The Hammer of Dawn - [Campaign]


Kyra Han is the only survivor of Mar Sara Colony massacre, all because the Terran and the Protoss military force greatly demise from previous conflicts making many of their colony have to rely on a more private company for protection of which the Mar Sara Colony can not afford. She created the Hammer of Dawn Mercenary with main purpose not to let anyone suffer the same hell she went through.


This is my 2nd project for StarCraft II. I've really enjoyed the story campaign of StarCraft and have played through all three. Terran the Wings of Liberty, Zerg Heart of the Swarm and Protoss Legacy of the Void, along with many different custom campaigns made by fellow mapster.


  • Take command of Kyra Han and her Hammer of Dawn Mercenary (see images tab for more info).
  • 9 Mission with different terrain and environment. Focus heavily on RPG element and engaging story telling.
  • Boss Battle for each mission.
  • Custom models from fellow mapster (see credits section for more info).
  • Three difficulty option to choose from. Casual ,Normal and Hard.


Chapter One

Search and rescue mission for our client lost sister, make sure our "Mysterious" client doesn't get killed in the process.

Chapter Two

Paradise is under attack!. Put an end to the reign of terror and bring order to chaos.

Chapter Three

Our client want us to stop the Void before it consume everyone and everything she holds dear.

How to Play

For those having trouble, Hockleberry made a step by step tutorial on how to, get it here :

How to play Custom Campaign Guide


  1. StarCraft II Legacy of the Void.
  2. Hammer of Dawn Mods Pack [For mission 06 and later]
  • Don't forget to turn subtitle and TIPS on.

Forum Feedback

Help to make The Hammer of Dawn better.

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Custom Campaign Initiative

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Custom Campaign In Russians

For those interested to play the campaign In Russians language :

Download Link 

Or visits their main website here :

Starcraft 2 : Russian Preview


Hammer of Dawn Revamped

For those interested to play the Revamped version :

Project Page.



Special Thanks

Custom Campaign Crossover

Through out the campaign there are many name reference / crossover with other custom campaign. Highly recommend to play them before you play the Hammer of Dawn.

- Pandora Mission 01.

- The Replicant Mission 01, 05 & 10.

- Annihilation Mission 01 & 16.

- Shadow of the Brood Mission 01 & 05.

- Awakening Mission 01.

- Ascendency Mission 01 & 02.


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