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List of models I want to make:



Bellow you can find a list of models I want to make one day (Note that there is no order to this list):


One time projects:

- Female Phase Smith

- UED Shadow (Ghost/Spectre like UED unit, I want to do both Male and Female variant)

- Boros tribe Nerazim units (Warrior, Diskobolus and Soul hunter + maybe more)

- Assailant - fast melee light Protoss unit (With helmet inspired by a Zealot from LOTV trailer)

- Umojan Valkyrie - Not a Ship

- Delta Embrock

- Higher quality Umojan Shadowguard (Male & Female)

- Hellrider (Tosh's goons hellion variant - two-wheeled)

- Ghost Rider (Ghost Speeder with ghost - covert ops)

- Light medic / Scout medic (Medic equivalent of trooper)

- Argus (Aiur Stalker Variant) + golden version

- Pyromancer (Covert Ops Firebat variant)

- Centaur (non-heroic version of Talandar's praetor suit, inspired by Orisa's Immortal skin from OW)

- Hellion equivalent of other races (Picture reference)

- Umojan Goliath V2

- And most likely many more to come (My imagination is almost limitless)


Longer time projects:

- Rest of the Royal guard units from Swarm campaign remade in Co-op version.

- More Spectres (Sniper, Shotgunner, Assault, Twin SMG, Protoss)

- Tosh's goons structure pack 2

- Updated preservers (Male & Female, normal preservers & grand preservers)

- Kel-morian ghost, Hellion, Medivac, Nomad, Hazard manipulator unitbat

- Corruptor, Queen (One = Assault Queen), Infestor, Aberration (Remake green, add purple) evolution strains

- Ihan-rii observer + portrait, Tempest portrait, Obelisk Ray (Void Ray) portrait, voice lines, effects ...

- Female infested terrans (Colonist, Trooper, Bomber, Aberration)

- Female troopers

- Remaining purifier personalities from malwarfare map (Garudion, Cipion, Aldrion) + Aurana in non-Megalith version.

- Possibly more units from Izha's brood, Abathur's Brood, Kaldir brood and Char brood.

- Nerazim Structures

- Gender swapped Protoss

- Updated Covert Ops models (Some of the original ones don't fit the faction design very much)

- Some models I may use in potential maps I could make (Don't want to spoil those)


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