Achievement Guide/Episode II Achievement Guide

Episode II - Dark Vengeance

Protoss01 - Return to Aiur

  1. Return to Aiur - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Need a Hand? - Rescue the Terran's within 10 minutes once found (Norm/Hard) - The most effective way to complete this achievement is to send Zeratul and Zeratul alone.  He is cloaked and the most defensive unit you have.  Be sure you still have a Dark Shrine active or at least, you saved, if this fails of course.  Proceed north but hug the southern border.  Make sure you have leveled to 3 so he has Shadow Walk (Blink) and warp across whenever you find yourself in trouble with Zerg.  Trying Blink directly across the base would be a poor decision due to the 8 second cooldown and heavy zerg resistance and plentiful detectors awaiting you.  Hug the trees north to reach the Commander and this achievement is yours.
  3. Revenge of the Nerazim - Secure the stasis cells within 30 minutes once found (Hard) - This achievement is made easier if you did A canon from Episode 1, as you will also have the Commander and his team as allies, but don't fret if you don't, because its still doable without him.  You do NOT need to destroy the north Zerg base, but it helps.  You only need to destroy all the Zerg in a wide area around the stasis cells for victory.  Knowing this, you need three things.  Zeratul, a ton of Zealots/Dragoons/Archons, and Observers.  Ensure the Observers are always available because there are a lot of Lurkers present and without them, victory is impossible.  Once they are dealt with, its a simple matter of cleanup.  If your base is getting destroyed don't worry, your only priority is securing those cells.  Alternatively, you can relocate your base directly into the stasis cells and build pylons/photon cannons there to defend while you secure them.

Protoss02 - Hung Jury

  1. Hung Jury - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Through the Shadows - Bring Zeratul back to the Protoss base without taking any health damage (Norm/Hard) - As the name might suggest, stealth is your key here.  While Zeratul has a healthy 400 shield buffer, it can rapidly deplete here if you fail.  The best way to get this is actually if you have acquired enough artifacts to get Master Nerazim Cloaking.  Then your shields will rapidly recover when cloaked.  This allows Zeratul to perform hit and run tactics and makes the 1st part of this mission and the achievement MUCH easier.  If you didn't get this, and want a challenge, you'll have to be more stealthy.  Avoid direct confrontation because you'll likely have to deal with a Science Vessel detecting you.  Blink as much as possible across enemies and to Missile Turrets to snipe them out.  Other than that, SAVE SAVE SAVE.
  3. Counterstrike - Once in control of the Protoss base, destroy both command center's within 15 minutes (Hard) - In order to pull this achievement off, you need to have Zeratul have fully, and I mean fully, destroyed just about EVERY Terran unit by himself except the two mercenary bases at the north west and south west corners of the map.  That allows you full rein of the map when you regain control.  You should IMMEDIATELY expand north with a Nexus and build as many probes as you can.  You need as much resources as 10 minutes can give you.  You need Zealots, Zealots, and...Zealots.  They will be your frontal assault fodder while Zeratul and Eredas deal the finishing blows on the Commander Center.  Hopefully you still have some Corsairs left, if you don't build at least 2.  When the 10 minute mark is up once Zeratul returns, unleash hell on the southern or northern base, but use the Corsair's Disruption Web on the bunkers/Tanks, to allow the Zealots to cut through.  Then focus fire them all on the Command Centers, or anything that moves.  Zeratul/Eredas should focus fire on ONLY the CC, and Eredas should fire his Shadow Cannon on the Command Center of course.   It should go down fast, leave a few zealots to ensure it doesn't get rebuilt, then move quickly out of the base (not north/south so you don't deal with the troops in between the bases) then go to the other one, and rinse/repeat.  With luck, you'll defeat the other one just under the 15 minute mark.  You'll likely need a few saves here to be victorious.  Don't forget, Eredas can take a punch.  Especially from Tanks.  Don't be afraid to use him.

Protoss03 - Nemesis

  1. Nemesis - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Executive Order - Destroy 150 units with Selendis alone (Norm/Hard) - Nothing special about this one, but you need to let Selendis solo to win this.  And solo she can, as she has a heck of a lot of vitality.  Her interceptors are a tad more powerful than standard interceptors, allowing them to survive and dish out more damage than regular carriers.  Not to mention, she has her mighty Incineration Beam.  While its a single target weapon, it will do area of effect damage on the target, which can take out a few units, like in Bunkers.  You should have no issues getting this as long as you don't mind letting Selendis get out once in a while.  Just watch out for Hydralisks, Marines, and Scourges.   While she is tanky, she can go down with enough enemies focus firing on her.
  3. No Crystal For You! - Do not let a single SCV harvest a Khaydarin crystal (Hard) - This achievement essentially means you can't let a dropship get an SCV over to the khaydarin crystal patch.  You are only warned and given vision of them when they are 40-50% on the way there, so its in your best interest to gain map control of the mission early with observers or photon cannons.  If you can secure the north, central, and south portions of the map, you should have no issues here.  If you let a dropship slip by and you have no scouts or corsairs to take it out, its over for this achievement.

Protoss04a - Desperate Measures

  1. Desperate Measures - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Dark Forces - Do not let a single elite Protoss unit die (Norm/Hard) - A significant handicap, the best way to get this achievement is to let Zeratul/Eredas do most of the fighting for you.  If you've leveled Zeratul to his max by this point, he should be more than capable of fighting, but let him heal.  Master Nerazim Cloaking is almost a must for this.  Master Shadow Walk is also extremely helpful to get a few hits in while he is "invulnerable".   Otherwise Eredas is helpful to tank.  Use your elite units to help mop up surrounding units but don't let them go in first.
  3. Mind over Matter - Destroy all Khaydarin crystals within 30 minutes (Hard) - There's a few ways to go about doing this.  You can rush attack zerg with your heroes while the dark archon rushes to each crystal and then take all your units at the end to destroy the final 4 crystals to break the final barrier, but you'll be re-loading a lot when your heroes die or when your archon dies.  Instead, you can also take the east path first instead of west. Then choose to kill the Ulrezaj spy to gain access to the Shuttles.  Take the shuttle and have the Dark Archon get on it.  Now you have a mobile Dark Archon.  Bring Eredas along for the ride.  If you're sneaky enough you can drop Eredas first to tank while the Dark Archon breaks the crystal, which of course will freeze the rest of the zerg.  Rinse repeat for all crystals except the final one, but you'll have MORE than enough time with all your units intact and time for hit and run tactics.  Either method will require some saves to time this out.

Protoss04b - Turnabout

  1. Turnabout - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Hunters of the Night - Destroy 20 enemies within 60 seconds using Zeratul and/or Mohandar. (Norm/Hard) - This can actually be done right at the start of the mission if you've leveled Zeratul high enough.  Mohandar has access to a lesser version of Shadow Fury, which allows him to blink around and attack units.  Zeratul can create a shadow clone to tank for him.  With this, Zeratul and Mohandar can go to town while enemies are busy on the clone just east of their starting position.  There are just about 20 enemies between the two bunker fortifications east and if you only send Zeratul and Mohandar, and don't take a breath, you'll get this.  Otherwise, there are other opportunities before you meet Schezar, but avoid using other units to defeat enemies or you won't get this.
  3. Allied Strike - Destroy all Zerg Hives, Lairs, and/or Hatcheries within 20 minutes once Schezar is found. (Hard) - Forcing your hand to take the harder of the two "victory" options, this achievement name hints at your solution, take all your allies and GO with Schezar's forces, combining them into 1 large force.  You may remember this solution from Warcraft 3 when you needed to do this with Grom's forces with Thrall's, if you played the mission on hard.  Same deal here.  As Schezar's troops are expendable though, make sure you stay in the back but deal as much damage as possible.  Once Schezar's troops are gone, your only job at that point is to focus fire on the Hatcheries.  You should be able to fully clear the south east base, and the north west bases.  The far north base is too strong to take alone, so hopefully Schezar sends another wave before the 20 minutes are up to help you out.  Otherwise, suicide run with Zeratul and slice and dice your way in.  And yes, his base will fall during this time, let it.

Protoss05a - The Gauntlet

  1. The Gauntlet - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Brutality - Destroy the Brutalisk before reaching the abandoned Dominion structures (Norm/Hard) - This can be done as soon as you meet the Brutalisk.  In fact, its preferred before you hit more renegade Zerg or UED forces.   However, if you cluster your forces together it just makes it easy picking for the Brutalisk.  He has completely unfair stats in 1v1 combat, but you have a small army, so make sure you use that to your advantage.  You can briefly stun him with Void Prison and Graviton Beam, so use it as much as possible.  Advanced Void Prison will help here if you have it for the cooldown reduction.  If you have Zeratul leveled to max, he will have his ultimate, Shadow Strike, for a clean 500 damage, so use that whenever possible.   Once down, you will automatically be victorious for that area!  Be warned, however, there are two artifacts to be found here that will be lost if you do this...
  3. 100 Meter Dash - Reach the Protoss comms beacon within 3 minutes once found (Hard) - Honestly one of the easier achievements if you've leveled Zeratul, you need to slice your way through the renegade zerg and its colonies and bring all three heroes to the beacon.  Eredas is your weakest link since he's slow and has no blink.  However he is a tank and use him as such, simply have Zeratul hack his way through and have Eredas follow.  Ignore any other Zerg that follow him, and you should easily reach the Beacon by the 3 minute mark.

Protoss05b - The Old Enemy

  1. The Old Enemy - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Zeratul Jones - Activate all obelisks within 10 minutes (Norm/Hard) - This achievement forces you to abandon any defense of your base and focus all your attention to escaping Braxis, by activating all the beacons in the temple.  Don't let Mohandar die, however, but don't worry about building your base, just throw up a few defenses, but ignore the base mostly.  If it dies, so be it, just let Mohandar fly around out of sight.  You can't proceed through the temple in certain areas without activating certain beacons so make sure Zeratul blinks as much as possible to each beacon.  If you already have played the missions, you can avoid picking up the artifacts and just focus on the beacons.  Schezar is a strong tank here and his missiles can whack a lot of area damage on the Zerg, just make sure he doesn't go too trigger happy (and by he I mean you) and destroys himself!  You should reach the Guardian final beacon easily by the 8 or so minute mark.  If Zeratul has Shadow Fury unleash all hell upon them as fast as possible.  You can't activate the final beacon until they are all dead, so ensure they go down fast!
  3. Scorched Earth - Destroy all Zerg and UED structures (Hard) - Completely contrary to the last achievement, this one wants you to ignore the temple and escaping Braxis and focus entirely on your base building and destroying both enemy bases.  This is made harder by the fact you can't build heavy air weapons.  However, if you choose the Colossus option last mission, this is MUCH easier as you can build these nasty beasts from your robotics facility and lay waste to the Zerg and terran infantry.  Be careful on the mini-bossses of Kerigan and Duran who periodically will assist their armies attacking you.  They have some abilities against you and some stronger stats than what you saw in BW, but not by much.  Once they are critical, they will cloak, and flee back to their base.  You can never defeat them, eventually they will flee the map if you defeat the Zerg base.  There are numerous expansions for you to take, so once the Zerg is done for, simply mop up the UED for this sweet and satisfying achievement to be yours...oh yeah, and then I guess escape the planet.

Protoss06a - Showdown (A Canon)

  1. Showdown (A Canon) - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. S.H.I.E.L.D - Restore 1000 shields to units within 10 seconds (Norm/Hard) - This seems like an easy one, but is actually quite tricky to attain.  Obviously this MUST be done when the EMP is activated at any one of the intervals when your shields and energy is depleted.  You need to have a plethora of shield batteries on hand in your base and it is ideal to have flying units since there is no restrictions to how many units can be there at once to get restored.  Carriers work nice due to their high shield pool.  You'll need at least 10-15 carriers hovering over at least lets say 15-20 batteries because the batters will target ANYTHING first without shields.  You only have 10 seconds for this, so its too fast to manually target the carriers.  Or, move everything you don't want healed out of the way.  If you choose to get the Nerazim Shield Batteries back in Protoss02, this becomes a bit easier (as does this mission in general) due to the extra range and higher shield pool from the batteries).  You should just have enough with this to reach the requirement of 1000 shields restored.  Take THAT EMP!  Science Bitch!
  3. Blood Debt - Kill Schezar within 15 minutes once found. (Hard) - The Commander is none too pleased Schezar is alive, the man who is responsible for Gui being murdered, assuming he is there.  Either way, you need to take him out in 15 minutes not from when the Commander notices him, but from when Selendis does, at the beginning of the mission, and from when his boss icon is placed.  To make matters here tricky, if you start to approach here he is, in a small outpost, a dropship will pick him up and bring him to the primary large Terran base, where he becomes completely out of reach without a massive attack.  Making the 15 minute timer nearly impossible.  So the goal is thus take him out or the dropship out before that happens.  But the Commander is a little too hot-headed and will send his troops to get him before the mark is up, which will force the dropship to happen, whether you are ready or not.  So its more like 10-12 minutes you need to do something.   Oh arrogance...Your best bet is honestly have Zeratul walk ALL the way around the map, mind control the dropship, void prison Schezar, void armor yourself, then go to town on him.  He has A LOT of health and damage here, but you should be able to cause enough damage, especially if you have Shadow Blade, and Essence of Adun, to cause enough damage before you need to retreat to take him out assassin style.

Protoss06b - Showdown (B Canon)

  1. Showdown (B Canon) - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Pushover - Defeat Ulrezaj within 30 seconds once engaged (Norm/Hard) - This achievement can be done at ANY time Ulrezaj attacks you, not just the 1st time, although this can be done the 1st time as well to get it over with.  Obviously it becomes easier the more time passes in the mission however.  Ulrezaj is a decent "boss" type unit, and rightfully so.  He has impressive stats, nasty attacks, and abilities that can disable multiple units at a time.  The best way to take him out is from a distance or from massive units rushing him, or both.  Zeratul is also decent at 1v1 against him, but also don't forget about Selendis' Incineration Beam, which can knock off 800 health from him, twice in fact if she has full energy.  While 1600 damage won't kill him, it's better than nothing.  Combine that with 1 or 2 Shadow Strikes and you already have done about 2500 damage just with heroes.  Use mass carriers, reavers, colossus if you have them, and it should go down within 30 seconds.
  3. Purification - Destroy all Zerg structures. (Norm/Hard) - Arguably the most difficult achievement for Episode 2, you need to destroy EVERY Zerg structure before the timer is up.  Notice you don't need to destroy every Protoss structure, so just the north west enemies, but also some zerg colonies are present in the north and south centers.  Still in the heat of battle this is time consuming when time is against you.  Mass Carriers is still the way to go here as it has been against the Zerg, just watch out for scourges and hydralisks.


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