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Mar. 20/18

DaveSpectre122 now has released 3 missions of his campaign Alarak's Conquest.  Be sure to check it out and give feedback here.

Jan. 15/18
Edhriano has released a new custom campaign Noir : Ascension. Be sure to check it out and if you want give feedback or simply just wants to talk about it you can do it at the forum

Dec 02/17
Edhriano has released a new custom campaign Noir : Evolution. Be sure to check it out and if you want give feedback or simply just wants to talk about it you can do it at the forum.

Oct. 17/17
Jones313 is working on a project called Quagmire

Sept. 27/17
Edhriano has released the final map of his Noir : Automata campaign. If you want to give feedback or simply just wants to talk about it you can do it at the forum.

July 23/17
Knumedia has released the first 3 (out of 6 planned)missions of his campaign: Twilight of the Exi'kas.  Make sure you try them out.

July 19/17
Dudki has added his 20th mission to his Annhilation Campaign, and has updated some of the old ones.

June 25/17
Both EivinDL and SCStalker have announced that they have begun working on new custom campaigns. EivinDL plans to make a 10 mission RPG with a different hero each mission, while SCStalker hasn't revealed much beyond that it's 10 missions.

June 22/17

CybrosX has released an update to his second mission to his campaign Dawn of Conflict.  Most of the bugs in the first two missions should be fixed, so make sure you check it out.

June 19/17

Cacho56 continues to update his progress on his campaign, showing us the behind the scenes design, ways to keep arcade players from skipping missions, as well as showcasing some UI.  Make sure you've played the first mision Bottleneck, to understand why so many of us can't wait for the full release.

June 18/17
CybrosX has released an update to his second mission to his campaign Dawn of Conflict.  There's still a bug or two, but it is pretty playable as is, and a pretty unique mission.  Make sure you check it out!  

Monthly testing is over, and EDHRIANO has updated the fifth map, Wrath of the Tal'darim, of his Custom Campaign, Noir: Automata.  If you want to play a micro campaign mission as the Tal'darim, this is a great mission for it.  Try it out and make sure you leave some feedback.

DaveSpectre122 has combined many Tal'darim assets to make a fleshed-out Tal'darim SC2 race, and plans to make a campaign once he irons out the bugs in the race.  Play a game vs the AI here and let him know of any bugs not listed on the project page.

Terhonator has released third mission for project Resource Curse. This campaign has unit stats system that is familiar from card games Magic, Faeria and Hearthstone.

Edhriano has released his third project custom campaign "Noir : Automata". Here is the back story - Set 2 years after the final event of Legacy of the Void. The three race now living peacefully. But it all change when the Purifiers reprogram the Spear of Adun and attack the protoss capital, killing all the Twilight Council members. The survivors of the war join together under the Alliance Command Council [ACC] and fight back the purifiers one battle field at a time. Make sure to leave feedback directly Here.

PowercoreX64 has begun work on his Vorazun Campaign.  Check it out!!  Here is the back story - It is a time of great peace. 2 years have passed since the destruction of Amon. The Terran Dominion have been fighting against the Defenders of Man. The Zerg Swarm have been infesting worlds close to Char. The Protoss have been rebuilding their once great civilization. However, some provinces have gone dark. Some templar say this is the work of their Nerazim brothers.

Rock the Cabinet 2017: Co-op Edition! Blizzard is asking mapmakers to design their own Co-op Mission. There are prizes for the top 10 entries, including 1st place taking home $10,000 and having their entry incorporated into an all-new Co-op Mission that anyone will be able to play. There is also a co-op guidelines documentdescribing some of Blizzard's design philosophies that you should follow.

CybrosX has released the first mission pack for his Wrath of the Tal'darim campaign, featuring custom voice-acting, high-quality cinematics, research points that allow you to upgrade your army in later missions, and custom models! Download it HERE.

Happy New Year!!  Lots of changes happening to Mapster.  Apologies for broken links and lack of news of late.  Hopefully, we will be back on track soon!!

Project of Operative7646 StarCraft 2 Redux: Heart of the Swarm listed to actively in production campaigns page. Test it and give some feedback!

Saintswarcy has released his first co-op mission "Boots on the Ground" for his Cerebus Files campaign. It is available now on the arcade - just search for "Boots on the Ground". You can play with a friend or solo. Also, make sure to leave feedback directly on the Arcade page or here.

Jayborino released the first video in his SC2 custom campaign retrospective series, covering EivindL's Crimson Moon campaign. The purpose of this series is to give a brief rundown of custom campaigns. This is meant to review both the good and the bad to raise awareness for the custom campaign scene and help folks decide which ones they want to play. View the series here.

After quite a long hiatus, Antioch Remastered v.2.0 has been released, brought to you by Team Antioch! This update contains massive volume of changes. The most notable is that the campaign now supports Mass Recall v. 6—. This update also includes numerous cosmetic updates, balances changes, and other miscellany. Download Antioch Remastered V2.

Saintswarcry has begun work on his ambitious Coop campaign Cerebus Files. It will include 6 linear story missions, bonus epilogue mission, play side by side with a friend, custom units, cooperate with different strategies to best complete your objectives. The campaign takes place between Legacy of the Void and the Nova campaign. The intended release: Christmas 2016 on SC2 Arcade. Be sure to check out his page and lend him our support!!

Hand of Humanity campaign contains 30 missions now.

LucidIguana of Team Antioch has an interview with GameDev Cafe. Check it out!! Interview

New maps have been released for Evolution of the Swarm, Odyssey, Shadow of Liberty, Hand of Humanity, Time Convergence, Marauders!, The Cerberus Files,and Annihilation. All of these campaigns are in progress and looking for feedback, so get to it!

Be sure to check out and subscribe to Jayborino's YouTube Channel and DeltronLive's YouTube Channel. They are big supporters of the CCI and the custom scene in general.

I know Coop isn't Sc2 canon, but I can't resist!! Check out the user-created mutation contest for Coop. Mutation Contest. I can't wait to play one of the five!

Also, if you are an old veteran of the editor or a timid newcomer, then your insight/thoughts/complaints/demands/wishful thinking are needed!! Blizzard has just released some interesting new features for the editor and is soliciting suggestions for other improvements. Now is the time to throw things at them!! Don't let up and make sure to like the posts!! SC2 Editor Improvements

The Oracle released 'pre-alpha' footage of his Legacy of the Confederation remake for StarCraft 2. The original LotC was a very popular custom campaign for StarCraft 1 and this remake of it has been very long awaited and highly anticipated!

Starcraft: Mass Recall Legacy Edition is now LIVE. SCMR is the original six Brood War campaigns remade using the Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor! Many years in the making, version 6.0+ is the Legacy of the Void release containing a number of polishes, bug fixes, and new assets.

More of a MMORPG than a single player campaign, but StarCraft Universe (now fully released) is a story-driven experience that features a plethora of custom assets and models, saved character progression, and professional voice-acting! Choose between 6 classic StarCraft unit classes and try to survive in an alternate timeline where Kerrigan was not spared at the end of Wings of Liberty! In Utter Darkness occurred and now only remnants of Terran and Protoss exist in the wake of Amon and the hybrid. Free to play on the Arcade (only Starter Edition required). Follow Jayborino, Deltron, and Azothan as they attempt to tackle this unforgiving universe on Twitch (when streaming) and on YouTube.

Gradius, the famed author of Subjection, has begun work on his Zerg campaign, Origins. Origins is a zerg campaign and prequel to StarCraft 1 played from the perspective of Senior Cerebrate Daggoth, the Overmind's right hand and greatest Cerebrate. It features a focus on accurate voice acting replicating the feel of StarCraft 1, high quality terrain, a new early Zerg tech tree, and expanding the other underdeveloped characters in the swarm. Fourteen missions are currently planned.He has released three playable missions and is looking for feedback.

PowercoreX64 has begun work on his Shadow of Liberty campaign. Story setting is as follows: The Feral Zerg have reappeared by attacking several Dominion worlds. No one knows why the Zerg have all of a sudden become so aggressive. Arcturus himself assigned General King's forces to set up orbital defenses in high orbit above Castanar to push the Zerg back. Arcturus also ordered Victor Von to assist General King in his defense, and any rebels they may in counter. Make sure to play and leave feedback!!

Spellbound7 has done an interview with Bilxor on making his Lifeforce campaign. Check it out!!
Interview with Bilxor

Another campaigns has been started in June!! Such a great month. Starcraft: Ascendency by newcomer Atticuskirk, takes place during the two-year time span between the end of the "Amon's Fall" mission and the "Homecoming" cinematic, covering what happened to Kerrigan during this period (and why it took 2 years for her to return). This campaign will likely be between 10 and 15 missions, and missions will be released every few weeks. Atticuskirk has finished his first mission and is trucking on! Be sure to support him and leave feedback!!

June has been a busy month for Custom Campaigns!! Newcomer to the CCI, Rodentwearinghat, has started working on his Limpid Campaign. He has completed his 1st mission and is looking for testers and feedback. Rodentwearinghat is also a former Warcraft 3 campaigner so he has some background in our scene. Welcome!!

The first creator has returned!! AegisRunestone!! He was the first mapmaker to host a custom campaign on Sc2Mapster. Welcome the return of our wayward 1st-born! Be sure to check out his old maps Rise of a New Agent that I believe he will be updating and adding new and exciting features to them.

Knusmedia has released 80%ish of his We who bask in the twilight campaign. He has 5 missions completed and is working on the final mission. This campaign follows recently appointed Matriarch Vorazun on her quest to liberate a crumbling Nerazim society and rebuild it. She'll face many familiar dangers in her path to victory, but win she shall. This campaign, in order to recreate the Nerazim charisma, focuses largely on lateral thinking, exploiting enemy weakness, and using what some may consider "dirty tricks" Be prepared.

GnaReffotsirk is back working on his custom campaign Survivors. Here is a link to a youtube of his 1st mission and a discussion/feedback thread on Sc2Mapster. GnaReffotsirk also has an excellent single-mission map called, The Signal, which you should check out!! Be sure to leave feedback and show your support in the forums on his map pages!!

Hultmanable has release an 10 mission completed campaign called Starcraft: Replicant. The story is as follows: This is a time of peace and prosperity for the Protoss people. Five years have past since Amon, the dark god was defeated. Since that time the rebuilding of Aiur has begun. Even though there is peace between the three races it is a fragile peace at best and now strange attacks has been reported through Aiur. Some Protoss report that the attacks are the work of.. The Dominion. Go play it!! Leave feedback and critiques on his main page or on his feedback thread. GLHF!


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