Noir : Evolution

Noir : Evolution


Set 4 months after the final event of Noir : Automata.

The Purifiers war is now over, the last of the Purifiers are either destroyed or soon will be.

The three race now begin rebuilding their home and their cities.


Deep in the Theta Quadrant , where planet Zerus home of the Primal Zerg lies.

Inside long abandoned Moebius facility where they used to gather fresh specimen to further improve their Hybrids program.  


Inside one of the hybrid chambers long thought dead, life begin to flickers. 


This is my 4th [fourth] Starcraft II custom campaign project. Unlike the previous Noir where the campaign was done as a series of Flashback [meaning one map you are in the present, the next in the past], in this campaign you will play in a straight timeline.



  • Take command of A.C.C representative to maintain law and order on Planet Zerus. 
  • 6 Missions with different terrain and environment. Divided into 1 macro and 5 micro.
  • 2 Cinematic maps around 10 minutes.
  • Boss Battle for micro missions [no boss battle for macro missions].
  • Custom models from fellow mapster (see credits section for more info).




Missions Preview

For those wish to see the preview can go here :

Missions Preview - Noir : Evolution


How to Play

For those having trouble, Hockleberry made a step by step tutorial on how to, get it here :

How to play custom campaign




Forum Feedback 

Find it too easy or too difficult, have something that you like / don't like?.

Or perhaps you find an error / bug that I might have missed out.

Or simply just wants to talk about it? 


Custom campaign in Russian

For those interested to play the custom campaign in Russian

Hobot Production


Custom Campaign Initiative

What is the Custom Campaign Initiative?



StarCraft 2 model creators

StarCraft 2 icon creators

StarCraft 2 custom campaign authors



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