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    Good stuff:
    - Overall, this mission was fun, but there was quite a few glaring issues. And these are things like noticeable bugs that were not fixed, upper levels of the terrain that are very hard to defend due to limited space, and the fact that the difficulty spike is very steep. The first wave is very easy, but then the next few ones are incredibly hard if you didn’t find the Soul Reapers and knew they were coming. Then for a while, it becomes easy as you have plenty of very good protoss units to help you, until at the very end when the last few attacks suddenly again become insanely hard. So, just a bit of an issue with balancing. I’d recommend trying to rework the attacks somewhat, so that there is a more exponential difficulty curve, and it slowly gets harder and harder over time. That would create a much better mission flow.
    - Layout of the base was quite interesting. The cracks of terrain on the lower floor adds a cool effect. However, I do wanna say that maybe the size of the cracks should be decreased a bit. In the late-game, you have very little space to work with due to this.
    - I really like the look of the destroyed base. And the little details with one of the windows of the upper area having fallen down was a neat touch.


    - In the intro cinematic, the text crawl that appears before we fade in to the last part with your base dissapears rather fast. Perhaps increase that by a couple of seconds.
    - You can build stuff on the bottom of the doodad ramps. This makes them raise a bit which looks very strange. Take a look at the image I posted.
    - Consider adding a sound effect for when the Protoss reinforcements arrive.
    - In the final cinematic, you slowly zoom towards the edge of the map. The background of korhal adds a nice sense of scale, but the zoom at the end ruins the illusion since you see where the cliffs end and the lava just stops. At this point, it becomes very clear that there is nothing beyond that point. Try to avoid showing the player the edges of the map like this. I showed the exact shot below. Consider showing a different area of the map or pan the camera upwards so you don’t see the cliffs and ruin the immersion.
    - Also, in the final cinematic, the drop ships that fly in fly through the giant tree in the background. I suggest either moving their spawn and move destination slightly to the side so they don’t move through the tree, or simply add a no fly zone around the tree so they go around it.

    - Once again I can't skip cinematics.


    - Nathanial White’s portrait was all messed up in the cinematics. You could only see a bright background but not him. I’ve posted a picture below for reference.
    - There’s a bug with Medics and Firebats being built. Medic cost 150/100. This is because when trained, you get 2. The build ability is configured to make an additional Medic. As for the Firebats, they cost 200/50, and when trained, you get 2 of those as well.
    - When rescuing the Soul Reapers. the Tech lab on the barracks doesn’t change its color to blue and instead is red. Also, building a tech lab on the other barracks in that base also becomes red.
    - After rescuing the Soul Reapers’ the LZ ping remains.
    - Selendis warps in a group of the unused Aiur variant of the Void rays that do not have an attack, rendering them useless.


    - Loading screen tip: You misspelled “Opportunity” and “their”.
    - Horner says “We have never met such an enemy… not the Protoss” “Not” should be capitalised.
    - In the intro, Marcellus says “sir” 3 times, and all times they are capitalised, even tho they shouldn’t be. In the last line, you also need to change the dialogue slightly so instead of saying “You just sight tight Sir and we will get you out of here in no time.” you change it to “You just sit tight, sir. We will get you out of here in no time.”


    - The loading screen did the same thing with the black borders as the previous mission. Mention again since I don’t know if it’s intended or not.
    - When looking at Nathanial’s dialogue in the Message log, his portrait appears as Artanis.
    - The two holes in the ground in the low area of the base where there’s lava in the low ground, but there’s some water tiles missing so there’s this big gap with no lava at all. Posted a picture below
    - An area of the terrain has textures that aren’t blended in very well. I took a picture below to showcase it.
    - When Selendis arrives, Valerian’s dialogue thanking them for coming triggers first.
    - Selendis sets up a base but never actually seem to build anything other than the Nexus and the other initial structures. The Probes don’t go to mine either.


    Here you go. Hope it's helpful. I'll take a look at the 2 new missions you released a bit later.

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    posted a message on STARCRAFT: Darkness Rises Prolog. Map Feedback

    And here's the last image I wanted to post but because of the limit, I'm making a separate post.

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    posted a message on STARCRAFT: Darkness Rises Prolog. Map Feedback



    Good stuff:
    - Overall, I quite enjoyed this mission. It didn’t really become much harder at any point during the mission though. And by the time I had gotten 2 of the 3 reinforcements, I could basically a-move through everything. I think you could easily add some additional of those powerful Shadow Spawns to spice things up.
    - The intro cinematic environment looked great. Good use of doodads!
    - The cave environment is awesome as well. We don’t see caves being used too often in SC2, and your take on it is pretty nice! Like the use of the actual mineable minerals and the doodad minerals. I like how there were also various different-looking areas to explore. Every part of the cave had something new for me to explore.
    - The Shadow Spawns were a really cool new unit and mechanic for the map. All the unique abilities was a nice touch and kept me on my toes.

    One thing I did like is how there was multiple ways you could go, which helped sell the idea that this was a mine with many adjoining tunnels.


    - I was unable to skip the cinematics. I’d recommend adding that so that people can replay the mission and not be forced to sit through them.
    - The supply frame is visible during the gameplay. Since supply is not a factor, I’d suggest removing it. Similarly, the Alliance menu is also visible. You can turn that off as well.
    - This is a very minor thing, but I would make the “actual” minerals that you’re using as doodads be unselectable, as well as removing their minimap icon so they don’t show up on the minimap. Do the same to the minerals and gas geyser further into the mission. It just adds a little more immersion, imo. You can remove the minimap icon through the “Send Actor Message” action.
    - When rescuing the additional troops behind rocks at the bottom of the map, consider ordering the extra units you get to move out of the big mine doodad. I didn’t notice I even got any units and was confused. I provided a screenshot below so you can see, I only spotted the units by looking at the minimap. The units from the other rock sites do move, so I think this is just an oversight on your part.
    - Consider adding a visual effect for Squad Sight when it’s active, similar to what the Havocs have.
    - There was a doodad in the mission that I noticed had no pathing. Ive posted the exact doodad and location in question as an image below.
    - The hotkey for Stimpack is the same as Target Lock, meaning you can’t manually use Target Lock if you want to.
    - One tip about terraining. Try to avoid making abrupt changes in textures, unless you’re doing manmade environments. In natural environments, everything should blend it a lot more. Generally, I found the texturing in this mention to be good, but there were some spots where the texture abruptly changes into a new one with no blend values. I posted a screenshot below indicating one such spot.

    - In the intro cinematic, Marcellus didn’t face Horner as they were talking. You can prevent units from turning during cinematics by using the “Set Unit State” and turning “Fidget” state off.
    - When the “Phantoms” tip popped up, its pop up text was “Shadow Spawns”


    - Horner’s first line in the intro cinematic capitalizes “Of” in Sons of Korhal. Similarly, in the same line, he says “Good work with evacuating those civilians”. should remove “with” so it becomes simply “Good work evacuating those civilians.”
    - In Samuel’s line in the intro cinematic, there’s a period before a question mark after the word “abnormalities”
    - Marcellus’ last line in the cinematic. “They have however not reported back.” Should add a comma before and after however, so it looks like this: “They have, however, not reported back.”
    - In Marcellus’ unit description, “Of” in Sons of Korhal is capitalized.
    - In the Combat Veteran buff icon and command card icon, “Hero’s” is misspelled as “Heros”.
    - The Soul Reaper that introduces us to the bonus objective says “massage” instead of “message”.
    - Couple of mistakes in the objective description for the clearing the rocks. Firstly, it says “Big chunks of rock a” and it should be “Big chunks of rocks are” Later on, it says “Their s urvival”. You accidentally separated the s from the rest of the word here.
    - Marcellus says “What the hell are these things!!” when introduced to the Shadow Spawns. Instead of two exclamation points, make an exclamation point and a question mark, like this “!?”
    - Shadow Spawn tip: A couple mistakes here. First off, you say “Shadows” instead of “Shadow” in the description. In addition, “comes from the void” should be changed to “come from the void” as its plural. I would make one final change here. Instead of making “Spawned by an unknown force” a separate sentence, combine it with the last one, so it becomes “These “Shadow Spawns” come from the void, and are spawned by an unknown force.”
    - Crazed Miners tip: “Black oz is poring” should be “Black ooze is pouring”.
    - Phantoms tip: Instead of “make your forces fight between each other” I’d probably say “Force your units to fight each other”.
    - The Voidborns tip: A couple of typos here. “Lord in-between places” you need to add a “of” so its “Lord OF in-between places”. “Base of operations” is misspelled as “bas of operation”. Lastly, you use are instead of “is” at the end.


    - Unsure if this is intended or not, but the loading screen didn’t cover the entire screen, and had some thick black edges. Thought I’d mention it just in case.
    - I noticed when looking in the message log that Samuel’s static portrait is of the War Pig marine, and not the same as the animated version the Elite Guard’s have. I posted a couple images below so you can see the comparison.
    - When the game started, there was no music. Mentioning just in case, since I don’t know if that was the intention. It showed up when I moved a little further forward.
    - Shadow Spawns still use their default unit description.
    - Crazed Miners still use their default unit description.
    - There was one Shadow Spawn in the area by the bridge to the north of the base you pass by, that was Neutral to me. Unsure if bug or not. Provided a screenshot below.
    - Phantoms still use the Dark Archon unit description
    - The Secret Documents still use their default unit description mentioning Kerrigan.
    - The Phantoms never used Confusion on me. Mentioning this since I’m unsure if it’s bugged and not working or if I was just lucky.
    - Right before entering the final area at the top of the map to destroy the machine, there was this big hill made from elevated terrain height. It looked a bit off since you could move on top of it.


    Let me know if you have any questions!

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    posted a message on STARCRAFT: Darkness Rises Prolog. Map Feedback

    Apologies for the long abscence. I had intended to play the remaining 4 missions and give you some feedback, but I got busy along the way and eventually I forgot about it. I'll get the remaining missions as soon as I can!

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    posted a message on StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

    Russian translation now available!

    A russian team has taken the liberty of translating the campaign to Russian! Download it here!

    On their website you can find more Russian translations of custom campaigns. For a full list of available campaigns in russian, click here!


    Thank you guys for taking the time to translate this campaign to Russian. I imagine it must have been a lot of work!

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    posted a message on StarCraft II: A War Story Official Feedback Thread [Custom Campaign]

    In reply to njordys:

     Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!


    It's actually funny you mention the lack of indication that you're about to miss your chance at completing the bonus objective on lower difficulties. I had intended to add a piece of dialogue to indicate that, but I forgot. Thanks for reminding me!

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    posted a message on StarCraft II: A War Story Official Feedback Thread [Custom Campaign]

    A War Story has just had its first public release. Act 01 Mission 01 is now available for download.


    This is to be considered a demo of the campaign to get an idea of what the gameplay and story is like.

    The remaining mission of Act 01 along with a potentially updated first mission will be released once the entire act is finished.

    Until then, enjoy this taste of what's to come!


    If you have any feedback pertaining to this first mission, please leave it here.


    You can also join my Discord, where I post regular updates about my progress, and also post a variety of showcases. You can also leave your feedback there, if you have any.


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    posted a message on StarCraft: Replicant (Campaign) Feedback

    In reply to raducu273:

     Have to agree with Jayborino here. You are being very offensive, and presenting your feedback this way does not help the creator. Why not actually try to explain what made the mission so challenging and deliver some examples?

    If I found a comment like this on one of my projects I'd just delete it and move on.

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    posted a message on A War Story [Custom Campaign] Announcement

    In reply to MaskedImposter:

     What can I say, I'm foreign, I'm allowed to make mistakes. XD

    Thanks for pointing it out, though!



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    A War Story begins now!


    With the necessary data work now completed, production of A War Story is now starting, and I will be beginning work on Act 1.

    I've updated the main map page with some additional information, including the title reveals for the missions of Act 1 and the intermissions that inhabit it.


    The campaign is going to be released in an Act-based system, meaning that all missions of Act 1 will be released at the same time when the entire Act is complete and have undergone balance testing.

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    Darkness Rises 2 Feedback:

    Fun mission! The terrain really sold it as well. One thing I particularly loved was how you used those big bridges as walkable segments when rescuing the civilians. Looked really cool how it was all scaled up like that. For doodads, I’d be careful with placing those large korhal building doodads right next to the playable map area. While they help immerse the player into the world, they are very huge and will block your vision by quite a bit.


    All the enemy units guarding the evacuation point where all tightly packed within that small area next to the beacon. I’d recommend placing a proper defence over there, and have the units being a little more spread out, instead of just putting a bunch of units on top of the point. Looks a little more natural that way, and it makes it easier for the enemy to retaliate as well, as they won’t get stuck on their own units. You can still make them send more troops, but at least make it so that all rallying units don’t just move to the same point and gather in one big group.
    With that being said, I also think there should be a limit. I didn’t move towards the evac point until like 10 minutes had passed, and in that time, they had gathered that huge group over there.


    It felt a little weird that there was no markers or anything on the civilians. Would be helpful to have them appear on the map as either pings or have them be revealed. Furthermore, the ping that shows the location of the next arriving civilians is black, which makes it very hard to tell apart from the fog of war.


    - As soon as the map starts, I get that red flashy visual similar to when Marcellus gets attacked. It happened a few seconds later as well. Perhaps disable that during cinematics?
    - When I rescued the civilians at the bottom left corner of the map, nothing seemed to happen. Got no dialogue or anything confirming it, and the civilians were just standing there at the corner not doing anything. Look at the image I included to see what I mean.’
    - Sometimes the civilians heading for the evac point bug out. Look at the second picture I posted, where 2 civilians are just standing close to the point.
    - During the final cinematic, while talking to the Inquisitor, Marcellus turned around, so he wasn’t facing him while they were talking. You can turn this off by disabling Turnable state on the unit.
    - In the initial shot of the cinematic, additional civilians were on the surface that just stood in a line. Those are the civilians that were on the way to the objective but stopped when I completed it. Would suggest removing them when the cinematic starts.


    - The behaviour icon and passive icon on the command card for Combat Veteran Buff it says “Heros” instead of “Heroes”.
    - When Horner’s first dialogue he misspells his own name as “Horne”.
    - In the introductory dialogue “Thousand of civilians” should be “Thousands of civilians”
    - In the Sons of Korhal tip, you misspelled “Elite” as Elit. Similarly, right after, it says “They continue there service” should be “They continue their service.” Finally, in the same tip, “eraced” should be “erased”.
    - When informing you about the civilians, Horner said “civilian” instead of “civilians.
    - In the final cinematic, Marcellus says “And what stops me from just kill you” should be “And what stops me from just killing you”

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    In reply to hultmanable:

     Good to know!

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    In reply to hultmanable:

    I duplicated the zerg rally point. I changed the validators to match my worker and builder. Unfortunately only one of the rally buttons shows up... Perhaps I will need your guide after all =D.

    Opened up your tutorial map. I don't see any changes to the rally point? You sure you added it. Anyways, here's my guide. Pictures embedded if you need visual guidance:

    1. Go into the Abilities tab and copy the "Hatchery - Rally" ability.

    2. With your new ability created, at the top of of the Ability data, there is a list of 4 Rally Points. Double-click the one in place of Rally 1: Set Rally Point to bring up the menu.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the menu to find the Validator called "Not Drone or Overlord." This rally is used for anything that isn't Drones or Overlords, in your case, the Builder units.

    4. Create a new Validator of type: "Unit Type" called "Target Is Not Worker" and choose your Worker, and uncheck to "Enabled: Find" checkbox. Replace the existing validator with your new one. Then, press OK.

    5. Now with that done, take a look at your Rally 2: Set Worker Rally Point. Double-click it to bring up the menu.

    Scroll to the bottom of the menu to find the Validator called "Is Drone or Overlord". This rally is used specifically for workers.

    6. Create a new Validator of type: Unit Type called "Target Is Worker" and choose your Worker, but this time, leave the "Enabled: Find" checkbox as it is. Replace the existing validator with your new one. Then, press OK.

    7. Go to your COmmand Center, and replace the Rally ability with your new one. Make sure to set the button on the command card to the new rally as well. Remember, you may wanna add an additional rally button to your command card that is linked to the Builder rally, so its more clear for people that there are 2 separate ones to choose from.


    That's it! I tested it, and it works. Hope it helps :D

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    posted a message on STARCRAFT: Darkness Rises Prolog. Map Feedback

    In reply to hultmanable:

     Ooh, sorry. Did not realize that mission was last. I just saw "Tutorial" in the name and automatically assumed that had to be played first.

    "Yeah, I had the problem with different rally points in replicant too. I do not know how to make them use this independently. Perhaps you can help me?"

    It is very easy to do! Take a look at the Hatchery's rally point ability and base it off of that. in each rally, there is a set of Validators that determine whether or not the target point is on a Resource, a Drone etc. Add some new Validators and change the values to your Builders and Workers.

    If you can't figure it out, let me know. I'll make a more comprehensive guide on how to do it, but I think it's pretty simple XD

    I'm not sure whats controlling this, I will have to look into that.

    You may not wanna mess with this. It might not be worth it. As I just learned, it's apparently very complex. It's essentially because the custom models are missing some sort of element that allows it to be drag-selected/double-clicked. Essentially the way to fix it is to add a new normal model that can be clicked on, like a Command Center. In actor events, you would then set this model's opacity to 0, so it becomes invisible. Then, that actor will need another model of type ModelAddition with the actual custom model that you're using. That apparently fixes it, but heck, it's very complicated. It isn't really a huge deal.

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    Hey, tried the the tutorial and the first mission so far. Really enjoyed them! Here’s my first impressions/suggestions etc. I suppose let’s start with the tutorial.

    Darkness Rises Tutorial Feedback:

    Good terraining. Even though it’s a small map purely meant for teaching the player about stuff, you added in some nice visuals to it as well which was appreciated.


    Good idea to include a tutorial for a custom race. Allowed me to get a good grasp of its mechanics. And I found the concept of the faction really cool, but then It turned out that I wouldn’t even get to use it more, since we play as Protoss in the first mission, which I found interesting. I assume we get to play as this modified Terran at some point?


    Now keep in mind, when I playtest things, I’m a sucker for the minor details that really immerse the player in the experience. So a lot of my notes here are gonna be purely nitpicking. Nevertheless, I thought I’d mention what i did notice:


    Other notes:
    - Workers do not have a repair animation. They just stand idle. I’m not sure they actually have one, but if you made them play their attack animation while repairing it would look a bit better.
    - Command Center’s unit description still uses the description of the standard Command Center, stating that it can lift off and morph into an Orbital Command.
    - Would be useful if the Command Center had 2 separate rally points. One for Workers, and one for Builders, similar to how it works with Zerg. Right now, Builders rally to the same location as the Workers, even tho they can’t actually mine.
    - In the button descriptions for the Shelter and the Training grounds, there are some weird spaces.

    - When introducing the builders, Marcus says “try buiding something”. Should be “building”.
    - The Shelter’s description says: “the shelter provides movement speed bonus”. Should be “the shelter provides a movement speed bonus”
    - In the Sandbags unit description, it says “nor” instead of “not”.
    - After killing the infected, Marcus says “You will fit in very nicely with us,” but you end the sentence with a comma instead of a punctuation mark.

    - The worker’s portrait model is buggy. Its face twists and warps in strange ways whenever it speaks. (As in, whenever you select them or order them to do something). Look at the image I embedded onto this post to see what I mean.
    - When double-clicking your custom structures, all structures of the same type are not selected. You have shift-select the structures individually. This did not happen with Command Centers and Refineries, but all other structures shared this problem.

    Darkness Rises Mission 01 Feedback:

    Cinematics and terraining are both well done. The cinematics had good camera angles, dialogue flowed nicely so I had time to read, and I saw no glaring issues. I like the atmosphere of the map as well.


    Having the ability to use Void Prison on Xy’tal makes for such interesting gameplay since strategic use of it against the Spewers will give you such a big advantage. Very nice design choice!


    Very cool design choice to have the Nerazim use the Void Pylon model. They look ten times cooler and really captures the theme of the nerazim so much more.


    A difficulty selection would be a nice addition to accommodate the skill levels of individual players.

    I think attack waves arrive too frequently. It’s very hard to keep up with the amount of stuff the enemy sends within just a few minutes. This is one of the reasons why I think having different difficulty options would be a welcome addition. I think the reduce the power of some of the earlier waves, and have them get stronger as you go.


    I find the choice to have a tal’darim themed console interesting, considering its a Nerazim-based faction you’re playing as. With the latest sc2 patch, you can set a specific player’s console skin using the “Set Player Console Skin” function in triggers. I think having the Nerazim console would work excellently here!


    Consider allowing players to skip cinematics. If you lose and forgot to save, it’s a bit of a nuisance having to watch the cinematics again.


    Other notes:
    - The Spewer’s still has the spectre prisoner unit description.
    - An indication for when the item gained from killing Spewers arrives and where would be helpful. Be It a ping, or a piece of dialogue or whatever. Not all people read the objective text so people may not realize that you get an item or where it spawns.
    - Azimar has a custom hero health bar above the unit, while Xy’tal does not.
    - The Xel’Naga vaults you have to destroy as part of the bonus objective still has the description from the WoL mission, stating that its the final artefact piece.

    - After getting ahold of your base, Azimar says “sucha a”. Should be “such a”.
    - Azimar’s and Xy’tal’s permanently cloaked icons on the command card says “Zeratul”. In addition, their Blink abilities have the same error.
    - The Vanquish Spewers bonus objective have multiple typos. Firstly, Vanquish is misspelled, and in the objective description, “worthy” is misspelled as “wordy”. Also, “study” should be “studying”.

    - The Spewers appear to be attacking, but when selecting the unit, the weapon is not visible.
    - Shadow Blade states it deals 500 damage, but it actually deals a lot less.

    That’s all I have for now. Overall, this seems very neat. I’ll be playing mission 2 at some later stage and share my thoughts.


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