The Hammer of Dawn [Revamp]



The Koprulu sector.


At the heights of Amon's war.
Casualties from all side are countless.
What is left of the military are being pulled back to protect major cities.
Leaving the smaller backwater colonies and cities to fend for themself.
At the time mercenary had become high demand high paying occupation.

This is the story of mercenary team number 252.

The Hammer of Dawn.



This is the revamp of the classic Hammer of Dawn

Q : Why revamping the classic Hammer of Dawn ?

A : I was re - watching everyone HoD youtube videos

[DeltronLive , Redler Red7 JayborinoPlays , MasterKD ]

and the translated into Chinese version of Pareto optimal RUC when it hit me.

Should've done it like this, it would look better if I do this, ohh there is a bug there etc.

You know what, I am going to fix that, revamp that.

And here it is.


Q : What changes from the classic ?

A : Portrait update for Kyra Han, model update for Ben Ar, Radamantis, bosses.

Improve A.I for the mission and the Boss.

Difficulty adjustment, received discord message[s] that casual is still very hard.

Heroes skills adjustment.

Small to Major revamped of the terrain and doodads.

Small to Major change to banters on various maps.

Add Cinematic maps , a Prologue, an Epilogue and many other things.



  • Take command of Captain Kyra Han and her Hammer of Dawn Mercenary.
  • Divided into 3 chapters,  with different terrain and environment.
  • Focus heavily on RPG element and engaging story telling.
  • Boss Battle for each mission.
  • Custom models from fellow mapsters (see credits section for more info).
  • Three difficulty option to choose from. Casual ,Normal and Hard.



  • Prologue : Last Day of War
  • Cinematic : Home Sweet Home
  • Mission 01 : Temple of Doom
  • Mission 02 : Maze Runner
  • Mission 03 : Cradle of Life
  • Cinematic : Vision of Future
  • Mission 04 : Paradise Lost
  • Mission 05 : Dead Marshes
  • Mission 06 : Last Remnant
  • Cinematic : After the Storm
  • Mission 07 : Welcome to Hell
  • Mission 08 : Gate to Eternity
  • Mission 09 : Into the Void 
  • Epilogue : Remember Me


How to Play

For those having trouble, Hockleberry made a step by step tutorial on how to, get it here :

How to play Custom Campaign Guide



  1. StarCraft II Legacy of the Void.
  2. Hammer of Dawn Mods, Campaign Maps etc
  • Don't forget to turn subtitle and TIPS on.



Help to make The Hammer of Dawn better.


Custom Campaign Initiative

What is the Custom Campaign Initiative?


Custom campaign in Russian

For those interested to play the custom campaign in Russian

Hobot Production

Starcraft 2 : Russian Preview


Credits and Special Thanks


In no particular order ! 

StarCraft 2 model / icon / map creators


- Alleyvipersc2

- WingedArchon

- Kazor132

- Hammer107

- Cacho56

- FunkyUserNarr [ I can't find his project page anymore ]

- deadlytrips  

- IDW @ cafe.naver 

- VastanX 

- SoulFilcher 

- Flinkelinks 

- thor1112 

- Hultmanable  

- DaveTheSpectre


StarCraft 2 Videos Playthrough

- DeltronLive

- JayborinoPlays

- Pareto optimal RUC 

- Palnai


Hammer of Dawn Classic

Here is the link to the Classic :


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