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I do all kinds of different kitbashes and retextures.


I am currently struggling with burnout and I am learning to live in some healthy balance. That means I will not release models very often, but sometimes I will make some when I feel like it. So I guess you could consider me semi-retired ? Anyway, I am not doing any requests for the moment, until my mind is healed, which might take a long time. So please do not ask any requests of me, no exceptions (Asking for a fix if model is broken is not a problem). But I still want to do at least some models and share them with you. Hopefully you will find some of them useful :)


Stay healthy and don't forget to rest regularly ! :)


Here you can find a list of models I want to make one day (Note that there is no order to this list): Models I want to make


I would also love to continue making story maps that would include my own models (But that's probably only a dream now. I have very little time and energy for that).


And last but not least, I'd really love to do more commander concepts with videos, because people seem to love those, of course those would require additional models and lot of them. You can find the list of potential commander concepts that I currently have in mind here: List of potential Commander Concepts (on the bottom of the page).


Original credits go to Activision Blizzard and their respective authors. Most of my stuff is made from their models, textures and voicelines, which means, don't use my assets for any commercial purposes. Otherwise you are free to use my models as you want including edits. Crediting is not necessary as long as you don't claim the model as your own. For edited models, I'd like to be credited as original author.


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