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    posted a message on The Antioch Chronicles: Thoughts in Chaos

    First of all, wow! Awesome!


    From the very beginning... Loved how each mission in the mission selector had its own small cinematic playing. Very good cinematics too! I see the quality bar has raised a lot over last couple of years. I was very impressed.


    Second, I loved the Starwars-ish screen slides as a supplement to fading out/in as a means to change scenes during the cinematics. 


    I have currently played the first mission and In Durance Vile. I played on Easy since I'm most interested in game mechanics, story and ambience/mood. I don't have that much time to retry either.


    In the first mission I loved how the point of view was changing from Moloch and to the Defend Base team, back and forth. Made both the dungeon crawl and base defense feel more fresh as you jump between them. Interesting way to play a mission, felt a bit like how tv shows often work with different characters stories playing out at once.


    The Cave had nice ambience, a claustrophobic feel to it. Liked how you got a message that you still had more relics to find in that zone. Hate to miss out on such bonus objectives by unpurposely finishing early.  The Base Defence was also cool with how things had happened while we were looknig at what Moloch had been up to, with damages at the temple ground at structures being destroyed.


    In Durance Vile was awesome too! Loved the puzzles, was really impressed by those. I also appreciated the "skip puzzle" option, which shows you the solution, I admit I had to use that a few times. Very innovative and the way they where set up it wasn't frustrating either, in the beam parts you could just move your mouse to adjust it if you got it wrong. Many custom minigames in campaigns before have often been painstakingly inefficient  or clunky if you did something wrong. Speaking of convienience; Looove the autosave feature. Very nice addition.


    The terrain was pretty here too. Think I saw some custom doodads in that ship. Good surroundings.


    Two bugs:

    One time during a beam puzzle I pressed skip and the puzzle kinda bugget out a bit. Start points didnt react. But I pressed skip a few times again and then it went on as it should.


    Second time was during the Probe part. I had no orders to get the Dark Templars out so I kinda got stuck there. Perhaps I overlooked something. The Probe also took its time doing its orders, it was fine the first time around but when I had tried a couple of executions I kinda wished it moved much faster. I ended up quitting at that point.



    Again, awesome campaign. I'm really impressed. Gonna try some more later.


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