List of projects that do not fit on main list

Redstone Rumble by RobustProgram

This is a quick campaign made in a short amount of time for you to enjoy and for me to get into the Galaxy Editor once again. The story is able a group of miners mining from the planet Redstone, but are hit with the issue of the lava surges. In response, the General sent a survey team to relay data about the lava surges to predict them, thus helping the situation of the miners. However, the survey team lost communication with the miners which lead to the miners sending in a retrieval team, this is where you come ....


Colony M-35 by igyman
Lead an elite team of Dominion marines as they investigate a mining colony suddenly gone dark. Use each team member to their full potential as you combine their abilities to survive the various dangers that await in the darkness of M-35...


Stukov - Man or Monster(Available on Arcade) by MaskedImpost
A mixture between the Blizzard maps, New Folsom (Tosh Mission, WOL). Infested (Space platform with lots of infested terrans, HoTS) and tug of war genre. Stukov is sent by Kerrigan to take out a Dominion Base (Taking place soon after Mengsk's death). Stukov can choose to infest the local civilians and use them against the Dominion, or he can choose to leave them in peace (Has an effect on the ending).


Plan H by MaskedImpost
This is a comedic map with voice acting and some of my favorite Starcraft songs (Void rays :D. See teaser video: ). There's not much in terms of gameplay, but its loaded with jokes, even at the start with the difficulty options (Easy and Hard are their own jokes and lead to a quick ending. Normal difficulty is longer with several branching possibilities). To start, Stukov finds himself with amnesia at an unknown Terran base. The Zerg attack soon afterwards. Not knowing what to do, they go look at the commander's backup plans labeled Plan A - Plan Z.


The Signal|by GnaReffotsirk
When a team of researchers disappears on a mysterious planet, Marcus Grant - leader of a highly sophisticated and elite mercenary faction, embarks on a mission that will change his life forever.