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    posted a message on Noir : Ascension - Custom Campaign Feedback


    This is ending cinematic for Mission 02 : Path of Ascension.


    It seems there are bugs in the triggers for ending cinematic.

    I've received report that it took 10 minutes of utter darkness before the cinematic finally play.

    But, I've also received report that stopping unit and research production just before the cinematic will allow the
    cinematic to play without delay.

    But, there are also report that killing the ascendants in particular order will fix the bug.


    At any case.
    I will hit the editor to try to fix the bug, alternatively I will try to separate the ending cinematic
    from the mission.


    For now, for those the experienced the bug, here is a video of the Ending.

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    posted a message on Campaign Launcher

    Ohh, looks very cool and very promising.

    The possibilities.


    Thank you for sharing it.

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    posted a message on [Feedback] Alter FateS - Amon's World

    Epilogue is Finish.

    Final map of Alter FateS : Amon's world.


    Add experimental custom minimalist UI, to give player better view of the battle field.


    Currently waiting for upload approval.


    Special Thanks to WingedArchon for Grammar Check and Difficulty test.

    To Alevice for input on custom UI.


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    posted a message on [Feedback] Alter FateS - Amon's World

    I've experienced significance FPS drop during gameplay.

    Most noticeable is when the army count is over 100.

    I've tried reducing it by removing almost 1/3 of the doodads.

    Reducing enemy preplaced units almost by 1/2.


    But suddenly it hit me "what if the fps drop only happened on my pc?"

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    posted a message on [Feedback] Alter FateS - Amon's World

    Currently testing the Epilogue.

    I feel the hard difficulty  is a bit difficult even for a final mission.

    Will run more testing.


    Also add triggers to allow players to switch between classic ui or minimalist ui. 


    Since cofid and social distancing, things has not been easy to make map and mods.

    Time will tell.


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    posted a message on KSNumedia's Models
    Quote from ksnumedia >>

    Unfortunately, no she cannot swap :( she uses normal Ghost animations. I could probably do a version with sword using Nova coop animations but it would be only katana.


    Player might be able to modelswap in game but I can't make them one single model :/

    That is great, sword nova animation would work just fine.

    But if I may. Perhaps an alternate model with just one sword on the back ?

    I did a combination of Data and triggering to model swap WingedArchon Katarina from rifle, sniper and sword on Automaton Dreadnout map.

    Model swap two or even three models in game should not be a problem imo.


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    posted a message on KSNumedia's Models

    She looks good.

    Waw, is that twin katana on her back ?


    She can swap / have attack animation with the katana ?

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    posted a message on Turning hero health bars into regular bars.

    In reply to lorddawnreaver:

    Sure, wait.

    I think I still have my old screenshots from that time.

    Let me check.



    Here you go.

    Good luck and have fun.





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    posted a message on Dow 40k unit assets next faction poll

    Already did. 

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    posted a message on The Shadowed Path - a Free-Roaming Adventure

    Welcome back !


    Good to see you still mapping and moding !

    It's been a long way since this map yes ?



    Hope to see more project from you.

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    posted a message on Dow 40k unit assets next faction poll

    Tau please.

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    posted a message on Changing a unit's model

    Ahhh, I see.


    Well on that case, here are some videos tutorial that might help you.

    A fair warning, the videos is from way back.

    It is possible with all the blizzard's patches etc, there might be few differences with current version.


    Good luck.




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    posted a message on Changing a unit's model

    You mean like, from regular marine to shielded marine ?

    It was done by upgrade and behavior if i remember correctly.

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    posted a message on how to get attack waves working again after "issue order" or "issue ai order"?

    Well, you could try setting conditions.

    Such as :


    if idle then


    Or you could set a timer to restart AI after X minutes game time passed.

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    posted a message on FNG (sorry in advance)

    Hello @thesaiyan12


    Welcome to sc2mapsters.


    Sorry for the late reply, things hasn't been what it used to be around here since the great migration and twitch merger.

    But we will try to help as much as we can.


    For your question, have you try launching the mission you wanted to play directly from the editor, not from the game mission launcher ?

    If the mission launch fine by using the editor directly and not from launcher, than it could be bug in the launcher.

    Sometimes if a trigger in the launcher refer to a map that have different name it will return to "unable to open map".


    For example, the trigger call to open mission01XX, but the map in question is actually named mission_01XX.

    Or something like that.


    Feel free to reply to the topic if you still have problems, alternatively you could try to seek help at sc2 discord  here :


    Good luck.

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