Achievement Guide/Episode III Achievement Guide

Episode III - Twilight Falls

Zerg01 - Chain of Command

  1. Chain of Command - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Protective Mother - Don't let Zagara's cocoon take a single point of damage (Norm/Hard) - You need to be able to form a massive defensive perimeter around the cocoon comprised of Sunken and Spore colonies along with Lurkers for good measure.  Make sure the perimeter is far enough away from the cocoon that no enemies can break through.  If they get close enough to the cocoon they will ignore your other units and focus fire on it.
  3. Baneling Wars - Destroy 100 enemy units within 60 seconds of each other using only banelings (Hard) - A fun achievement but harder than you may think.  In order to cause the massive destruction needed here you need to find enough enemies in one location that you can exploit to banelings as well as have enough banelings to cause that damage.  Once you think you found that spot and unleash your banelings, if you don't see the achievement flash up, you mays well reload and try again.  The best location is going to be towards the end of the map when you approach the Cerebrate and it unleashes Nydus Worms, draw those enemies it spawns down and mix it with your baneling forces as you invade the southern base.  Every ground enemy in that base combined with the ground enemies above should be enough to achieve this.  You can also go full suicidal and make an insane amount of banelings and go to town on every enemy base which should be more than enough, but you need A LOT of banelings to pull that off, like most of your food supply.

Zerg02 - Moth to the Flame

  1. Moth to the Flame - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Grey Skies - Destroy the Grey Tiger within 10 minutes once located (Norm/Hard) - While the Dominion has a decent force you can't rush in unprepared, you can focus fire down the Grey Tiger using Hydralisks, Mutalisks, and Kerrigan herself.  However be prepared for the Grey Tiger to order a focus fire of his own on Kerrigan once she approaches the Battlecruiser.  
  3. Eviction Notice - Destroy any SCV attempting to lock a gate down within 30 seconds (Hard) - This one can be tricky because once you get notified and pinged of a new SCV locking down a gate control, you are already behind and have 30 seconds to get your butt over there to stop it.  The best way to win this achievement is prevent the SCV from even reaching the gate control to begin with.  That means you need to stay ahead of the curve and take out the controls before an SCV can get to it.  Mutalisks are the best, and potentially only, way to ensure you maintain map control of this as they can snipe the SCV and get around the mercenary defenses.

Zerg03 - Crossroads

  1. Crossroads - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Can't Touch This - Don't let a single Zerg of your army to be killed by Ulrezaj's Nova blast (Norm/Hard) - When there are enemies (yours or the AI) near Ulrezaj he may activate his ultimate ability which instantly destroys any unit near him in a wide radius.  However before he can do this, a timer will appear above his head with an audible beep to count down from 5.  When you hear this beep ensure you pull any unit away from Ulrezaj.  If going for B canon, this isn't a problem at all.  If going for A canon, you're going to need to stagger your attacks on him.
  3. There Can Be Only One - Destroy all Feral Zerg structures (Hard) - This mission is both a feat of strength achievement and a timer achievement since Ulrezaj will eventually reach his destination and you will lose if you take too long.  You have both Zagara and Ethans base to launch your attacks from.  The northern bases from Ethan's position isn't too difficult to take out, but the north base from Zagara's is.  Instead of taking your time trying to destroy base after base with limited resources, wait until you have a 200 supply and oblitterate the bases all at once.  Ulrezaj will take time to reach the gate, but if he's getting past the Dominion base, that's your queue to begin your destruction of all Feral zerg on the map.  Don't forget the feral zerg near the cavern entrance at the beginning of the mission if you failed to get them all!

Zerg04a - A Dark Path

  1. A Dark Path - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Supreme - Defeat Maar solo with Kerrigan (Norm/Hard) - When you are ready to fight Maar, pull all your allied forces north to deal with the Protoss reinforcements coming from both caverns.  This will also distract them enough to not engage Maar.  You won't need them beyond this point but put your Ultralisks/Roaches up front, especially your Brutalisk or Abberations if you got them.  Meanwhile have Kerrigan use her claws to attack Maar which will deal more damage at this point than her Psi Blast and use Mend to soak up damage.  If you wish to use Razor Swarm you can, but you will drain energy fast.  Another tactic is to leap into the center of the Hybrid vats where Maar first appeared and attack range him from there.  You will get a few uninterrupted shots off there before Maar warps near your position.  You can continue to leap away from there and attack him again, and rinse repeat until he dies.  There is no timer here, just need to ensure only Kerrigan attacks Maar.  If any of your allies lands a single blow on Maar, the achievement is lost.
  3. Tomb Raider - Complete the mission within 20 minutes (Hard) - This achievement is best won after you have completed the map.  Once you have acquired 3 of the 4 psi artifacts you won't need to waste your time re-acquiring them, and can proceed to the north west gate at mission start.  You, however, won't be able to get 2 out of 3 ally pickups here, but you can get at least 1 with an Ultralisk.  You should also still get the bonus option of getting a Brutalisk or Abberations as they will help finish the map alive.  Have Kerrigan solo skip past the final blockade with Leap Strike and leave your units safely behind.  Once you reach the gate, they will automatically follow unharmed.  Take out Maar as fast as possible (so use your units if you already got the above achievements) and reach Duran just as fast.  Once the escape portion begins, your ally units are fodder as you should just focus on Kerrigan Leap Striking as fast as possible out of there.  If you leveled up Strength on Kerrigan enough Leap Strike can be used faster and distance traveled farther.  You should easily win the mission < 20 minutes with this method.

Zerg04b - Into the Void

  1. Into the Void - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Special Delivery - Reach the fight with Nyon at, or close to, maximum supply limit. (Norm/Hard) - This achievement can be won mostly by planning your attacks correctly throughout the mission and not losing unnecessary units.  Try building only heavy units like Ultralisks/Guardians/Brood Lords/Corruptors to avoid losing the weak units like zerglings.  You also can wait to get all your bonus zerg till the end by destroying all psi conduits at once.  This will give you a huge boost in allies that you will have.  Most players can achieve beyond 200 supply with this strategy.
  3. Ride of the Swarm - Destroy all Psi Conduits within 20 minutes (Hard) - The achievement name gives away a hint at how to best win this.  Your flyer units can snipe the conduits better than any ground unit can.  You can either use a huge group of mutalisks to accomplish this or a combination of Brood Lords (or Guardians) with Corruptors (or Devourers).  Keep in mind the time limit however so you will need to acquire as much resources as possible and minimize your flyer casualties while you do so.  The most difficult part of this will be the final two conduits which have the powerful AA turrets that will insta kill any unit or group of flyer units near the conduits.  You need to work fast on those before they can do so, or swoop in and destroy the AA gun's first.

Zerg05a - Heart of Darkness

  1. Heart of Darkness - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Infestation - Cover the map with at least 80% creep (Norm/Hard) - Now that you can build creep tumors as your primary method of spreading creep, you can get creep to every corner of the map with little mineral cost, just build a lot of starting Brood Queen's to get your tumors going.  If any new tumor dies, have your Brood Queen spawn a new tumor at the last position of the burrowed tumor to begin the infestation.  Since you have a pseudo time limit in this mission on Hybrids awakening, the more tumors you have spreading the better chance you can get this achievement.
  3. Let Sleeping Hybrids Die - Destroy all Hybrid container cells before they can awaken (Hard) - This achievement is going to rely on your staying ahead of the mission time.  Hybrids will awaken at pre-determined times as you progress in game time.  You can either play the map once to determine which those Hybrids are to take them out faster, or build up a huge force early on to clear the map up.  You can also build a large aerial force such as Mutalisks to snipe the Hybrid containers before the awake timer is up, but beware you have little time to destroy it once the timer and location is revealed to you.

Zerg05a - Shadow of Darkness

  1. Shadow of Darkness - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. It's Not A Tumor! - Never let a shield lock become active again once infested (Norm/Hard) - To acquire this achievement this means you need to always hold a shield lock once its under your control.  If the enemy destroys your forces and the creep recedes, you will lose the lock and this achievement.  This isn't a huge deal for the first lock, but holding three locks at once can get challenging.  Ensure you have a healthy defense on each with Nydus worms for quick support.
  3. I Have No Time For This - Infest all psi locks within 30 minutes (Hard) - One of the more difficult achievements, this can be accomplished one of two ways.  A) Wait to acquire any generator and build up a massive army.  Then unleash them on all of the generators at once while a drone sneaks in to build a hatchery.  Not only will this win the achievement fast but Alarak can't send his forces to defend multiple locks at once, leaving you with only having to deal with him once.  B) Build an agile flyer armada, clear the key area, and use the new spread creep ability from your tumors.  When reinforcements arrive, use your flyers to control the areas as much as possible with Kerrigan on defense (Stewart is a tad too fragile to micro).  You can also win this if you are fast enough conventionally by either taking each lock 1 at a time and building a defensive position with a hatchery and spine/spore defensive towers, or taking 1 lock at a time and then destroying an enemy base along with it to prevent reinforcements, which is a feat itself if you can make it in time, but it will be risky as it is slow and time consuming.  Having a fully evolved Kerrigan will make this much easier to accomplish as she can hold her own against most waves.  Kerrigan will instead be on Mend and Razor Swarm duty.

Zerg06a - Eternity's Void (A Canon)

  1. Eternity's Void (A Canon) - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Willful Servant - Destroy 100 units with Stewart (Norm/Hard) - While a seemingly easy achievement, trying to focus on 1 hero killing enemies amongst everything going on with defending is difficult.  Plop Stewart down near one of the entrances to the Temple with Brood Queens nearby to heal him as needed.  When you can, use his area explosive bomb attack to net you a bunch of Terran kills.  Keep your micro strong with him and you will win this.
  3. The Enemy of My Enemy - Don't let a single void pylon fall to a Terran (Hard) - The key word here is "Terran".  This means when Ulrezaj barrels up the center ramp to the end, he is allowed to destroy the pylons there.  The Terrans...cannot.  Be careful when any of them slip by the south or north entrance they can quickly overwhelm these structures.  The hardest part comes at the final push, you need to ensure not a single enemy makes it up the ramp or keeping a single pylon alive is next to impossible.

Zerg06a - Eternity's Void (B Canon)

  1. Eternity's Void (B Canon) - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Den Mother - Birth 100 units with Zagara (Norm/Hard) - In order to quickly achieve this, you need to hotkey Zagara and ensure you are constantly birthing units when you have the energy and resources.  Simply keep doing this over the course of the mission and you will have won this.
  3. The Best Defense - Destroy 50 enemy structures (Hard) - This achievement is intended to make you break out of your defensive shell and hunt down the enemy.  The best approach here is leveling all of north Protoss with Kerrigan to net you most of what you need, but it won't be enough.  You will also need to take a few structures down with Zagara's base south, but this is far more difficult without Kerrigan's help.  Thus, when north base is fully decimated, consider moving Kerrigan south via Deep Tunnel or a Nydus worm to help destroy some Terran structures to finish up this achievement.  Remember to still keep defensive units north to hold out against Terran reinforcements that spawn.


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