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    Why not do this, have a charge effect that you add to when a prisoner is brought in, then the charge effect is applied to the 'build/create unit' effect or behavior...

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    posted a message on Starcraft Brood War REFORGED need members

    @TheTorrasque: Go

    I can start helping with this project as soon as I finish the Protoss campaign maps.

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    posted a message on Starcraft 1 campaign ported to SC 2

    I have also played thru these original SC1 missions (Terran & Zerg); I especially enjoy playing as the Zerg. I have been toying around with the Editor to try and make more changes to the missions and mod so that it even MORE closely resembles SC1. I was able to get a number of things working 'more accurate' such as spawning 2 scourges for the original mineral costs, instead of free; giving Kerrigan the Ensnare ability; changing some of the attack waves so you are not slaughtered in the first minute of gameplay; and other fixes I just thought made more sense in the transition from SC1 to SC2.

    I was delighted to find these original maps and be able to replay them with the new engine. In my version of the mod I have wanted to emulate the spirit of the original with many of the added benefits of the new engine. I added many doodads to certain maps as well to give more color and life to them - things like lava crabs, other critters, birds, and other viewables in the cool camera views that the mods offer.

    I did not remove medics or lurkers from the game, but I could do it fairly easily now that I've learned to work certain parts of the Editor.

    I am still working on figuring out how to fix certain things like the Queen's Nest/Queen abilities/upgrades and the animation remnant at the end of the Spine Colony attack.

    Jones and Ultra and Maverck thanks for your hard work on these I really enjoy them. If you have any info on where to get more Original SC1 or SC:BW Maps for translation to the SC2 engine I would be interested; I am thinking of posting my version for general enjoyment as well, if there is interest in that.

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    I agree with Mozared. I have many reasons I like SC2 not the least of which is being able to play online; that being said, I have not played that much online since I have been absorbed with getting all the achievements in single-player.

    I find that like chess - or real war, Starcraft is both a game of improvisation and tactical calculation. There will be common gambits that come and go to win, but overall the balance of the game - something I think Blizzard works pretty hard at - seems to me to be very fair. SC2 never seemed to me a game in which you can win all the time; if you want that, try something else, since this is probably not the game for you.

    Fortunately if you grow tired of the game, you can pick it back up later and find that you may appreciate and enjoy it for other reasons than you used to.

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