The Talon Faction

Retired. Assets remain available but no longer will be supported.. 

Seems like retirement did not really work out?...


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All assets found here are custom built with Blizzard assets and tools. For work derived from other assets, Credits belong to their respective owners. This is highlighted in the download section per asset involved. If you would want to change one of my assets, please be so kind to list me as author of the original work.

                                                                                                                                          __________                           Thank you


Assets for the Talon Faction, a Protoss conversion for all units and buildings as well as unique new models for utilization in Starcraft II.

This assets page will be updated with the latest iteration of the models as previously downloadable from WingedArchon Assets.



Talon Lore

The Talon Faction Mod located on EU and NA servers.

Starcraft: Time Splitters campaign featuring the Talon Factions.


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