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    posted a message on [ Solved ] How to make missile / projectile come out from weapon left / right at the same time?

    You need 2 Launch Missile Effects and 2 Acion Actors

    Start out by making a Set Effect.
    Then create 2 Launch Missile Effect, or duplicate the existing one.

    Place both Launch Missile Effects into the Set Effect.

    Place the Set Effect into your weapons effect field.

    Then create 2 Action Actors, or duplicate the existing one.

    Go to the action actors event and pick the two Launch Missile Effects, one for each one.

    Lastly, go to launch site ops in your action actors and change it to weaponleft and weaponright for each one.


    I hope this was helpful for anyone who sees this in the future.


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    posted a message on LotV Dependency and Player Tech Options

    you have to play around with the abilities of these structures. go to data and search for the gateway, then go to abilities and remove the "Upgrade to warp gate instantly" ability.

    If it comes to what units you can build, you have to change the "train" ability from the structure.
    The robo facility has an ability called "robotics facility - train (robotics facility).
    Go to that ability and go to ability info. Here you can set up all the units you want to train from a structure which has that ability. simply go to the reaver and change it to the colossus. you can also change the button at the top. this isnt necessary, but you need to remember the name of the button.
    Then go back to the robo and go to "command card". remove the reaver button and create a new button that has a colossus on it.
    Command Type: "Ability Command".
    Ability: "robotics facility - train (robotics facility)"
    Ability Command: the name of the button.

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