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Welcome to The Custom Campaign Initiative. The CCI is a centralization of authors, projects, fans, supporters and tools of campaigns that are intended to mimic the Blizzard single-player campaign format. If you are interested in becoming a part of the CCI or knowing more about it please click here.

There are a lot of campaigns available on the CCI. However, it takes a long time and a lot of willpower to complete a custom campaign. A lot of them are being worked on and are in need of feedback and support. Fortunately, we at the CCI have assembled a bunch of complete and ready to go campaigns for people coming here for the first time.

Please use the link below page to see the list and links of complete SC2 Custom Campaigns:

Complete Custom Campaigns

Please use the link below to see the list and links of Actively-In-Production SC2 Custom Campaigns:


Playing a campaign still in the process of being made and providing feedback is incredibly helpful and motivating for content creators. Be a part of the creative process and make your mark on someone's project by helping out, it can be very rewarding!



The 2nd map pack is being released on 8/2/2016 for the Nova Covert Ops Campaign. Hype. Covert Ops Trailer

Newcomer to the CCI VastanX has resumed work on his Time Convergence Campaign. He needs testers and lots of feedback!! Please help him out. The campaign is as follows: Whenever the Protoss choose a new leader, he must see the oracle to know if it is worthy to lead his people. Follows the story of a young Protoss whose life depends on the past and future of his allies and his enemies.

OmegaWeaponX85 continues to work on his remake of Enslavers campaign. He is very far into it and so lots of gameplay to be had. Check out and support him. Enslavers Redux

Opugg continues to work on his remake of the Dark Vengeance and Enslavers campaigns! Check it out and support! Enslavers

CybosX has stoped working on his Evolution of the Swarm campaign because of insufficient material, but have no fear!! CybrosX has another campaign in the works!! Wrath of the Tal'Darim Ras'Gul was once a templar, before all this. Everything was set into motion when Amon was revived. The Tal'darim were slaves of the dead god but Ras'Gul denied. As a punishment, Amon infested Ras'Gul with his shadows. However, once again, Ras'Gul denies. He was sent into exile, into the void. But after Amon's death, he prepared himself, for his revenge! You know it is going to be good!!

Blixor has released the first 4 missions of his Lifeforce Campaign. EMBARK ON A JOURNEY OF BLOOD AND PROFIT WITH THE LIFEFORCE MERCENARY CORP!! It is awesome. FYI- the link takes you to an external site that Blixor set up for his campaign. It is very well done and super slick!! Here is the link for his Sc2Mapster page. Lifeforce

New maps have been released for Limpid Campaign, (Rodentwearinghat),Marauders! (acidragoon), A Silent Scream (DatGamesense), The Hammer of Dawn (Edhriano), Starcraft: Revenants(Hybrid Team) and Annihillation (DudkiSC2). All of these campaigns are in progress and looking for feedback, get to it!

Be sure to check out and subscribe to Jayborino's Stream and DeltronLive's Steam. They are big supporters of the CCI and the custom scene in general.

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