How to play Custom Campaigns?

PC Users

If you are new to custom campaigns, you may be unsure how to play them. A small number are available on the Arcade, but most are not due to current file size and # of maps uploaded limitations. Blizzard seems to slowly be easing some of these restrictions, but many campaigns remain 'offline' for now.

At the most basic level, simply open up a map file within the SC2 Galaxy Editor and click the green Test Map button in the upper right. 

Some campaigns utilize a mission launcher, which requires all maps and the launcher to be placed within a specific directory. Refer to campaign project pages for this information, though here is an Installation Guide that should put you on the right track if you prefer following a video. Generally, the path would look something like this:

  • C:\Program Files(x86)\Starcraft II\Maps\[campaign named folder]\[put maps here]

Again, this may vary based on where you installed Starcraft 2. Also, you may not have a Maps folder, but you can simply create one. A more practical example for EivindL's Crimson Moon campaign:

  • C:\Program Files(x86)\Starcraft II\Maps\Crimson Moon\[maps files and mission launcher]

If you are missing any of the folders above, then create them yourself, particularly the Maps and Mods folders within Starcraft II.

If a campaign has a mod file, it should always be moved to the Mods folder within your Starcraft 2 directory where you installed the game. Usually, this is would be within Program Files - NOT the one in My Documents, as that is only where you account info is kept. If you don't have a mod folder in this location, you can create on yourself. *Not all campaigns have a mod file*

Upon using the 'Test Document' method, you may also get an editor error saying you're missing HotS and/or LotV dependencies. Just click 'No' and try dragging the map back into the editor and it will open properly (this is a Blizzard issue). If you attempt to open a map and it only opens up with an empty green tileset, refer to this video for a very fast, simple fix - it's the same basic idea as the missing dependencies issue. Just have the editor open before you try opening the map in question.


Mac Users

Installation Tutorial for Mac Users

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