List of Custom Campaigns/List of Custom Campaigns (TChosenOne)

How to Install Custom Campaigns

Recent Updates to campaigns


Completed/Near-Complete Campaigns

The Antioch Chronicles: Thoughts in Chaos (Team Antioch)

Noir : Automata (Edhriano)

Noir : Evolution (Edhriano)

Noir : Ascension (Edhriano)

Perfect Soldiers (EivindL)

Shadow of the Xel'Naga (OutsiderXE) - on the Arcade

LifeForce Part 1 (Bilxor)

Wrath of the Tal'Darim Episode 1 (CybrosX)

Subjection (Gradius) - on the Arcade

Marauders! (acidragoon)

Odyssey (CooperHawkes)

Scattered (Daequeous)

Time Convergence: Zerg (VastanX)

Annihilation (DudkiSC2)

Replicant Episode IV  & V (Hultamanble)

Pandora (Hultmanable)

Prime Resurgence (Revolution)

Unification of Purifiers (CybrosX)

Vortex of the Void (CybrosX)

Brood's Wrath (CybrosX)

Shadow of the Brood (CybrosX)

Proditor (nimbusqwe)

The Lost of Aiur (Gangrene) - on the Arcade

The Hammer of Dawn (Edhriano)

Bio-Tech Company (njordys)

Mapsters (MaskedImposter) - on the Arcade

Antioch Chronicles Remastered (Team Antioch)


StarCraft 1 Remakes

StarCraft: Mass Recall (various authors)

SC1 Enslavers and Dark Vengeance Remake (opupu)

StarCraft: Enslavers Redux (OmegaWeaponX85)

Ascension of Duran Reimagined (BummKnallPeng)


Campaigns in Progress

Starcraft: Time Splitters (WingedArchon) 

Vorazun Campaign (PowercoreX64)

Episodes from Brood War 2 (Cacho56)

Resource Curse (Terhonator)

Shadow of Liberty (PowercoreX64)

Wrath of the Tal'Darim Episode 2 (CybrosX)

Twilight of the Exi'kas (knumedia)

Time Convergence: Terran (VastanX)

StarCraft 2 Redux (Operative7646)

Replicant Episode VI (Hultamanble)

Dawn of Conflict (CybrosX)

Quagmire (Jones313)

Ascension of Duran Reimagined (BummKnallPeng)


Campaigns Being Created

LifeForce Part 2 (Blixor)

Enslavers Redux 4.0 (OmegaWeapon85)

Legacy of the Confederation (TheOracle67)

Survivors: Heracleon (GnaReffotsirk)   

Unsung Rebels (aZergBaneling)

Alarak's Conquest (DaveSpectre122)


Campaigns in Stasis

A Silent Scream (DatGamesense)

Ignos (njordys)

Evolution of the Swarm (CybrosX)

Ascendancy (Atticuskirk)

Limpid (RodentWearingHat)

Morals (RobustProgram)

Discord (Baelethal)

Revenants (Hybrid Team)

Origins (Gradius)

Legacy of Liberty (RedRookLord)

Xeyed Nascency (Supernova134)

Brood (Debe2233)

Ashes of Freedom (designerdougm)




All the authors of campaigns, for awesome campaigns

Jayborino, for the organized list of custom campaigns

T.Chosen1 for the doc


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