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StarCraft: Mass Recall v8 - Anniversary Edition

v8.0.1 changelog:


  • Artanis and Tassadar no longer have health regeneration
  • Fixed missing retro-style Queen of Blades and Cerebrate portraits for Zerg03, various Enslavers Redux maps
  • Fixed broken mission links for later Enslavers Redux maps in the Launcher
  • The custom UI selection in Launcher options can now be localized



  • Fixed an issue where Raynor getting killed did not result in defeat


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a black screen at mission start when SCMR-style interludes are selected


  • Restored missing loading screen


  • Fixed an issue where Kerrigan getting killed did not result in defeat


  • Removed initial Dark Archon unit


  • Fixed an issue which would result in victory before the Battlecruiser battle was finished


  • Fixed an extra heroes issue where Kerrigan being vortexed would result in defeat

Enslavers Redux Updates:


  • Restored various missing images from SC:R style interludes
  • Restored missing images for Kerrigan's evolution UI
  • Fixed a UI issue with Kerrigan's biomass cap
  • various other fixes


  • fixed an issue where Protoss units would become uncontrollable when reaching the Terran base


  • Fixed an issue where the game might load the wrong mission branch after the mission




v8.0 changelog:


new features


  • New option: Hero Name Plates - includes distinct health bars on top of hero units
  • New option: Extra Dialogue - the included extra dialogue that was cut from the original game can now be disabled
  • New option: Burning Wreckage - occasionally creates temporary visual effects when structures or vehicles are destroyed
  • New option: Micro Map Camera Zoomed In - the slightly zoomed in camera in installation missions can now be set to default
  • New option: Hide Unit Kill Count When Zero - hides units' kill counts until they have at least one kill
  • New option: Extra Hero Banter - disables the extra dialogue that comes with extra hero appearances (NOTE for translators: see the log in SCMRlocal triggers for how to disable these permanently for your localization)
  • New option: Installation Map Third Person Mode - the option to play T04 and Z05 in third person is now in the menu instead of a prompt at map start

gameplay changes


  • Updated Dark Swarm ability to more closely emulate its original behavior by allowing area of effect damage to still hit through it
  • Updated Spider Mines to more closely emulate their original behavior by triggering on, but not outright revealing, cloaked units
  • Updated Scarab pathfinding to restrict them from going up and down ledges
  • Updated Recall ability to more closely emulate its original behavior by allowing other player-controlled race units to be recalled also
  • Updated Hallucination ability to more closely emulate its original behavior by allowing it to be used on additional proper targets and adding a unique death animation for hallucinations
  • Firebat attack range set to 1.5, down from 2 (note: this can be considered a slight buff as the aoe is more likely to hit multiple targets when attacking from max range)

gameplay bug fixes


  • Fixed broken AI script for building Scarabs and Interceptors that resulted in idle enemy attack waves
  • Fixed an issue with AI attacks where units being dropped in by transports would idle
  • Fixed various incorrect player name tags and faction assignments
  • Fixed Dark Swarm so its effects are properly applied to all units under it
  • Fixed missing Cancel button on Nexus command card
  • Fixed missing red dot indicator of an incoming enemy nuke
  • Fixed an issue where the Gantrithor could build more than 8 Interceptors
  • Fixed Retro Science Vessel selection issues
  • Fixed an issue where certain maps would fail to load when original cinematics were disabled
  • Fixed Tassadar’s Psi Storm so that the damage will no longer stack with High Templar Psi Storm
  • Fixed an issue where Episode 1: Rebel Yell mission progress was not saved past a certain point if the Hidden Missions option was disabled

other bug fixes

  • Fixed lighting issue on maps following SC:Remastered interludes
  • Fixed Battlecruiser ground attack projectile speed to match its anti-air attack
  • Fixed an issue with Infested Duran’s portrait that could cause it to remain on screen in certain circumstances
  • Fixed Queen’s Spawn Broodling tooltip
  • Fixed High Templar’s Hallucination tooltip
  • Fixed Artanis’s extra ability Afterburners tooltip
  • Fixed Duke’s Revenge weapon display UI and attack properties
  • Cheat ‘operation cwal’ now emulates its original behavior more closely overall

audio & visual changes and fixes


  • Updated selection of retro models with many unit and building model updates
  • Updated many faction custom models, particularly for Sons of Korhal, Khalai & Nerazim Protoss, Renegade Zerg
  • Updated many icons and wireframes
  • Fixed and updated several unit death and attack animations
  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicate death sound effects for certain units
  • Added non-ragdoll deaths for players with low graphic settings
  • Updated ragdoll corpse behavior so that they take longer to decay
  • Fixed blurry Aldaris in-game portrait
  • Fixed Retro Ultralisk animation issues
  • Fixed Medic Optical Flare sound effect
  • Fixed animation issues with the Hydralisk to Lurker morph
  • Fixed Retro Hydralisk attack sounds
  • Updated lighting for many character portraits
  • Updated Raynor’s rifle attack to use the classic sound effect when enabled
  • Corrected reversed sound effects for the Siege Tank’s siege/unsiege abilities
  • Fixed a number of inconsistencies when using custom retro or faction models
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

UI & miscellaneous changes


  • Updated in-game help menu Tech Trees
  • Updated all unit ranks to fixed unit-specific ranks. Terran unit ranks match the original StarCraft
  • Updated stat tracking
  • Updated sounds played when rescuing units to closer emulate the original StarCraft
  • Updated/Fixed SCV Build Structure icon on the command card
  • You can now proceed through SC:R interludes also by mouse clicks
  • Reorganized and cleaned up SCMRassets, changed image file formats for better compression
  • Fixed Arbiter’s lore blurb in the Codex and when mousing over its wireframe
  • Fixed an issue where some Marine subtitles were incorrectly labeled as Adjutant
  • Many other miscellaneous changes

SCMR Launcher changes


  • Renamed “Brutal” difficulty level to “Endgame”. This difficulty is now unlocked separately from the options menu to prevent misconceptions or comparisons to StarCraft 2 Brutal difficulty.
  • Campaigns are now locked by default until previous episodes have been completed. Campaigns can also be unlocked via options
  • Custom faction model options “Overmind Zerg” and “Khalai Protoss” changed to “Jormungand Brood” and “Fleet of the Executor” respectively, updated faction definitions
  • Changed Weather Effects option from a slider to a toggle, adjusted number of maps with weather effects
  • The two static Launcher background options are now animated
  • Fixed planet codex entry font to fit properly within the codex window
  • Units viewed in the codex will now display their icons instead of unit models; the icons will correspond with retro model settings
    updated options menu to include the new options
  • Other minor UI tweaks


Map Updates


  • Layout updates. Most maps include subtle to moderate layout changes towards resembling the original maps more closely. In most cases this means slightly extended map bounds and/or more room around bases. Most of these changes are subtle, but there are a few maps with significant changes.
  • Aesthetic updates. Most maps include subtle to moderate aesthetic changes related to terrain and/or lighting. The main focus of this, combined with the layout changes, is to make the maps look less busy with a more defined aesthetic while keeping and sometimes adding to the level of detail.
  • Cutscene updates. Most maps include subtle to moderate cutscene changes that may include new camera angles, changes to fields of view, minor pacing adjustments and additional small details
  • Updated score screens to address an issue where factions would occasionally be missing under specific circumstances
  • Tweaks to Endgame difficulty, particularly in Episode 4
  • Removed Dark Templar ability to merge into Dark Archons before the appropriate mission (Episode 4)
  • Fixed a couple issues where a map’s ambient sounds could play over briefings, victory screens and cinematics
  • Miscellaneous cosmetic changes


  • Fixed teleporter that had a chance to teleport units to the roof
  • Alpha Squadron no longer uses Sons of Korhal models when faction models are enabled


  • Replaced a rich Vespene Geyser with a proper Vespene Geyser


  • Removed units that could interfere with end cinematic


  • Fixed a pathing issue which blocked a route on the left side of the map


  • Raynor and Fenix can no longer be brought through the Warp Gate


  • Fixed an issue where starting Reavers would not have Scarabs if the intro cinematic was skipped


  • The score screen at the end of the mission now lists all players
  • If Extra Heroes is enabled and Infested Kerrigan is with the ally Zerg base, her Consume ability will now work on her own Zerg ground units


  • Corrected loading screen text


  • Fixed an exploit when mind controlling a zerg unit where it would work regardless of distance between the dark archon and the target unit
  • Probes will now get to work even when the intro cutscene is skipped


  • Removed the ability to train Medics and research their Academy upgrades
  • Fixed the introduction SC:R Interlude text not aligning within the proper window
  • Fixed an issue where the player could see the playable map briefly when the option to not play the original cinematics was disabled


  • Like on its sister map, Duran now appears on this map as well if the Extra Hero Appearances option is enabled


  • Updated Warp Gate death animation


  • Fixed a critical issue that would soft-lock the game during the Stukov cutscene


  • Updated Aleksander models so that the extra hero unit in-game and the model used in the cinematic are now the same


  • Fixed a pathing issue which left a shortcut into the main UED base


  • Fixed an issue which caused certain AI timers to start running during the briefing


  • Fixed an issue with a specific mineral field in the main base which would cause Drones to glitch out


  • Fixed death sounds and animations for Elite Guard and Pirate Ghosts
  • Fixed nonstop alarm sound on score screen
  • Fixed Confederate forces using skins intended for Sons of Korhal
  • Fixed units being able to climb through doodads to reach high ground
  • Fixed the Kimera showing Raynor portrait and subtitle "Raynor's Raiders Flagship"
  • Fixed final cutscene missing Stukov


  • Fixed Defeat trigger not firing if Stukov dies
  • Fixed an issue where Eschueta could never die
  • Fixed Minos weapon description
  • Fixed Dragoon of Malice weapon description
  • Fixed Skullder Unit 004 weapon description
  • Fixed Heiburg unit description
  • Fixed Meserole mismatching HP when burrowed versus unburrowed
  • Fixed Caustic Spray tooltip
  • Fixed Eschueta mismatching unit descriptions when burrowed versus unburrowed
  • Fixed El Kang’s Defensive Matrix tooltip


  • Fixed broken briefing screen (#410)
  • Fixed incorrect custom models
  • Fixed dialogue typos
  • Fixed missing mouse cursor
  • Units killed by Plasma defenses now have fire death effects
  • Fixed human Stukov portrait not appearing


  • Fixed Moebius Marine death animation


Enslavers Redux Map Updates:

(Shoutout to 628w, squidntrolloctopus and others for clear reporting of many bugs)


  • Modified the Sentry bonus unit in Episode 2 slightly to fit a pure “medic” type role.  No longer has a weapon to attack but consistently has the Shield Recharge ability.  Guardian Shield and Forcefield abilities also remain.
  • Removed Retro models (if so chosen from the Launcher) from the Episode 4 missions because these take place extremely close to Wings of Liberty and because your armies contain a mix of SC1 and SC2 technologies.
  • Reverts/fixes an issue with Warbringer hero unit that would get +2 armor per ground armor upgrade instead of +1 (#418)
  • Fixed various issues with portraits on missions either not displaying correctly or displaying arbitrary SC2 subtitles. (#404)
  • Adjusted how upgrades and bonuses found through multiple play-throughs without clearing data interact.  If having completed an episode and replaying from Mission 1, that mission as well as 2 and 3, can grant you full A/B bonuses, depending which you last completed.  Starting on Mission 4, each new path will ONLY allow you to use that path’s bonuses.  The epilogue missions as well will act like Mission 1-3, and will grant you the bonuses of your last completed path’s playthrough.  If you want a clean playthrough, use the Enslavers Redux launcher and click the Reset Data button. (#399)
  • Fixed a build time issue on the Black Market Compound on some Terran missions (#398)
  • Modified the Diamondback’s attack power to 20 base, 30 to Medium armor, and 40 to Large armor with attack range at 6. The elite Red Adder attack power’s base is 25, 40 to Medium armor, and 50 to Large armor with attack range at 7. (#397)
  • Created updated “Dragon Knight/Immortal prototype” lore (#396)
  • Fixed a few double-producing unit bugs in various Episode 1 missions (#395)
  • Updated Magellan’s description to be more in-line with his updated build from a prior update (#394)
  • Modified Warbringer to always use Hardened Shields and Regenerative Hull.  Regenerative Hull life per second reduced to 2 HP/sec.
  • Fixed an issue with the Commander’s “Rangefinder Oculus” not giving sight and weapon bonuses (#371)
  • Fixes an issue where Zeratul’s upgrade to his cloaking that negates 20% of damage doesn’t activate. (#433)
  • Fixes an issue that Spectral Sight wouldn’t activate on level up. (#439)
  • Fixed various instances of biomass being unable to be collected in Episode 3.
  • Fixes inconsistencies during Episode 3 for training Brood Queens, Queens, and Defilers from your Hatchery/Lair/Hive. (#487)
  • Fixed countless other smaller bug fixes reported across multiple missions


  • Fixed an issue where the “Wild Hunter” achievement either wouldn’t activate due to an odd bug where a lone hydralisk gains the unsettling ability to cloak as well as requiring the achievement to also trigger against the north initial Zerg as well as the Orange primary Zerg (#400)


  • Prevented an exploit that allows you to plant a breaching charge on invulnerable doors that you are not meant to pass through until certain parts of the mission (#368)


  • Fixed an issue with the “Iron Curtain” achievement that wouldn’t actually trigger upon Omega Squadron’s arrival, assuming you attained it. (#400)


  • Fixed an issue with the “Hide and Seek” achievement that wouldn’t actually trigger upon rescuing four Protoss groups within 5 minutes of each other. (#400)


  • Fixed an issue with the “Command and Conquer” achievement that wouldn’t actually trigger upon destroying all three enemy Command Centers. (#400)
  • Fixed an issue that omitted Marines getting access to stimpacks (#372)


  • Fixed an issue with the “Brute Force” achievement that wouldn’t fail if you destroy more than 1 shield generator. (#400)
  • Increased water height so air units don’t decide to take a swim and go underwater.  Also added some additional pathing blockers for high doodads like statues and towers. (#375)


  • Fixed various issues relating to Warfield, including an error using his Missile Pods ability. (#387)


  • Moved the vespene geyser south of the Commander’s mineral field.  (#440)
  • If you rescue the Commander and previously completed Episode 1 on A canon, when the Terrans join you, they will now properly have their own supply queue, effectively allowing you to gain a 400 max army. (#442)


  • Modified the “Executive Order” achievement conditions.  Reduced amount from 150 killed to 100 as this can only be triggered via Selendis’ Purification Beam ability, not her interceptors/normal kills (#450)
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent dropships from attempting to steal the crystal (#452)


  • Fixed an issue where victory or defeat screens would not show up (#413)


  • Now consistently gives you a 200 supply cap once you find Schezar, regardless of how many pylons you have made (#504)


  • Fixed an issue in the final cutscene that would prevent the templar who set up the warp relay to escape with his friends, causing an unintended execution by the Zerg (#415)
  • Fixed an issue if Kerrigan’s Zerg reaches the relay in the 3rd act that they wouldn’t destroy it, thus ending in defeat as expected (#470)


  • Fixed an issue with the Infestor not being able to move at the beginning of the mission (#417)
  • Fixed an issue that would result in a failed game during a cutscene
  • Fixed an exploit bug that would allow you to gain infinite biomass and psi pickups if traveling with Stewart’s mutalisk.


  • Fixed the biomass pickups to use correct model and function
  • Fixed missing Izsha/Abathur portraits in-game


  • In order to alleviate some tight crunching between the final % and the final push, increased the final enemy push and Ulrezaj crawl by 50 real seconds, leaving 100 real seconds of having to defend.  (real seconds to game seconds can vary by depending on your game speed).
  • Increased Weather Shield Generator Life and Shields by 500 each, for the same reason above
  • Added some additional check measures to ensure if Ulrezaj gets too far down the road that he warps back.  Up to 4 checks occur, depending on final % left.  This can occur if the enemy AI eggs him on too much and he goes on the hunt



  • Removed the ability to Deep Tunnel to safety during the boss fight with Duran
  • Duran’s forms now can detect Kerrigan if she tries to burrow during the boss fight.  However, if you are quick enough, there is a chance you can leap away and burrow, regaining your health.  Keeping this strategy in for now, unless it is too easy to beat with it active.
  • Fixed final cutscene doodads appearing too early, causing a disruption during battle
  • Fixed some missing portraits


  • Adjusted which units you can and cannot build in “Phase 2” of the mission: Given this is taking place shortly before Wings of Liberty begins, and Eredas is coming from Shakuras, his build will consist of mostly SC2 units/buildings with some subtle SC1 influences.  To that end, Gateways will have default access to Zealots, Stalkers, Sentries, High/Dark Templar.  Dragoons will not be available.  Only High Templar can merge into Archons.  There are no Dark Archons.  Robotic Facilities will have default access to Warp Prisms, Observers, Immortals, and Colossi, but will not have Shuttles or Reavers.  Stargate’s will have default access to Phoenix’s, Void Rays, and Carriers, along with Scouts and Corsairs, but no Arbiters.  Upgrades will consist of a mix between SC1 and SC2.  Shield Batteries will be available.  Your choice of Nerazim Batteries or Khaydarin Monoliths remains here for what you selected in Episode 2.



7.3.1 Changelog:

  • fixed an issue where episode 5 "The Iron Fist" wouldn't start via the Campaign Launcher
  • fixed Sons of Korhal Firebat's death animation
  • fixed an issue where the loading screen wouldn't display mission titles when starting a campaign
  • enemy player/faction names are now again displayed when mousing over players' units


7.3 Changelog:


  • Reverted all Blizzard made retro models to use their corresponding static 2D retro/remastered portraits.  This includes the SCV, Drone, Probe, Marine, Hydralisk, Zealot, Battlecruiser, Ultralisk, and Carrier.  All other non-Blizzard made retro portraits/units that are being used are fan made that Blizzard has not created yet.  Once available, they may be reverted to the Blizzard created one
  • Updated Retro Adjutant portrait to a more remastered look (Credit: Omaking)
  • Added new faction model for Scourge for the "Overmind" faction
  • Added new faction model for Dropship for the "UED" faction
  • Fixed an issue with player names appearing incorrectly in various maps due to a mod mismatch issue
  • Fixed an issue with the Defiler "death" sound that may be heard across the map even if you aren't looking at it directly
  • Fixed an issue with the Nerazim Pylon alert image 
  • Various other smaller fixes

SCMR Local English

  • Continued to fix a few more dialogs in various missions with the title "Adjutant" instead of the proper speaker like a Marine or Kerrigan
  • Added the sound "AmonFinalTaunt" which is called now from the local mod via the end of ZergX10.  This is primarily to help other language local mods translate this bonus line

Campaign Launcher

  • Fixed an issue where some missions via the Extras section wouldn't load the right map
  • Fixed an issue with Codex information here on a few units


  • Fixed an issue where if you skip the opening cutscene your starting SCV's and probe's are in the wrong location
  • Moved the extra bonus hero appearance of Fenix to Raynor's base, as was originally intended.  This means you have 2 heroes at the Terran base and 2 heroes at the Protoss base.


  • Fixed an issue where the intro Battlecruisers might accidentally die too early in the initial strike, causing the trigger to send reinforcements down to never fire off.


  • Fixed an issue where the map wouldn't load right


  • Replaced the boss "Cardis" with a new powerful weapon, both fixing the lack of firing a weapon prior and giving him something new to attack with
  • Updated most mercenary heroes with unique models, portraits, and voices instead of recycling old ones of existing heroes like the original did.  That said - all stats and abilities are identical to how the original "Mercenaries" was construction, unless you opt in for special abilities in which case your hero and your uber unit gain a new ability to use


  • As per the original, your starting units will now have default weapon/armor upgrades.  However - these are tiered by difficulty.  Easy/Med = Level 3 (as per original).  Hard = Level 2.  Brutal = Level 1.

Enslavers Redux

  • Updated the Commander's, Zeratul's, and Kerrigan's choice of abilities in all post Mission 3 maps where they will only have access to A or B canon abilities.  If cheats are used to activate them all, they are still limited to A or B canon.  For Missions 1-3 and the epilogue missions, if cheats are used to acquire them all, the game will still check to see what plot A or B canon story you took, and if nothing is there (assuming you haven't progressed to the victory of Mission 3) it will default to the A canon abilities.
  • Fixed briefing portrait model load issues for Abathur, Zagara, and Izsha
  • Reworked the Magellan hero.  Removed Nano Repair and Auto Defense Turret.  Instead, retains the 3 standard Science Vessel abilities; Defense Matrix, Irradiate, and EMP.  However, they are all at a dramatically lower energy cost, allowing for greater use in defensive fights or troop disruption.  In addition, Magellan's unique ability is a self-repair that will bring him up to full health overtime, but is disabled while healing.
  • Fixed an issue with ENS_Terran04a when the Commander finds his jetpack upgrade to not function.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Yamato Gun applying the upgrade to Battlecruisers when researched in ENS_Terran04b
  • Fixed some various compatibility issues in ENS_Terran05b and ENS_Terran06b that could cause random undesired effects such as incorrect builds, double upgrades, wrong units, etc
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong model/unit for Mojo would be used in ENS_Terran06a.  This caused that unit to not be able to attack 
  • Fixed an issue in ENS_Zerg01 where Zagara's Evolution Chamber upgrades apply twice in some situations
  • Added "Small" biological armor type to Banelings.  This fixes an issue in Brood War type damage attacks to not function properly against Banelings.
  • Fixed an issue in ENS_Protoss06A/B where the north ramps were too close to the edge of the map, which prevented you from going up there
  • Fixed an issue in ENS_Protoss06A/B where Ulrezaj may not be included in future AI attack waves
  • Fixed an issue in ENS_Protoss03 where you wouldn't be able to collect the Khaydarin crystal and completing the "A" canon path
  • Removed the ability to create a Brutalisk from Mind Controlling an Ultralisk via Zeratul (that's not until Episode 3 silly!)
  • Fixed an issue where Zeratul's "Spectral Sight" passive ability would be disabled temporarily when leveling up - due to a dummy "damage" effect assuming he was hit
  • Fixed an issue with Biomass pickups not showing the +20 biomass tag
  • Fixed an issue in ENS_Zerg03 where Stewart and/or Zagara wouldn't be able to pick up bonus Psi or Biomass for Kerrigan's use next mission



7.2.1 Changelog:


  • Fixed an issue that would crash the game if retro models were enabled and a Terran Command Center was built.  To be clear - No retro model will be used for the Command Center at this time.  The current one is bugged
  • Fixed an issue where non Starcraft/Brood War music would play during missions even if you set the toggle to only play retro music
  • Fixed two issues regarding energy upgrades for the Dark Archon and the Queen, whereby their respective upgrade would not take effect.  They now properly both have a +50 energy added and a +12.5 base energy added at creation
  • The Zerg Devourer now has unique faction models for both the Overmind faction (more webby like) and the Renegade faction (accented wings)
  • The Hydralisk and Ultralisk portraits, when choosing retro models for them, will utilize a SC2-version of their retro models, instead of the still 2D retro portrait such as the one being used for drones/scvs/probes.  (To be clear - We will always choose a high quality SC2 version of a retro portrait so long as it does justice to the unit.  Blizzard released 2D remastered versions which were used in the interim)
  • Various other smaller bug fixes



7.2 Changelog:


  • There is now a new SCMR Launcher option to toggle Console Skins.  This will change the skin model of your command bar console at the bottom when playing missions.  By default this is set to standard SC2 race-specific.  You can also choose to use SC1/SC:R retro race-specific skins, or Faction race-specific skins, which means this will correspond similarly to your selected faction unit/building model skins (a different option found in Visuals) throughout missions and, as similar to unit/building faction skins, may change mid-episode campaign depending on how the story progresses and your allegiances change.  If selecting the Factions option, your consoles will change according to this pattern:
    • Episode 1, Mission < 3 = Remastered Terran (Under Confederacy)
    • Episode 1, Mission > 4 = Machined (Under Sons of Korhal)
    • Episode 2, All Missions = Evolved (Under Overmind)
    • Episode 3, Mission < 4 = Purifier (Under Khalai)
    • Episode 3, Mission > 5 = Remastered Protoss (Under Tassadar)
    • Episode 4, All Mission = Nerazim (Under Nerazim)
    • Episode 5, All Missions = Special Forces (Under UED)
    • Episode 6, All Missions = Primal (Under Kerrigan)
  • In addition to this, you may choose ANY SC2 console skin according to your playable race within any mission by typing these new three cheat commands:
    • Tune Up - Cycles through Terran Console Skins.  Must be playing as Terran.
    • Evolve - Cycles through Zerg Console Skins.  Must be playing as Zerg.
    • Forge - Cycles through Protoss Console Skins.  Must be playing as Protoss.
  • Added a multitude of new unit and building models and icons when the Nerazim Faction is enabled
  • The Comsat Station now has an updated model with closer resemblance to SC:R
  • The Nuclear Silo now has proper add-on attachments and when detached will show no activity (active will show steam/lights/etc)
  • The Marine, Hydralisk, Zealot, Ultralisk, and Battlecruiser now have updated retro model options to choose from along with their original SC:R portraits
  • Aldaris has an updated portrait to closer resemble his SC:R portrait
  • The Zerg Queen unit now has an updated unique portrait
  • The Terran Factory, Ghost and Goliath all have updated retro models
  • The Terran Science Vessel now has a slightly modified model design when its retro model is chosen in the launcher to closer resemble SC:R.
  • The Terran Siege Tank retro portrait has been modified to use a normal siege tank portrait with a SC:R flavored twist for higher quality.
  • Updated the SOK Faction's Wraith model/portrait
  • The UED Faction now has access to a custom Wraith model/portrait
  • Edmund Duke as a tank hero has an updated unit model
  • Updated the UED faction skin of the Firebat.  Also fixes this version's flame attack animation issue
  • Samir Duran now has two updated unit models and portraits, seen in both Episode 5 and Episode 6.
  • The Arbiter Tribunal now has a proper warp-in animation
  • Updated the Perdition Turret UI description
  • Fixed various static "hero" type Dark Templar units in Episode 3 to use their BW voices when chosen in options along with standard "Gateway Built" type DT units
  • Fixed an issue with the cheat "operation cwal" where ally players didn't receive the speed bonus
  • Added room for 15 voice toggles per race and 15 model toggles per race for swapping between SC2/BW voices/models.
  • The "Kakaru" critter now has its proper voice when clicked on or killed.
  • Fixed an issue with Raynor's hero description on his vulture and/or marine version in any mission post his departure from the Sons of Korhal
  • Fixed an issue that when Retro Zerg alerts were chosen, various zerg alerts would switch between SC2 and SC1 versions
  • Fixed an issue where when Queens infest an enemy Command Center, the new Infested Command Center reverts back to the enemy.
  • Various other reported bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Traditional mode where when warping at teleportation zones all units in the map are warped together - it should be a 1 to 1 warp in this mode.
  • Fixed the dropship model at the end cutscene


  • Fixed the speaker name of a line spoken by a marine


  • Fixed an issue in Traditional mode where when warping at teleportation zones all units in the map are warped together - it should be a 1 to 1 warp in this mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hero Damage Alert option was not working when in Traditional mode (it will remain disabled during FPS mode)


  • Fixed an issue where Fenix's portrait was not loading during transmissions


  • Fixed an issue with Mind Control where if you controlled a drone it didn't automatically give you a new 200 supply queue, as in Brood War.  (In SC2, Mind control simply adds any units to your current supply).  This extra bonus is now working as it should, only for this mission.
  • Added a failsafe AI trigger if an enemy approaches relatively in close proximity to the Xel'naga temple area after the countdown has begun that it will change its attack orders to the temple's location itself.  The AI, however, will still attack any units or structures first on its way from its current position to the temple's position.


  • Properly added reinforcements up to 4 times (once per area) if you lose dropship pilots, and subsequently, DuGalle becoming increasingly annoyed at you
  • Added a condition if you lose ALL pilots and have acquired 0 Battlecruisers, you will not see the cutscene with Duke and will fail the mission.


  • Fixed a typo error on the Overmind's unit description


  • Fixed a unit name and description typo error on some "garrison" doodad buildings.


  • Fixed an issue where if you skipped the opening cutscene, you wouldn't see the playable map or have units to control



7.1.1 Changelog:

  • fixed an issue with incorrect Loomings mission links in the Launcher
  • Enslavers Redux Campaign Launcher link is now functional
  • Queen upgrade 'Gamete Meiosis' is now functional
  • Dark Archon upgrade 'Argus Talisman' is now functional
  • Sons of Korhal Firebat death model changed to a standard exploding Firebat

Map-Specific Changes



  • disallowed Dark Archon morph


  • Cardis the Destroyed now has a functioning attack/weapon
  • Dragoon of Malice supply cost decreased from 4 to 2, same as a regular Dragoon


  • fixed an issue where the Protoss squad couldn't be controlled if intro was skipped




7.1 Changelog:

  • Episodes 4-6 + extra episode "Loomings" updated to be compatible with version 7.x of the mod
  • Included new 5-mission extra campaign "Stukov Series" by OmegaWeaponX85! The series contains two original maps + three Brood War remakes including added dialogue & cutscenes
  • The additional music used throughout the mod is now optional
  • New custom model options: Archon, Science Vessel, Infested Terran portrait

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where friendly Science Vessels would D-Matrix enemies
  • Fixed an issue where infesting a Command Center would leave the structure to AI control
  • Fixed an issue where the Hyperion wouldn't auto-target enemies while the Overcharge ability was active
  • Fixed an issue where allied players would have unlimited supplies in certain maps
  • Fixed a potential issue where the AI would start building extra defensive units meant only for the brutal difficulty setting on other difficulties

Balance Changes

  • Nuclear Strike damage radius increased from 6 to 8
  • Lair/Hive morph times increased from 60/60 seconds to 88/106 seconds
  • Hyperion's Overcharge (extra ability) self-damage per second decreased from 3 to 2.5

Other Changes

  • Minor optimization of the map initialization script
  • The label displaying the number of mining workers in a base now counts minerals in a larger radius
  • Added randomized reaction times before the AI uses abilities, up to 1.5 seconds
  • Other miscellaneous tweaks

Map-Specific Changes



  • Raynor's death (with extra hero appearances enabled) will now result in defeat


  • Disabled Kerrigan's Implosion ability


  • Kerrigan is now on the map if extra hero appearances are enabled


  • Fenix's portrait now appears correctly in the briefing


  • Updated mission objectives for when extra hero appearances are enabled



7.0 Changelog:

SCMR Local Mod

  • Added various new texts to support the updated SCMR and Cinematic mods.
SCMR Cinematic Mod
  • Replaced all SC1 Original and SC1 Brood War in-game cinematic videos to use their SCR 30FPS high quality versions
  • Added all new SCR story-interludes which appear as in-game videos before certain mission briefings.
  • Added two bonus SC2-version cinematics, 1 appearing at the end of Terran09B (only the city tileset version) and 1 appearing at the end of the Enslavers Redux Epilogue03.
  • Added all new Starcraft: Remastered (SCR) high quality Terran/Zerg/Protoss briefing images, briefing animations, victory screens, defeat screens, and loading screens.
  • Added the ability to show the new "story" SCR interludes, found prior to briefings in certain missions.  By default this feature is turned on but can be disabled in the SCMR Launcher and reverted to the original "black" screen with plain text instead, as found in original Starcraft.
  • Added a new single player difficulty to choose from in campaigns; Brutal.  As with other difficulties, this can be toggled via the Launcher or on a per-map basis during briefings.  Be wary; brutal difficulty is not for the faint of heart!  Enemy attack waves will be relentless against you as well as having to contend with periodic enemy spawns from off-map in search of your complete destruction.  Only seasoned veteran Starcraft 2 players are encouraged to attempt this new challenging level of difficulty!
  • All building, weapon and ability sounds will now use their Brood War versions by default.  In order to revert to standard SC2 versions, these can be toggled in the SCMR Launcher under the "Gameplay" menu.
  • Added weather effects to various missions within all campaigns (rain, wind, ash, snow, etc).  These effects require at least Medium video settings to be applied.  To disable these weather effects outright, you can de-select the option under the "Visuals" section of the options menu in the SCMR Launcher
  • Fixed some classic voiceover's for units not applying when checked in the SCMR Launcher under "Voices" section in the options menu.
  • Added a new option category called "Faction Models" under the "Visuals" menu.  There are 2 factions per race that can be enabled, such as the UED Terrans, the Renegade Zerg, and/or the Nerazim Protoss.  When checked, any player that utilizes those factions within certain maps will have many of their unit and/or building model's swapped out to custom Blizzard-quality unique model variation versions associated with that faction. (NOTE: If Factions are enabled, certain "Retro" models will not appear for those faction players, even if checked.  Faction model swaps take precedent.  There are no "faction-retro" model swaps)
  • Added a new menu called "Models" to the SCMR Launcher.  This grants the ability to swap out either unit, portrait, and/or building model's to custom-created models inspired from Brood War created by the SC2 Mapster community.  (NOTE: If Factions are enabled, certain "Retro" models will not appear for those faction players, even if checked.  Faction model swaps take precedent.  There are no "faction-retro" model swaps)
  • A new option called "Static Briefings" is available in the "Interface" menu.  This creates a small static distortion to unit portraits during briefings, to mirror the effect as seen during briefings in Starcraft: Remastered.  By default, however, this is disabled.
  • Added a variety of new AI scripts in order to enhance gameplay against the computer during single-player campaigns.  AI will send attack waves at you with random amounts of enemy units and certain combinations of enemy units are also randomized.  These have been scaled to difficulty whereby the randomness is greater in the enemies favor when the difficulty is set higher.  Most missions repeated will have similar, but never identical, enemy waves against you!
  • Added additional "extra hero abilities" for every hero unit you control if that option is selected from the launcher.  Every ability gained has been carefully chosen to be uniquely beneficial to that hero and within the mission(s) they are used in.  The full list of abilities is as follows:
    • Raynor (Vulture): Raynor Spider Mines (Can build unlimited Spider Mines, but has a small resource cost, cooldown, and only 3 can be placed at any given time.)
    • Raynor (Marine): Toss Frag Grenade (3 charge at start, more can be found in Terran04.  Deals moderate damage to enemies in an area)
    • Raynor (Hyperion): Overcharge (Activate to greatly increase attack speed at the cost of damage per second.  Can be toggled on/off at will)
    • Kerrigan (Ghost) - Snipe (Deals strong damage towards organics at range)
    • Kerrigan (Infested) - Implosion (Lifts a targeted mechanical unit up and deals heavy damage towards it.  Also gains a ranged psi attack (with reduced damage compared to standard ground claws) to be used against aerial units only.)
    • Duke (Norad II/III) - Missile Pods (Deals small-moderate damage to all enemy aerial units in an area)
    • Duke (Tank) - Javelin Missile (Deals small damage on a ground target area.  Any units in the area will be slowed down briefly)
    • Fenix (Zealot) - Charge (Closes in on an enemy unit at fast speed)
    • Fenix (Dragoon) - Overload (Rapidly restores all shields at the cost of 20 health)
    • Tassadar (High Templar) - Feedback (Deals damage based on enemies current energy pool)
    • Tassadar (Gantrithor) - Purification Beam (Deals heavy periodic damage on a single enemy target that also deals splash damage to nearby enemies.  The Gantrithor takes shield damage while beam is active.  If shields are depleted, beam will automatically cancel.)
    • Zeratul (Dark Templar) - Blink (Instantly teleports to a nearby area)
    • Artanis (Scout) - Afterburners (Doubles movement speed for a brief period)
    • Duran (Ghost) - Stim Infusion (Increases movement/attack speeds by 50% and also heals.
    • Duran (Infested) - Corrosive Bolt (Deals small damage towards a single enemy target.  Afterwards the victim will receive more damage for a brief period.)
  • New in-game models for Norad II and Norad III
  • New in-game model for Dragoon Fenix
  • New in-game model for Artanis' Scout
  • New portrait model for Aldaris (and subsequently all Protoss buildings by default in early Episode III and via Protoss Multiplayer.)
  • New portrait model for Tassadar
  • New in-game model for Tassadar as a High Templar and while aboard Gantrithor
  • New portrait and in-game model for Raszagal
  • New portrait model for the Valkyrie
  • New portrait model for the Dropship
  • Dragoons and Shield Batteries will now use their SC2-LOTV model version by default.  In order to revert to their more classic SC1 version, check the appropiate name tag in the SCMR Launcher menu under Options>Models.
  • Added new color-crystal models for the Khalis and Uraj to more closely align with Brood War design
  • Various updated terrain doodads have been added to nearly all missions
  • Raynor's default portrait has been updated to use a "shaven" portrait much like his SC1 version.  Generally, he will appear in his non-marine ("Commander") version portrait.  Raynor Vulture and Raynor Hyperion will now use this portrait, as he wouldn't be in a marine combat suit while on his Vulture or while on-board the Hyperion.  When he is a marine in various missions and situations, his portrait will still reflect his marine outfit.
  • Added a new "cheat" command called "Remix" that will play a secret remastered Terran soundtrack if within the Terran campaign.  If within the Zerg or Protoss campaigns, will instead play unique Zerg and Protoss soundtracks respectively.  In addition, the following commands will play a secret track for the particular race you are playing: Terran - "lost viking". Zerg - "radio free zerg". Protoss "for aiur". After any secret track is complete, regular music will resume.  If the user types in the same command again, it will end the track early.
  • Added all original SC1 cheat commands, such as "The Gathering".  Re-typing in any cheat command will revert that cheat.  A full list of accepted cheat-codes in SCMR can be found on SC2Mapster on the SCMR page.
  • Added other brand new (unique to SCMR) cheats such as "what is dead may never die" and "for the horde".  The former will prevent any hero you have control of within the mission to be immune to death while the latter will instantly summon 4 ill-tempered Tauren Marine's to the closest unit you own based on where your current camera view is upon typing the code.  (Review the "Cheat-Code" page in SC2Mapster under Mass Recall to learn about all codes!)
  • Infested Command Center's now uses a proper Infestation model showing zerg tendrils on it
  • Stasis Field will now use its updated LOTV stasis model
  • Parasite has a new model on launch and a parasite "eye" will appear on the unit affected
  • Mind Control has a new cast effect when used towards the victim
  • There is an additional visual effect for Plague when cast upon enemies ontop of the classic red "goo". Units will have flies swarm around them in addition to zerg-like vines attached to them.
  • There is now loading music per map launch, each one different per map, tailored to the race/faction you are playing.  Pump up the volume!
  • Fixed the small/default briefing text issue.  It now uses proper Terran/Zerg/Protoss', per respected campaign, unique colors and in larger size that is readable.
  • Fixed the Hydralisk->Lurker morph bug.  The Hydralisk model will now properly disappear when morphing into an egg instead of just standing there with the egg also appearing
  • Arbiter energy regen fixed at .5/sec instead of at 2.0/sec
  • (Editor) Created stand-alone actor entities for unique SCMR-Brood War units such as the Shuttle,Valkyrie, and Devourer.  This change properly now reverts unused Starcraft 2 units back to their original selves, such as the Warp Prism,Viking, and Corruptor, respectively.  This change assists with other custom campaigns using the SCMR mod that may still wish to utilize those SC2 units.
  • On mission defeat, you will now be taken to the proper classic Brood War "Defeat!" screen.  From here, you can restart the mission, quit, or load a save.
  • Briefing portraits without talking mouth animations now properly move their head indicating they are talking rather than staying still.
  • Artanis briefing portrait and transmissions while not in his Scout will use his LOTV version.  When Artanis is within his Scout, he will use his WOL version.  (His WOL portrait reflects a different armor worn while piloting vessels while LOTV is more self-standing)
SCMR Campaign Launcher
  • Updated the campaign images to use the new high-quality SCMR versions
  • Added a new Loading Screen from the high-quality SCMR version
  • Added the option to use the new SCR interstitials for pre-briefing story text (checked for enabled, de-checked for original black screen/text.  Default is checked)
  • Removed two depreciated option features: Cinematic Notes (Unnecessary now that the original cinematic are available to use.  Either choose the classic FMV versions or choose to display the older, but still impressive!, SCMR in-game versions) and Briefing Objective Delay (Simply not implemented any further)
  • Added three new "Sound" check boxes to Gameplay.  These are Buildings, Weapons, and Abilities, under a header called Classic Sounds.  Each option allows the player to convert all sounds to their classic Starcraft versions, or leave defaulted to Starcraft 2's versions, respectively.  By default, all three are checked.
  • Added weather effects to be enabled to missions if desired.  By default is disabled.
  • Added custom faction affiliation models to various units, buildings, and/or portraits.  The full list of possible faction changes and in what episode they may appear are:
    • Confederacy Terrans (Ep 1-2)
    • UED Terrans (Ep 4-6)
    • Overmind Cerebrate Zerg (Ep 2-3)
    • Renegade Cerebrate Zerg (Ep 2,4-6)
    • Khalai Conclave Protoss (Ep 3-4)
    • Nerazim Shakuras Protoss (Ep 4-6)
    • Other "standard" factions do not have unique models which include: Dominion, Raynor's Raiders, Kerrigan's Zerg, Tassadar's Expedition Force.
  • Updated/corrected a few missing options/bugs in the Audio toggle feature for Unit Voice-overs.  Missing voice over swaps were not being applied to some of the options selected.  Also added "Infested Terran" and "Cerebrate" to the list of audio swaps, whereby Infested Terrans retain their SC2 versions if not selected, and the Zerg Advisor defaults to the Infested Queen voice, unless selected to the Cerebrate.  By default, all of these voices are checked to be used.  Furthermore, various units that had issues swapping between SC2 and BW sounds when checked have been fixed.
  • Added a new "Model" toggle feature similar to the Audio toggle feature where a user can pick and choose which SC1-esque model they want to use for units/buildings/characters.  Only a handful are selected from the highest quality found.  There is a "U" for unit changed or "P" for portrait changed, or both. By default on launcher, all are de-selected unless chosen to be used.  Play around with all of them to find which ones you enjoy!  The full list of possibilities are:
    • 1 Adjutant (Portrait)
    • 2 Mengsk (Portrait)
    • 3 Raynor (Unit/Portrait)
    • 4 Marine (Unit)
    • 5 Firebat (Unit/Portrait)
    • 6 Medic (Unit)
    • 7 Ghost (Unit)
    • 8 Siege Tank (Unit/Portrait)
    • 9 Goliath (Unit)
    • 10 Science Vessel (Portrait)
    • 11 Battlecruiser (Unit/Portrait)
    • 12 SCV (Unit/Portrait)
    • 13 Miscellaneous Buildings (Barracks, Bunker, Academy, Missile Turret, Starport, Armory, Engineering Bay)
    • 1 Overmind (Portrait)
    • 2 Drone (Unit/Portrait)
    • 3 Kerrigan (Unit/Portrait)
    • 4 Defiler (Portrait)
    • 5 Mutalisk (Unit)
    • 6 Guardian/Guardian Egg (Unit)
    • 7 Devourer (Unit)
    • 8Defiler Mound (Unit)
    • 9 Nydus Canal (Unit)
    • 10 Queen's Nest (Unit)
    • 11 Ultralisk Cavern (Unit)
    • 12 Colonies (Sunken/Spore) (Unit)
    • 13 Cerebrates/Daggoth/Zasz (Unit/Portrait)
    • 1 Probe (Unit/Portrait) 
    • 2 Dragoon (Unit/Portrait)
    • 3 High Templar (Portrait)
    • 4 Corsair (Portrait)
    • 5 Artanis (Portrait)
    • 6 Arbiter (Portrait)
    • 7 Citadel of Adun (Unit)
    • 8 Robotics Facility (Unit)
    • 9 Stargate (Unit)
    • 10 Forge (Unit)
    • 11 Photon Cannon (Unit)
    • 12 Shield Battery (Unit)
    • 13 Carrier (Unit)
  • Via the "Extra Hero Appearances" option in the Evolution pit section, players can choose to have heroes playable in missions they otherwise didn't appear in.  In some missions, having this active will enable a never-before playable hero appear as well.  Be warned however: enabling this will append the extra objective of keeping the additional hero alive throughout the mission!


  • Slightly changed the overall hue/fog color of the canon cityscape version of "New Gettysburg" to be more in line with how we see the event play out in the flashback scene in Wings of Liberty.  (a little brighter/desert-esque)
  • Added a special FMV at victory.  This is the cinematic dictating these events from Starcraft 2.  This is ONLY activated in Terran9b on victory.  Terran9a remains unchanged for its victory.



  • Added a firing animation to the Ion Cannon in Terran10.  Has absolutely no offensive capabilities towards you and is purely cosmetic for the purposes of showing the Ion Cannon firing on escaping vessels from Tarsonis.


  1. Added a slight cosmetic change to improve the story near the end beacon.  When you bring the chrysalis to the beacon a Zerg transport tentacle latches onto your area and the drone carrying the chrysalis hops aboard.  Then, Daggoth will make his comment about to prepare yourself for warp travel.  This makes a bit more cohesive sense that you need to board an actual Zerg transport capable of breaching through space than simply launching a drone from the middle of a space platform!


  • If "Extra Hero Appearances" is enabled, the added objective of bringing Raynor, alongside the standard Tassadar and 2 Zealots to the beacon, is appended.  In addition, Infested Kerrigan will make an appearance and attack you when near the beacon entrance.  She cannot be killed and when weakened will burrow away.  Some custom dialog has been added to this scenario.


  • If "Extra Hero Appearances" is enabled, there is a new surprise waiting for you just before you attempt to open the final door to Zeratul.  You will have to defeat Infested Kerrigan again.  Similarly to Protoss05, she cannot be killed, but will retreat when weakened.  Custom dialog has been added to this scenario.