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Welcome to The Custom Campaign Initiative. The CCI is a centralization of authors, projects, fans, supporters and tools of campaigns that are intended to mimic the Blizzard single-player campaign format. If you are interested in becoming a part of the CCI or knowing more about it please click here.

There are a lot of campaigns available on the CCI. However, it takes a long time and a lot of willpower to complete a custom campaign. A lot of them are being worked on and are in need of feedback and support. Fortunately, we at the CCI have assembled a bunch of complete and ready to go campaigns for people coming here for the first time.

Please use the link below page to see the list and links of complete SC2 Custom Campaigns:

Complete Custom Campaigns

Please use the link below to see the list and links of Actively-In-Production SC2 Custom Campaigns:


Playing a campaign still in the process of being made and providing feedback is incredibly helpful and motivating for content creators. Be a part of the creative process and make your mark on someone's project by helping out, it can be very rewarding!


June has been a busy month for Custom Campaigns!! Newcomer to the CCI, Rodentwearinghat, has started working on his Limpid Campaign. He has completed his 1st mission and is looking for testers and feedback. Rodentwearinghat is also a former Warcraft 3 campaigner so he has some background in our scene. Welcome!!

The first creator has returned!! AegisRunestone!! He was the first mapmaker to host a custom campaign on Sc2Mapster. Welcome the return of our wayward 1st-born! Be sure to check out his old maps Rise of a New Agent that I believe he will be updating and adding new and exciting features to them.

Knusmedia has released 80%ish of his We who bask in the twilight campaign. He has 5 missions completed and is working on the final mission. This campaign follows recently appointed Matriarch Vorazun on her quest to liberate a crumbling Nerazim society and rebuild it. She'll face many familiar dangers in her path to victory, but win she shall. This campaign, in order to recreate the Nerazim charisma, focuses largely on lateral thinking, exploiting enemy weakness, and using what some may consider "dirty tricks" Be prepared.

GnaReffotsirk is back working on his custom campaign Survivors. Here is a link to a youtube of his 1st mission and a discussion/feedback thread on Sc2Mapster. GnaReffotsirk also has an excellent single-mission map called, The Signal, which you should check out!! Be sure to leave feedback and show your support in the forums on his map pages!!

Hultmanable has release an 10 mission completed campaign called Starcraft: Replicant. The story is as follows: This is a time of peace and prosperity for the Protoss people. Five years have past since Amon, the dark god was defeated. Since that time the rebuilding of Aiur has begun. Even though there is peace between the three races it is a fragile peace at best and now strange attacks has been reported through Aiur. Some Protoss report that the attacks are the work of.. The Dominion. Go play it!! Leave feedback and critiques on his main page or on his feedback thread. GLHF!

New maps have been released for Marauders! (acidragoon), A Silent Scream (DatGamesense), The Hammer of Dawn (Edhriano), Starcraft: Revenants(Hybrid Team) and Annihillation (DudkiSC2). All of these campaigns are in progress and looking for feedback, get to it!

Be sure to check out and subscribe to Jayborino's Stream and DeltronLive's Steam. They are big supporters of the CCI and the custom scene in general.

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