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    posted a message on StarCraft II: A War Story Official Feedback Thread [Custom Campaign]

    Played on adventurer first time then on nightmare with cheats.


    Amazing terrain, nice take on the canyon desert theme. I really liked that you had different routes based on difficulty, makes it more interesting to try on harder difficulties like it's just not stronger attack waves.


    The Codec was a fantastic addition, very crispy and clear menu with a cool look. l can't wait to see this in its final edition combined with the mission launcher.


    Pet peeve, on the easy difficulty I accidentally walked into the Forged Hands base before finishing the bonus objective. I saw there was a transmission on hard difficulty, but a heads up on easy would be nice too.


    Great dialogues and interesting setting. Looking forward to the rest of the first act.

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    posted a message on The Antioch Chronicles: Thoughts in Chaos

    First of all, wow! Awesome!


    From the very beginning... Loved how each mission in the mission selector had its own small cinematic playing. Very good cinematics too! I see the quality bar has raised a lot over last couple of years. I was very impressed.


    Second, I loved the Starwars-ish screen slides as a supplement to fading out/in as a means to change scenes during the cinematics. 


    I have currently played the first mission and In Durance Vile. I played on Easy since I'm most interested in game mechanics, story and ambience/mood. I don't have that much time to retry either.


    In the first mission I loved how the point of view was changing from Moloch and to the Defend Base team, back and forth. Made both the dungeon crawl and base defense feel more fresh as you jump between them. Interesting way to play a mission, felt a bit like how tv shows often work with different characters stories playing out at once.


    The Cave had nice ambience, a claustrophobic feel to it. Liked how you got a message that you still had more relics to find in that zone. Hate to miss out on such bonus objectives by unpurposely finishing early.  The Base Defence was also cool with how things had happened while we were looknig at what Moloch had been up to, with damages at the temple ground at structures being destroyed.


    In Durance Vile was awesome too! Loved the puzzles, was really impressed by those. I also appreciated the "skip puzzle" option, which shows you the solution, I admit I had to use that a few times. Very innovative and the way they where set up it wasn't frustrating either, in the beam parts you could just move your mouse to adjust it if you got it wrong. Many custom minigames in campaigns before have often been painstakingly inefficient  or clunky if you did something wrong. Speaking of convienience; Looove the autosave feature. Very nice addition.


    The terrain was pretty here too. Think I saw some custom doodads in that ship. Good surroundings.


    Two bugs:

    One time during a beam puzzle I pressed skip and the puzzle kinda bugget out a bit. Start points didnt react. But I pressed skip a few times again and then it went on as it should.


    Second time was during the Probe part. I had no orders to get the Dark Templars out so I kinda got stuck there. Perhaps I overlooked something. The Probe also took its time doing its orders, it was fine the first time around but when I had tried a couple of executions I kinda wished it moved much faster. I ended up quitting at that point.



    Again, awesome campaign. I'm really impressed. Gonna try some more later.


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    posted a message on Ignos (Campaign)

    Thanks for feedback.


    Thinking about turning the 20+ shields upgrade for all units into an 100+ shields & 1+armor for Zealots and Stalkers specifically. Perhaps that could make Zealots and Stalkers more useful. 


    I think the cost upgrade for templar/archons need to go. Perhaps instead it could be a buff to High Templar specifically, increasing health and movement speed/attack speed.


    I want to make the second row of the defence talents (which are now unused) into uprades for Immortals. And rename Defence into Mech with one tier to Defence and one for Immortals. Current idea;

    tier 1: Making immortals warpable

    tier 2: making immortals do splash damage.


    I think I need to buff the Zerg units somewhat. Give them a bit more health and attack damage. Tune down the difficulty at beginning to compensate. Perhaps add Zerg casters but hard to keep that in line with Primal strain. If anyone have any ideas be sure to tell.

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    posted a message on Ignos (Campaign)

    So I made some changes based on the feedback:



    (temp download while waiting for approval: )


    Ditched that army size difficulty variable- The difficulty now progress based on time elapsed and number of caverns destroyed.

    After a set amount of time the difficulty increases (indicated by an earthquake) which causes the caves to send stronger attacks.

    Passive caves now only open as a respons to another cave being destroyed, making the game more predictable

    (ofcourse, passive caves still open if you outright attack them)

    Nearby caves are more dangerous and the attacks are much harder early on (especially on hard mode)


    I have set a limit on how many Overlords there can be on the map at once. Now only about 3 locations can be attacked at once but they are still randomly placed to create an element of surprise. Before in all 7 overlord locations could be active at once making it far too overwhelming.


    Also tried to rework some attack scrips to make sure the overlord spawn actually attacks. As a failsafe the Overlords will stop generate spawns if there are too many units near them so to prevent lag-fest.


     I have added a new Army talent that increases the attack speed of Zealots and Stalker by 50% making them a much more viable choice in combination with upgraded sentry.  I've tested that strategy and I think it works well.


    I added some new tips that explain gameplay mechanisms (cave health etc.) to avoid confusion


    Bug fixes:

    -Archons get full energy after merge if energy talent is active

    -Shields talents now appropiately increases 20+ shields to warped in units

    -Overlord gangs no longer damage immune


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    posted a message on Ignos (Campaign)
    Quote from TChosenOne >>
    Quote from njordys >>

    In reply to TChosenOne:

    Definetely need to rework cave opening mechanism, should probably toughen the nearest caves over time to create an incentive to knock them out.
    Nice to see the talent system work as intended.
    Archon replacing Zealot/Sentry/Stalker is a problem. Perhaps I can make some talents to boost those units.
    Thanks for bug reports :D
     Sentries do have some niche use, I think I built 2 one for defending 1 for offensive.  Crushing grip is good for boss mobs (quillgors  especially, and the very shield regen is good for archons, and hp regen good for zealots.  A buff to zealots would see more sentries due to zealot's 100 hp.
    I'm not sure solarite works as an strategic mechanic, as its use remains fairly one-dimentional.  You get income for econ greed, then use the epic income to get a tech advantage which you convert into army advantage which you increase further with army solarite tech.  Feels like a flatout buff rather than a strategical, as by the time you swap you no longer need the econ advantage.
     With econ talents combined with defense talents and warp observer buff talents you can turtle your way forward like in a tower defense. Warp in multiple pylons and then spam photon cannons and shield batteries and you can easily fortify a position to warp in units with.
    Or you can buff archons and sentry along with generic army buff and gain a fast moving, agile power army which can regenerate.
    Those are the two main strategies i mostly played with and they are very different approaches which cater to two different play styles. 
    I have been thinking perhaps I should tweak the amount of solarites to force hard choices. Any suggestions?
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    posted a message on Ignos (Campaign)

    In reply to TChosenOne:

    Definetely need to rework cave opening mechanism, should probably toughen the nearest caves over time to create an incentive to knock them out.
    Nice to see the talent system work as intended.
    Archon replacing Zealot/Sentry/Stalker is a problem. Perhaps I can make some talents to boost those units.
    Thanks for bug reports :D
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    posted a message on Ignos (Campaign)

    In reply to DudkiSC2:

    Yeah Baby!
    Plan is to introduce solarite resource and talents to all maps, macro and micro. =)
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    posted a message on Ignos (Campaign)

    Thank you for your feedback. Very much appreciated =)


    Rock gain hp so its easier to destroy early on when you have fewer units. Perhaps its not needed and I can increase rock hp overall.


    Good point about warning player on caves becoming aggressive. I'll add it. Perhaps an indication that closing caves will open new and tougher ones too.



    And with the later caves I can portion them out abit so that not all 5 overlord caves trigger at once. Caves are opened on a progress variable that count in number of units the player has constructed and number of caves already closed so it can trigger them all at once. The intent is that overlords should be a surprise attack at unexpected locations but triggering all 5 of them at the same time is way too overwhelming. 


    Thank you for reporting those bugs. 


    Thanks for the praise part too :)


    I was hoping the solarite talents would create a feeling of strategic choices after having simplified normal research upgrades. Was also hoping having the ability to reset solar talents and pick anew based on the current situations need would add some depth to the gameplay.


    Again, thank you very much for your input. I shall put it to use.


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    posted a message on Ignos (Campaign)

    God. This thread is ancient...


    Anyhoo, finally put togheter a test version of a remodeling of an old mission

    This is a heavily modified version of Ignos02, which is now numbered Ignos03


    Ignos03SE - A remodeled version of the old Ignos02


    New Stuff:

    Solarite -

    New resource that can be summoned at the Forge and found around the map. Can be used in the Solar Menu on new talents.

    Warp Observer - 

    Now a hero unit. Can Mass Recall at no cost or cooldown and can get a Solar Talent to Warp in Pylons (10 sec, 200 mineral cost)

    New Caves - 

    2 New Caves and more challenging attacks.

    Modified Terrain -

    Much more of the terrain is now buildable. Secrets are hidden many places.


    Many more doodads and effects have been used. Can affect performance.

    Bugs may occur. 

    Ignos03SE- Screen0


    Ignos03SE- Screen1


    Ignos03SE - Solarite

    Ignos03SE - Solar Talents

    Ignos03SE - Screen2

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    posted a message on [WIP] Daara's Vrykul Island

    Wow, this look awesome! Are it gonna be a playable map?

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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #266: Lazy River

    # Scbroodsc2

    Glad you like it. Thanks for heads up with the water, I agree that it could be spiced up a bit. ^^


    # ThePhail

    I really like the sandy mar-sara tiles. Without the red hue it has a lot more potential for new desert tilesets. Are you going to upload these?


    The Oasis is nice. Looks really good to contrast the wasteland around it.

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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #266: Lazy River

    These are from a mission. Rearranged that terrain a bit so that I could take a bit more scenic pictures from side angles. 

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    posted a message on custom minimap ping icon

    Hi. I'm trying to create my own minimap ping icon. I think pings are m3 files which makes this much more complicated then I thought it would be. I have no model experience and only have photoshop to work with.

    Do anyone have any experience creating their own minimaps icon in photoshop and importing them to a starcraft 2 map? Or know of a map where this has been done so I can try to grasp what needs to be done?

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    posted a message on Need ideas for ability augment

    infectious fungal - target is infected for 9 seconds. Does not alter target unit in any way but gives a visual effect during the infection. After 3 seconds the infected target start bursting fungal disease every 2 seconds in a total of 3 times before the infection wears out (3+2x3=9seconds). The burts spreads a debuff to nearby friendly units that slow them 33% and last 3 seconds, original infected target is not affected. If the nearby friendly unit is infected again the duration is refreshed. Stacks up to 3 times (100% movement decrease).

    A sloppy player would have his units slowed by a total of 9 seconds while an attentive player would move away the infected unit before it start spreading.

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    posted a message on [Ask] How long is too long for a map ?

    In a final mission I think the player already would be invested enough to appreciate an epic ending.

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