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You are interested in making a custom campaign in the SC2 editor!! That is so very exciting!! Map-making can be a very rewarding experience. It can also be quite painful as the Editor is not the most intuitive coding experience and if you are on your own it can be quite lonely. However, lots of people have come before you and made tutorials on what to do. The CCI also seeks to support you in your endeavor. We can give you advice and ideas as well as feedback. The only thing we ask is that you playtest and leave constructive feedback for other people's campaigns.

What is here

  1. First Steps of a new Campaign-Maker
  2. Where and how to go to get help
  3. Videos of mapmakers and their thoughts on map-making
  4. Advanced Topics


First Steps of a new Campaign-Maker

First Step

I highly recommend that you watch Deltron's videos. They follow a tutorial that Blizzard made a few years ago that will show you all the basic features of the editors. Deltron's videos are also using the most updated version of the editor whereas Blizzard's originals still use a version from Wings of Liberty! I also recommend that you do the tutorial in the editor.

DeltronLive's Beginner Tutorial Videos for the Editor

Second Step

Read this guide on how to create your own SC2 Campaign. It is more how to craft a story and less about how to code up a map. It can be a huge help in your endeavor.

How to create your own StarCraft 2 Campaign by Eivindl

Third Step

Terraining can be one of the most difficult parts of map-making especially if you are not artistically inclined. Please check out LucidIguana's tutorial on Terraining. He is a part of Team Antioch, the makers of the Antioch Chronicles. I recommend playing their maps!!

Terrain Lessons from my betters by LucidIguana

Fourth Step

Cinematics are an important part of the gaming experience. They can help define your characters more as well as make your story more immersive, but they can take a lot of time!! Check out Sc2Brood's tutorial on In-game Cinematics to get good tips and how to make a cinematic for your custom campaign.

In-Game Cinematics by Sc2Broods

Fifth Step

Make a map!! A big caveat is to not make your map too ambitiious!! Start small and go easy on yourself. Especially if this is your first coding experience!

Videos of mapmakers talking about their process, successes, trials and tribulations

Team Antioch on re-making the Antioch Chronicles
Telenil from Mass Recall on re-making Starcraft I and Brood War

Our illustrious hero of Custom Campaigns

Jayborino plays SC2 Custom Campaigns


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