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Previous WDE and Ideas >>
by nevjmac
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[Read-Me] Map Development Forums >>
by _ForgeUser4398850
Public Message by Unknown User: Locked.
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[Ability/Effect] Making skill-shot charge ability stop on impact Help >>
by illianvis
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Adding X count to Arm Magazine unit via a behavior/effect >>
by LetterkennySkids
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get rid of CAKES >>
by _ForgeUser4829097
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Removing SCVs from "Select Idle Workers" while they wait for a Refinery to finish building >>
by theProbeToss
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How to make liberator allowed to attack both air and ground units within the area only? >>
by koori_chikage
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I gave the bunker the morph ability to a neosteel bunker. I want that units will unload as soons as I click the upgrade button. >>
by meuchtefuschii
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How to give medic 1.5 faster heal while stimed? >>
by meuchtefuschii
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[Solved] Simple question about Feedback >>
by _ForgeUser7907129
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How to make medic use their heal animation when attacking with an added weapon >>
by holyhierophant
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(Solved) Cooling towers problem >>
by eivindll
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how do i add sounds to a unit? >>
by blueberrilmao
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Giving Liberator a multishot effect to shoot multiple air units at once? >>
by holyhierophant
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Disabled Flagship Mechanic - Need Help >>
by Ice4smaster
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