[Campaign] StarCraft 2: Shadow of Liberty

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The Feral Zerg have reappeared by attacking several Dominion worlds. No one knows why the Zerg have all of a sudden become so aggressive. Arcturus himself assigned General King's forces to set up orbital defenses in high orbit above Castanar to push the Zerg back. Arcturus also ordered Victor Von to assist General King in his defense, and any rebels they may encounter.

How To Install:

  • Unzip the zip files.
  • Open your StarCraft II directory (default install: C:/Program Files(x86)/StarCraft II/)
  • Open the Maps folder within your StarCraft II directory. If this folder doesn't exist, create one.
  • Inside the Maps folder, create a new folder with the name: Shadow of Liberty. A misspelled folder will lead to the mission launcher breaking.
  • Paste all .SC2Map files inside the Shadow of Liberty folder.
  • Run StarCraft II Editor and locate the Shadow of Liberty Launcher.SC2Map by pressing [Ctrl + O].
  • Once the launcher has loaded, press the green StarCraft II icon or [Ctrl + F9] to run the launcher.
  • Enjoy!

Green Field Troubleshooting:

How to open the maps:


For deltronLive's playthrough click here

For Jayborino's playthrough click here

For DEFILERRULEZ video playthrough of mission 9 click here

For Palnai's playthrough click here


Special thanks to Palnai, deltronLive, DEFILERRULEZ, and Jayborino for playing, providing entertainment, and feedback for this campaign. Also, special thanks to VastanX for models that improve immersion.


If you so wish, you can donate to me by clicking the donate button in the top right of the page. This is 100% optional.


  • 01: The Covert Ops - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 02: Crash Landing - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 03: The Queen of Blades - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 04: The Awakening - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 05: New Found Foes - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 06: Desperate Times - (Re-release coming soon)
  • Cinematic - Birth of Order - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 07: Lost Knowledge - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 08: Unwelcome Guests - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 09: Breath of Creation - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 10: Return to Tarsonis - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 11: The Descent - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 12: Captain of My Soul - (Re-release coming soon)
  • 13: End of the Line - (Re-release coming soon)


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