units removed from waves

Terran01: "Wasteland"

  • slightly expanded the map and moved the base to the south

Terran04: "The Jacobs Installation"

  • map layout changes, map now closer to the original
  • UI tweaks to third person mode
  • added an alternative fire mode (full auto) for third person mode

Terran10: "The Hammer Falls"

  • slight map layout tweaks, map now closer to the original

Zerg04: "Agent of the Swarm"

  • fixed an issue where the victory trigger ran multiple times
  • Help! They are forcing me to write patch notes for them

Zerg05: "The Amerigo"

  • fixed an issue where Kerrigan could be controlled during the intro cutscene

Zerg09: "The Invasion of Aiur"

  • the beacon in the base is now unselectable
  • fixed a minor pathing issue at the east expansion

Protoss01: "First Strike"

  • fixed an issue where Protoss and Zerg units fight during the Fenix cutscene

Protoss10: "Eye of the Storm"

  • Terran supply is now capped at 200

ProtossX01: "Escape from Aiur"

  • fixed an issue where units would freeze when skipping a cutscene

ProtossX06: "Return to Char"

  • fixed an issue where campaign progress was not saved after the mission
  • friendly Zerg supply is now capped at 200

ProtossX07: "The Insurgent"

  • AI attack routes now less predictable
  • fixed an issue with Aldaris in the ending cutscene

TerranX04: "Assault on Korhal"

  • AI will no longer rally units to a destroyed base

TerranX05: "Emperor's Fall"

  • AI will no longer rally units to a destroyed base

TerranX07: "Patriot's Blood"

  • fixed an issue where campaign progress was not saved after the mission

ZergX06: "Fury of the Swarm"

  • Fixed an issue that would break the AI at the beginning of the mission

ZergX10: "Omega"

  • fixed an issue where campaign progress (final cinematic) was not saved after the mission
  • blocked backdoor entrance to the Dominion base

SCMR version 6.2

Retro addon for SCMRmod v6.2 and newer

Requires SCMRmod

how to install (if not using the installer): - place SCMRmod and SCMRmodRetro in your Mods directory - rename the standard mod "SCMRmod" to "SCMRcore" - rename "SCMRmodRetro" to "SCMRmod"