Enslavers Redux Gameplay Guide/Episode IV (Epilogue) Strategy Guide


Campaign Overview

Story Prologue: This three-mission episode culminates the past three campaigns you completed by having your primary hero complete 1 final mission using all of their stats, bonuses, and abilities you've collected thus far.  Shortly after Ulrezaj was imprisoned with Zamara within the Khaydarin crystal on Ehina, Kerrigan collected her remaining zerg and began to find clues onto who Duran actually is and what the future entails with his Hybrids soon being able to run loose upon the sector.  She instructed her swarm to find any traces of the hybrid which led her to a colonist settlement world, and oddly, the Dominion. 

Yet upon that world an old ally of Kerrigan's, when she was human, was there trying to right the wrongs the Dominion has been causing - The Commander.  Although his promise to his crew of settling down outside of Dominions pace and living peacefully was made years ago, the Commander knew he couldn't stand by while Mengsk and his Dominion guard reined down terror on the sector once again.  Having formed his own rag-tag militia of freedom fighters to liberate civilians when possible, he found his way on a colonits world enslaved by the Dominion attempting to save civilians from being slaughtered by the Dominion.  Unknown to him, the Queen of Blades was on her way to find the source of the Hybrid signal on that world, and an old friend to both of them was about to be caught up in the middle.  

Zeratul meanwhile had already begun his own journey into what the Hybrid threat meant after having traveled to the world Zamara had shown him, Pegasus.  When he arrived, the Dark Prelate came across a Xel'naga temple.  Soon after approaching, the temple hatched and released an energy creature.  Fascinated, Zeratul followed the newborn creature into space to a gathering of similar creatures. They began moving faster and grew increasingly bright. In a blast of light, they disappeared, leaving a wormhole, through which Zeratul could see a glimpse of a single world. Overcome by curiosity, Zeratul began to move into the wormhole, knowing that whatever was on the other side would change everything...


Hero Overview

The Commander                                Kerrigan                                Zeratul                                    
The Commander         Kerrigan             Kerrigan

You will have access to The Commander, Kerrigan, and Zeratul, in 1 mission in the epilogue campaign, for the Terran, Zerg, and Protoss missions, respectively.  The hero will have every ability and "level" you have thus acquired in their respective campaign.   In addition, you will have access to every "Wings of Liberty" type unit, which is mostly a bonus for the Terran and Protoss missions as you had most of the Zerg already by the end of Kerrigan's campaign.   There is no more secrets to find or plot choices to make.  You simply must complete the mission and win any achievements you want.  


Commander Face              Kerrigan Unit                 Zeratul Unit


Plot Choices

There are NO further plot choices in these missions.  Each mission is a culimation of whatever decision you made prior.  The gameplay, therefore, can change based on certain paths you took, whether you went the A or B path for a different hero build or which extra unit(s)/bonus(s) you may have chosen along the way.  Different combinations can assist in different situations!


Mission Overview

Epilogue01 - The Price of Freedom

  • Race: Terran
  • Hero Available: The Commander
  • In this mission, you find yourself back in control of the Commander.   If you've missed him, you'll find he has all the same powerups (total Palladium/Iridum + any weapons/items found) you last had in your most recent playthrough of Episode 1. 
  • Since timeline wise we're now very close to the beginning of Wings of Liberty in SC2, the Commander's army has undergone some major update to the build, namely, most mechanics now follow SC2 parameters (movements, flags, types, unit speeds, etc), supply depots can lower, Barracks/Factory/Starport can build Tech Labs/Reactors and each and go to the them interchangeably, Battlecruiser attack damage/speed, and many more.   However, some "special" units that you acquired during your Episode 1 playthrough won't automatically be here unless you indeed acquired them.  These include: Perdition Turrets/Predators, Hellions/Banshee's, Marauders/Vikings.   Your drops of Siege Tanks, Medics, and Dragon Knight (Dragoon elite)/Red Adder (Diamondback elite) are also available if you acquired them.  Uniquely for B-canon however, you can build regular Diamondbacks simply if you completed B-canon on your last plathrough having kept that Dominion technology.  Some of these depend on if you did A/B canon and what choices you made.  You can't have them all, if you got them all, its whichever playthrough option you did last.  Note that you will still maintain all your Starcraft 1 units and their upgrades (some come pre-loaded...medic/marines), so you are free to continue to build Goliaths, Wraiths, Vultures, etc.  Sadly, Valkyrie's are never available to build for the Commander as he never was around to acquire that UED tech)
  • Once you get control of your base, you'll find Raynor has already secured the dropship zone.  Your goal is to get at least 50 civilians to the beacon there.  You automatically start with 30 at your base, so you need to save at least 20 more.  There are just over 100 civilians in total around the map.  The rest are all hiding in different locations around the map.  When you approach a zone with a civilian, you will be alerted you need to clear the area of enemies.  Once done, they will come out of hiding for rescue.  Be warned...if a civilian dies, they die.  Keep them alive at all costs!
  • You get three types of ground transports...basic, military, APC.  Basic is the fastest, but light on health/armor.  Military has modest armor and a small gun turret to fend off attacks, but moves a bit slower than the Basic version.  The APC is the heaviest armored version, but moves the slowest.  Use the transports you feel works best, but remember if they die with civilians inside, they all die.   
  • TIP - If  you try and "cheat" by using dropships in this map, the Adjutant will alert you to high concentrations of Zerg scourges in the area that have been picking off dropships.  Any dropships that area in the area will have constant scourges attempt to bomb them out of the sky.  It is your choice if you want to risk death by having a heavy air support around them to fend them off while you air lift civilians to safety or stay on the ground for ground transport only.
  • While Raynor does a decent job of holding his ground at the dropship zone, he will come under constant attack by the Dominion to retake the area.  If things become too dicey for him, he may request your help.  Be sure you clear a path to the area to give him the resources he needs.  If the dropship itself becomes under attack, Raynor will pilot the Hyperion for a final defense support.  However, while the Hyperion is incredibly powerful and can take a beating, if it dies, the mission will fail.
  • Zerg will spawn continuously to strike at your starting position from the south passage, the east passage, and the west caverns.  You can setup defenses to stop them but you cannot prevent them from spawning.
  • Soon into the mission, Kerrigan will arrive to support her zerg.  When this happens, Valerian will activate one of Arcturus' "weapons" he's been hoarding, a high powered laser.  From this point, the laser can randomly attack and kill either a zerg or one of your units at high range (not unlimited) if it wanders too close.  If units get up close and personal to the laser, it will rapidly attack.  Try and take out the laser for an achievement! (be warned...the Dominion won't like you doing that) 
  • Once Kerrigan arrives, she will order drop pods to begin penetrating your base from her Leviathan in orbit around Umoja.  Drop pods cannot be stopped and will always carry a creep tumor with them, alongside a small payload of zerg ground warriors of Zerglings, Hydralisks, or Roaches.  You need to keep a healthy supply of bunkers/siege tanks within your base to weather their attacks.  The drop pods will not follow your army, but will spawn again if you try and setup a new base near a mineral field....and in larger numbers.
  • Kerrigan will occasionally try and attack your base with her attack waves.  Regardless of your previous build with her, she will have stats similar to her Wings of Liberty, health at 1000, range/melee attacks strong at 50+,  and coming equipped with the "Force Shield" behavior (originally the icon was hidden in WOL, I'm showing it here).  Force Shield negates all damage to 10 like hardened shield, and reduces spells to 50% damage.  She'll attack like she does in WOL, using Razor Swarm on occasion and Imploding your mechanical/air units....be sure to mass attack her with marines but watch out for her storms.  The Commander will be helpful here with his abilities.
  • Sometime deep into the mission, Arcturus will remotely order his second destructive weapon without Valerian's approval, endless nuclear barrages.  The first nuclear attack will come from within your starting base location's, and after that, will be triggered randomly depending on your armies movements throughout the map.  There are several "hot-zones" in the map that will trigger a random roll of the dice.  If unlucky, a nuclear launch will trigger, forcing  you to re-locate your troops.  The higher the difficulty you play on, the higher percentage a launch will occur.  The launches are designated by a red nuclear icon in-game but they cannot be stopped.  No ghost can be detected or killed, you must simply avoid or weather the attack.
  • TIP: Once you've cleared the north east passage to the droppoint, always load civilians to the ship as you rescue them.  Keeping them around is a liability you can't afford.  If they die, its on you.  Once they make it to the beacon, they become invulnerable and are permanently loaded onto the ship.
  • After you've secured enough civilians at the droppoint, a popup will appear asking if you want to launch.  You can choose to wait if you want to go for the achievement to get 100 civilians, which is near close to all of them on the map.  If more than a few civilians have died already, don't bother doing this and just click the button to end the mission.
  • WINGS OF LIBERTY CONNECTIONS - There are three links here at the conclusion victory scene that setup Wings of Liberty.
    • First - Arcturus realizes Kerrigan still holds an emotional link to Raynor as he watches her not pursue him from his vantage point on Korhal.  He believes he can use this to his advantage to his overall goal of taking her out, which he believes to be his ultimate enemy.  (He becomes more and more obsessed with preparing for her inevitable urge to kill him from WOL to HOTS, especially after Findley fails).  Arcturus realizes Raynor would never have the stomach to kill Kerrigan, the woman he used to love, if he had the chance to, even though she's given him the opportunity plenty of times.   He decides to activate his "ace in the hole", a trusted friend of Raynor's turned prisoner - Tychus Findley.  Raynor trusts Findley implicitly, but with his finger on the trigger to kill him if he acts out of turn, Findley would be Mengsk's man on the inside for Raynor's rebel group.  It would only be a matter of time between Raynor and Kerrigan meet again.  And when the time was right, Findley would betray Raynor to kill Kerrigan for him if Raynor didn't.   And...if he was lucky...Findley might even get to kill Raynor, the thorn in his side, himself, and end his incessant rebellion against him his Dominion rule.  Arcturus makes the call... 
    • Second - We see how Duran acquired the persona of Narud.  Narud starts off as a real person, Dr.Laurent, who really did start the Moebius foundation for benevolent reasons to help Terrans.  Getting assistance from Duran on the side, they gained the Dominion's attention with their work on incredible science beyond what anyone else could do.  Multiple facilities are constructed with Moebius' help, most famous of which was Castanar for the "Hybrid Research Program", where Arcturus thought he could use a Hybrid he found to power Terran weapon-systems under his control.  They also helped build Skygeirr Station together (under Duran's recommendations to Dr. Laurent, failing to mention there was a series of corrupted xel'naga temples underneath) where the most perverse projects were done in the name of "weapons" research; not the least of which was finding, torturing, and experimenting the resurrected UED Admiral Alexei Stukov, much to Duran's delight.  (During this time, Stukov learned about Duran's true identity, his ability to morph into Narud as time went on, as well as his connection to Amon).   When their main Dominion backed facility on Umoja was compromised, Duran couldn't risk his work in Moebius being lost or Dr. Laurent betraying him, so he killed him and revealed his ability to morph into his form and take his place, taking the reins of Moebius directly to serve his needs.  Erasing all files on Laurent, he re-created his dossier to reflect a Dr. Emil Narud instead to cut all ties to the real doctor.  Later, everyone who knew the doctor would be killed, making Narud's secret intact.  This begs the question....was Samir Duran a real person before we met him in Brood War... 
    • Thirdly - We see Raynor distraught, mostly at himself, for being unable to fulfill his promise to personally kill Kerrigan for herself killing so many of his friends, namely the Protoss Fenix he became so close with in the Brood War and recently "The Commander".   Unsure what to do next, he ordered the Hyperion to keep its distance from him as he needed time to think.  Raynor went to his old home in Mar Sara and took his personal ops transport there.  As he sat in the hanger, Raynor thought to himself of his hatred for himself, but even more so, his hatred for Arcturus for turning Kerrigan into what she is today.  Raynor's accomplished a few guerrilla strikes against the Dominion here and there, but never a full-scale revolution uprising against Mengsk's rule.  If Jim couldn't stop Kerrigan, maybe the time was right to stop Mengsk once and for all and help those people he could...a lesson his old friend the Magistrate from Mar Sara taught him.  Still...he needed a drink to sort this out.  And Matt Horner knew exactly the first place he'd stop.   Joey Ray's bar...

Epilogue02 - Veil of Oblivion

  • Race: Zerg
  • Hero Available: Kerrigan - Queen of Blades
  • In t

Epilogue03 - A Fated Path

  • Race: Protoss
  • Hero Available: Zeratul
  • In  


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