Custom Campaign Initiative

The Custom Campaign Initiative (CCI) is a centralization of authors and projects that are intended to mimic the Blizzard single-player campaign format.

List of Custom Campaigns (With descriptions)

List of Custom Campaigns (Based on project status)

Check other pages of the CCI for tutorials and other stuff.

What level of quality is required for listed projects?
1) Mission can be played by using Starcraft II editor. Because this is Starcraft II editor community.
2) Map and Mod files are available for download. Because we want to learn from other campaign projects.
3) A series of at least two missions. Because one mission is not campaign.
4) Missions are playable as single player. Because campaign scene is designed for single player.
5) These two missions do not need to be up to date, polished and perfect, but playable with no show stoppers. Because we dont want to waste our time on very bad quality stuff.

 CCI authors will check these requirements before listing projects but CCI authors do not frequently check projects after listing.

How does the Custom Campaign Initiative work?

The CCI is a bunch of people who work on their own projects but want to list their work under one project.

By listing all projects together each invidual project gains more downloads and whole Starcraft II campaign scene gets more attention.

The CCI works like Wikipedia. All authors are allowed to edit pages. This project is linking page so files are not allowed directly on CCI.

How do I join the Custom Campaign Initiative?

If you are interested in becoming a part of the CCI send PM to Terhonator or other authors of this project.



May 13/18
MaskedImposter has released the final map of Mapsters, Episode 6. He's also released a map made in the Mapsters universe made for a mapmaking contest.  Check them both out!

May 5/18
Team Antioch has released The Antioch Chronicles: Thoughts in Chaos. You can download it on the project page and discuss it on the forum.

Mar. 20/18

DaveSpectre122 now has released 3 missions of his campaign Alarak's Conquest.  Be sure to check it out and give feedback here.

Jan. 15/18
Edhriano has released a new custom campaign Noir : Ascension. Be sure to check it out and if you want give feedback or simply just wants to talk about it you can do it at the forum

Dec 02/17
Edhriano has released a new custom campaign Noir : Evolution. Be sure to check it out and if you want give feedback or simply just wants to talk about it you can do it at the forum.

Oct. 17/17
Jones313 is working on a project called Quagmire

Sept. 27/17
Edhriano has released the final map of his Noir : Automata campaign. If you want to give feedback or simply just wants to talk about it you can do it at the forum.

July 23/17
Knumedia has released the first 3 (out of 6 planned)missions of his campaign: Twilight of the Exi'kas.  Make sure you try them out.

July 19/17
Dudki has added his 20th mission to his Annhilation Campaign, and has updated some of the old ones.

June 25/17
Both EivinDL and SCStalker have announced that they have begun working on new custom campaigns. EivinDL plans to make a 10 mission RPG with a different hero each mission, while SCStalker hasn't revealed much beyond that it's 10 missions.



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