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    posted a message on WARCRAFT III REFORGED -> Export Models into M3's for SC2 Editor?


    Basically - I need someone who has 3D Studio Max, can follow TaylorMouse's script here https://github.com/TaylorMouse/MaxScripts and import Reforged assets and export them as .m3 models and .dds textures.  

    I will forever be in your debt!


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    posted a message on Anyway to Force 2D Portrait Natively?

    Does anyone have a way to force all portraits in a given map/mod to use their 2D "image" components instead of the 3D .m3 portrait file?

    I understand the user can just go into options and change portraits to use 2D, but I'm looking to avoid doing that and just have 2D show up from the get-go.  I don't see any override options or actor events to force that.



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    posted a message on WARCRAFT III REFORGED -> Export Models into M3's for SC2 Editor?

    As the title suggests - I know some folks are looking into exporting the high quality Warcraft 3 Reforged models into versions that can be imported into the SC2 Editor.  Keep in mind - I know very little about the modeling process - but I do know models use .m3's and textures are using .dds's.  Is there such a project going on?  Do we have some sort of existing project workplace here on mapster for this - or is it on HiveWorkshop?


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    posted a message on CALLING ALL MODEL EXPERTS! - NEED WARCRAFT 1 and 2 MODELS!!!!

    In reply to Forge_User_83057911:

     That looks amazing!  Well done!  


    The project I'm building is going to be much less "faithful" to keeping original mechanics however.  Instead, the game is going to feel more like Warcraft 3 playing Warcraft 1 and 2. Such as - All original FMV's but new in-game cutscenes.  All original units, but with new abilities and upgrades.  Heroes that carry over mission to mission.  Just a ton of new content.


    I think I have some of those models you're using already - but if you have others you've made that are open to share let me know!  

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    posted a message on CALLING ALL MODEL EXPERTS! - NEED WARCRAFT 1 and 2 MODELS!!!!

    Hi All - I'm developing a new SC2 mod that will re-create/re-imagine the Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 games in the SC2 engine, using WC3 assets given.  However, I'm looking for some custom assets to be created that will help with some of the missing units and structures, such as Male Elven Archers/Rangers, Stables, etc.  That is my primary need.  However, I would love to also see what folks can do to re-create the War3 models into more War1 and War2 look and feel.  For example - mikethespike has done some great stuff in the past, but unsure if he's still active here.  - https://www.sc2mapster.com/projects/warcraft-1-structures


    Here's the need - let me know if anyone's interested:


    Elven Archer (male) - NEED!

    Elven Ranger (male) - NEED! (preferably a green cloak from a blue one)

    Cleric (male) - NEED!  (basically a Priest without the big elven ears, since he's human)

    Conjurer (male) - NEED! (basically a mage but with the tall pointy hat, without a horse)

    Mage (male) - NEED! (more or less like the rebel mage creep, but with a beard and hat if possible)

    Stables - NEED!

    Church - NEED!

    Foundry - NEED!

    Oil Refinery - NEED!

    Oil Platform - NEED!

    Oil Tanker - NEED!


    Ogre Mound - NEED!

    Giant Turtle - NEED! (basically a green turtle but with a launcher strapped to his top)


    And then the stuff that is more of a want, but lower priority:


    Knight (with a chain ball instead of a sword)

    Paladin (a "holy knight" sort of feel)

    Elven Destroyer (more blue/War2 like than the Frigate we have)

    Troll Destoyer (more brown/War2 like than the Frigate we have)

    Workshop (should be more Gnomish Invetor feel)

    Orc Blacksmith (less War Mill - more War2 feel)

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    I've updated this page to highlight this is now SC2 only.  I'll build out a real project page in mapster once I have the beta Launcher built and a few missions for folks to test out.  I likely won't release map after map as that could change mid development, so it might just be entire Episode after Episode, or all of War1 Human, War1 Orc, War2 Human, War2 Orc, War2X Human, War2X Orc, and then once fully developed, move it out of beta and into bug fixing and enhancements

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    Quote from kostyarikk>>

    In reply to OmegaWeaponX:

    Models: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/warcraft-iii-reforged-mdx-format.319542/page-5 guy called "boskee", i found he writes there.

     Nice about the editor conversion!  I'll wait to see what the art folks can do with this and get a nice downloaded m3 model ready to go

    Renee's got a full subforum here, on sc2mapster: https://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/player-zone/warcraft-modding

    Note that her account might have another nickname now - consequencies of moving to twitch =)

    Took me some time, but yeah all the downloads are removed, the only way to acquire the War3 GA mods was to locate them through the editor and download that way.  I gathered them all and nested them in a new Warcraft Origins mod that will serve as the additions, while all the GA mods will be the backbone.

    This is phenominal stuff.  Obviously years of work went into this since Blizzard released the war3 assets.  There's some design asthetics I wouldn't have done, but its exactly what I would have pulled my hair out doing.  I think if we can get the reforged assets imported into a new "Assets" mod and update accordingly, I see no reason why remaking Warcraft 1 and 2 can't be done in SC2 now.


    Thank you for highlighting this for me!

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    Two things...


    There's a guy on hiveworkshop who is making an export/import addon for Blender for WC3:R new HD models - ehn he finishes it, the conversion will be available =)

    WHO WHO WHO!?  That is awesome - please send me link


    Renee's mod have it all if she allows to use it as base =)

    That is AMAZING.  Please send me Renee's project page with this and I can ask/link it.  I was doing some test scenarios in replicating a simple Footman in SC2 with animations, death effects, "Defend" ability mechanics, sounds, etc, but the amount of work needed to replicate this on every single unit is more than I can spend time on.  If you're saying someone already did this that I can build upon, that is exactly what is needed to jump start this project in SC2.


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    So...going back to this...apparently the Custom Campaign feature is disabled in Reforged, but "may" be coming later.

    I"m honestly torn if I should attempt this in WC3:R or SC2.  A pro-con debate:

    Pro - WC3:R

    • 4K models
    • Existing Warcraft builds
    • Existing Hero/item mechanics
    • Existing Warcraft modding community more intense than Starcraft's (to be fair, that is using the SD version)

    Con - WC3:R

    • No Custom Campaign feature (to be fair, SC2 doesn't have this either...we build them from scratch, however, unsure if WC3 editor allows this)
    • Editor not as robust as SC2's.  Too many parameters are hard-locked.  SC2 we have a lot more flexibility.

    Pro - SC2

    • Can use existing campaign creation mechanics from Mass Recall and my own campaign to give a nice campaign menu, original FMV's, gameplay, etc
    • Pretty familiar with it, so it shouldn't take as long to get going

    Con - SC2

    • Only SD models available (with exception to some random "HD" objects Blizzard added in, but aren't the reforged 4K ones.  Unsure if Blizzard would ever port them over)
    • Would have to recreate every...single...mechanic for every...single...unit and hero.  It's all there in terms of models and animations, but Blizzard doesn't have anything ready to go.  So I'd have to build out every single death event animation, spell event animations, item mechanics (bonus feature for heroes), etc.  Basically recreate Warcraft 3 in SC2...which might be more than I'm willing to do

    Hmm, I have to ponder this more

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    posted a message on WarCraft Origins

    Are you talking about in the Reforged engine or SC2 engine?  I was planning on doing it in the Reforged engine, but I"m going to wait a while until they iron out all their bugs, of which there are plenty.  I was considering SC2, as all the original 2002 models are imported already, but it won't be a high quality remake as it would be in the Reforged engine.


    I don't care about the new "Blizzard owns all your mods" policy in WC3R since WC1/WC2 are theirs to begin with.  I doubt they would put a fork in it unless they want folks to buy it on GOG.com.  If anything they would welcome the project, one would hope, and work with me to beef it up.


    At this time, I'm still tinkering around with the idea of a Command & Conquer remake in the SC2 engine.  Going to do a few missions and see how it looks before committing to it

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    posted a message on How to Toggle Custom Command Bar?????????

    Quick question -> Does anyone know how to enable custom command bars, such as the Starcraft Remastered versions?  You can access these in Battle.Net, but you should also be able to enable them via a trigger, one would think.  You can enable just about any other unit/building skin but I don't see any way to enable the command bar skins.


    Any solution?

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    posted a message on Starcraft Mass Recall - WE NEED YOUR MODELS!

    Hey all - I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in working on making high quality model versions of the following Starcraft units/characters/buildings to be used in the Mass Recall mod, scheduled for a new Remastered update soon.   We have some of these but they aren't as high quality as we would like.  What we're looking for is as close to the Starcraft: Remastered textures as possible in the SC2 engine.   If beyond a portrait such as a unit or building, they must have the unit/hero icons and wireframes/shield frames fully done as well.  Custom Death Models or Morph models would be appreciated but not required.


    The list we are requesting (for now) is:


    High Priority

    • Queen's Nest (GhostNova's is good, but we need a higher res version matching Remastered closely with icons and wireframes).  Example:
    • Aldaris (portrait) - Use Remastered as a starting template!  Kazor's was great until they changed Aldaris significantly in Remastered


    • Defiler Mound - - Thrikodias has a decent version but looking to see if we can get it even higher quality.  The crystals animation is off and we need custom death animations if possible


    • All Starcraft Remastered models!  While we have a slew of "retro" models to choose from and those in SC2, it would be fantastic to update as many units/buildings/portraits as possible using Starcraft: Remastered as your base to build from.  Some units now have incredible new detail in Remastered that wasn't previously seen which can significantly update the model update in SC2.  We'll take any and everything as long as its high quality, with proper icons/wireframes, and custom death animations if possible.




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    WarCraft Origins (working title)

    (Remaking Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2, including expansion, in the SC2 Engine)



    Hello all - 


    With the arrival of Warcraft: Reforged, I assumed we would be getting a great opportunity to do custom campaigns in that engine.  Apparently, this feature is removed (albeit for now) so I'm going to instead refocus this project in the SC2 editor - using the Warcraft GA mods created by Renee as a backbone for the project, with the Origins mod doing some more tinkering to bring Warcraft 1 and 2 to life again.  As it stands, all models are using the "SD" version Blizzard imported into SC2 a while back.  If they ever get around to importing the "HD" reforged versions, or if someone builds a converter and gives me fully fledged .m3 models with animations to use, then we can update them to reforged quality.


    Generally this project will accomplish the following:


    • Create a custom Launcher from which a user can play any Warcraft 1 or 2 mission
    • Re-create the core Warcraft 1 and 2 missions in terms of map design and objectives
    • Include ALL original Warcraft 1 and 2 cinematic FMV's including briefings
    • Include ALL original unit sounds, effects, abilities, and music from Warcraft 1 and 2

    Enhancements (all enabled on/off via the Launcher as options):

    • Enable the user to use difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Brutal
    • Enable the user to use Warcraft 2 unit data values for Warcraft 1 missions
    • Enable the user to use Warcraft 2 unit sounds, effects, and music for Warcraft 1 missions
    • Enable the user to use Warcraft 3 unit sounds, effects, and music for ALL missions (no data values, however, as this dramatically changed from War2 to War3, while War1 to War2 was only moderately changed)
    • Enable the user to use "Story Mode" for all missions.  This comprehensive option will include:
      • Heroes for all missions that will level up per Warcraft 3 mechanics with abilities.  These heroes will (tentatively) include:
        • Defender Hero - Warcraft 1 Human
        • Lothar - Warcraft 1 Human
        • Doomhammer - Warcraft 1 Orc
        • Gul'dan - Warcraft 1 Orc
        • etc
      • Enable item drops and creeps to be included on all missions
      • Enable the user to use optional secondary objectives that can help your hero
      • Enable additional cutscenes to drive the story better (all lore will be canon)
        • Note - These cutscenes will likely be text driven for now as I don't have any voice talent to help (you probably don't want me to voice these heroes)
    • Enable the user to activate achievements per mission (tracked via Launcher)
      • Assume 1 achievement just to complete level per difficulty and at least 1 achievement of value, such as do this in x amount of time or destroy this and that where it was optional prior.  Will vary depending on mission parameters


    I'm looking for folks that have a fairly high level of expertise in the editor:


    • Strong knowledge of the Galaxy Editor from SC2.  You should be well aware of the generic functionality and logic algorithms
    • Have already created a fully vetted, functional project from WC3 (Hive Workshop) or on SC2 Mapster
    • Understand that you will make absolutely no money and this is purely driven by fandom :)

    Warcraft: Reforged

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    You're awesome, no rush

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    Oh haaaay, I see something now in my project for the last file uploaded.  Thanks!

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