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Scaled the difficulty scale- harder early game and easier late game;


Difficulty is now set by time elapsed ingame, not army size

Difficulty increases are indicated by an earthquake

Early/Nearby caves more dangerous over time

Caves now only open as a respons to other caves being destroyed 

or passive caves being attacked.


Set a limit on how many Overlord drops can spawn at once 

to 3 locations. Before all 7 locations could spawn at once if unlucky.


Added a new Army talent that decreases the attack speed of Zealots and Stalker,

making them much more valuable.


Added tips that explain gameplay (cave mechanisms etc.)


Bug fixes:

-Archons get full energy after merge if energy talent is active

-Shields talents now appropiately increases 20+ shields to warped in units

-Overlord gangs no longer damage immune

-Set an max amount of overlord spawned units alive to prevent lag

-Overlord spawned units should now always attack bases