How to support the Custom Campaign Initiative?

Support the people who support us!!

  1. Subscribe to Jayborino and and DeltronLive
  2. Buy or tell Blizzard you want more DLC that is campaign specific

Support us on Social Media

Whenever you see a post about other RTS games or people who enjoyed the Sc2 campaign, then please refer them to the CCI!

Reddit Strarcraft, TeamLiquid, Forums, Other RTS games (COH, Grey Goo, C&C)

Email [email protected] and tell them about us! Tell them about Jayborino and Deltron and how we are super-dedicated to the rts genre!!

Team Liquid has recently made a sub-forum for Single-Player Campaigns. I have hijacked this forum to promote custom campaigns! Help me out and post feedback and reply to people who are interested or comment on our fellow custom campaigners.

Team Liquid Single-Player Campaign Forum

Play people's campaigns!

Getting feedback on your campaign is such an important part of the process. Map-making can be a lonely experience and getting comments and pms is a great way to keep a map-maker's stamina and dedication up!!

Play the campaigns that are available on the Arcade! Be sure to leave feedback on their Arcade campaign page. Blizzard looks at that stuff!
Perfect Soldiers
Shadow of the Xel'Naga (Co-op)


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