Achievement Guide/Episode IV (Epilogue) Achievement Guide


Enslavers Redux Epilogue

Epilogue01 - The Price of Freedom

  1. The Price of Freedom - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Drill Baby Drill - Destroy the Drakken Laser (Norm/Hard) - The Drakken laser should be familiar to players of Wings of Liberty as an ultra powerful laser turret capable of firing at ultra long ranges.  Unfortunately this time its being targeted at you (and the zerg).  It comes online when Kerrigan arrives and will fire periodically if anyone gets too close to the Dominion base.  Since the dropship is nearby, you can bet it will attack your convoy of civilians.  Since the attacks are random though, you won't know when its going to attack.  So massing units against it is going to be key.  Be warned, however.  While attacks are few and far between, when you get close to it, it will begin to rapidly attack.  Nothing can survive its attacks.  This means a plethora of marines or light-units attacking it is key, NOT Battlecruisers!   Sending in the Commander is also a poor choice as he will not be able to survive a blast.
  3. One Last Job - Bring 100 civilians to the dropship (Hard) - While the mission only requires half this, you have the option to wait before launching the ship and thus triggering the victory.  The reason for this is to load more civilians and get this achievement.  There are just over 100 civilians on the map itself, so if you lose any, you run the risk of losing this achievement.  The total number of civilians are tracked by the objective, so you know how many you have on the map vs. how many are left, and even how many are safely loaded.  Since the civilians are impossible to be killed once loaded, it is always in your best interest to load them ASAP once rescued.  Always use ground APC transports (provided at start in base) to move civilians as Dropships can be too easily picked off by scourges that are spawned off-map.  Always be sure to have a large surplus of reinforcements to bring your civilians back to safety and to the dropship as well, since you never know when the zerg will try and pick you off.  Finally, if you choose to use slower moving APC's, or even being very risky and letting the civilians walk, be warned when nukes start flying.  They have a high impact radius and can easily take out your objective here.

Epilogue02 - Veil of Oblivion

  1. Veil of Oblivion - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Dark Crystal - Destroy all the Xel'naga crystals within 30 minutes (Norm/Hard) - While it may seem like common sense being zerg to build up an immense army and taking out your x amount of targets, this may not be the best strategy here.  As you attack a crystal, it will "wake up" and attempt to mind control anything nearby...permanently.  The mind control will affect any nearby zerg randomly every 2 seconds, and if you are only using powerful zerg such as Guardians, Brood Lords, Ultralisks, you can be sure these will be quickly taken over, leaving you with nothing.  You can instead build a massive force of zerglings and perhaps roaches/hydralisks to overwhelm the enemy by the crystal and taking it out quickly, with only a few of your units being turned.  A problem with this strategy is the crystals are hard to get to by ground, although not impossible, you may find it in your best interest to construct Nydus Worms for transport.  A second strategy is to forgo using any units at all and only using a fully-leveled up Queen of Blades.  Her abilities can be more than a match for units, including the all-mighty Apocalypse ability to clear a space by the Crystal while she takes it out using Razor Swarm and standard attacks.  Reinforcement abilities work well here as those special units cannot be mind controlled!
  3. Queen Bitch of the Universe - Defeat Duran without going under 400 health (Hard) - It needs to be stated this achievement is nearly impossible to get if Kerrigan isn't fully leveled in Strength, Defense, and Psionics.  If she isn't, go back and get that in previous Zerg missions before attempting this.  A 1v1 battle may seem like an easy achievement if you constantly spam Mend, but unfortunately, Duran is a little cheating bastard.  He will send his own mind controlled zerg against you periodically throughout the battle, and even, some Hybrid that he had warped in especially for you.  If that wasn't bad enough, you have to deal with whatever attacks and abilities Duran is throwing at you, which are substantial and are a triple threat, as Duran can morph between his standard Spectre form, a zealot "Fenix" form with powerful melee/stun abilities, and an infested "Stewart" form with powerful nuke blast abilities.  While Kerrigan is free to use any of her abilities, including her ability to summon her own reinforcements such as her massive Leviathan or her enhanced Zerg, and most importantly Mend, there is also a full Health/Energy pickup nearby (2 on Normal, 3 on Easy, not applicable for this achievement).  You should only grab this when Kerrigan's health is in danger of falling below 400 and Mend is not quite ready or your energy is too low.  Your primary strategy here needs to be focus firing on Duran.  You can Razor Swarm, or even Apocalypse once against some of the zerg he sends against you, but completely ignore the Hybrids.  They have far too much health and shields to deal with.  Simply brace the damage and continue your attacks on Duran.  Duran CAN regenerate health slowly if you stop attacking, so be sure not to do that!

Epilogue03 - A Fated Path

  1. A Fated Path - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. I Am Legend - Acquire the Ihan Crystal without Zeratul taking any Health damage (Norm/Hard) - This achievement requires you to get through all four "challenges" in the first solo part of the mission without getting hit through your plasma shields.  Zeratul has 400 shields, regardless of your level, as a buffer before this occurs.  However, the higher level he has, the more abilities and other stats he has to keep him alive.  As with other achievements dealing with solo tasks, the higher the hero's level, the better chance you will attain this.  With a max-leveled Zeratul, there are a number of ways to attain this.  Void Armor on A canon is a great way to instantly gain +200 shields before even damaging your core shields.  Dark Shadow on B canon allows your clone(s) to take damage before you do.  You can also look to hide away if you took damage to rapidly restore your shields before proceeding on if you have leveled your cloaking.  The two most challenging areas will be the "Xel'naga Tower" trap and the final "Guardian" fight.  For the towers, instead of rushing through, try and click-walk slowly, and blink only to an area that is not within a close distance.  If you do sound the alarm and a construct is warped in, defeat it quickly, but be careful not to move to another tower, or a chain reaction might occur, leaving you badly damaged.  For the Guardian fight, hit and run attacks are your best bet, trying to avoid it's nukes as well.  Saving before this fight is crucial.  Hit the boss hard, and hit it fast.
  3. My Life for Aiur - Don't let the Zerg destroy your first base's Nexus before the barrier is unlocked (Hard) - This achievement essentially is asking you to do something that's not intended nor is it recommended, and for that reason, its extremely extremely difficult, potentially the most difficult achievement in Enslavers Redux.  What this means is that once Eredas is done with the first lock, and you proceed to locks 2 and 3, you don't pack up your base and go with him, you let him complete those locks 2 and 3 on his own, defeating the constructs that are along the way, but keep your first base completely intact, or at least, the Nexus.  This means you need to HOLD THE LINE, HOLD THE LINE, HOLD THE LINE, keep repeating that 100 times.  The first base has a massive amount of minerals and two vespene geysers, but you will likely still need more mining operations.  You should take probes and build other Nexus' to the other mineral patches to maximize your money income once they are cleared out of danger.  Your defensive line needs to include some optional buildings/units you got in Episode 2 including: Khaydarin Towers (if acquired) or Nerazim Shield Batteries (if acquired), as well as Colossi (if acquired) or Sentries (if acquired) with Guardian Shell/Force Fields active.  As for standard units, you should definitely have a plethora of photon cannons, with some pylons/gateways in front of them, high templar storming often, zealots to take some beatings if zerglings get through, stalkers if mutas get through or Brood Lords try to attack from the side, and if you want to try to go big, Carriers.  You can build Immortals here but they are not too useful with their Hardened Shields due to zerg's low attack damage.  (Remember: WOL versions).  You have full WOL Protoss construction here, so a Mothership construction is available here, so mass cloaking/black hole is an option, but there are triggers that re-direct zerg flyers to attack the mothership once its nearby, like any good zerg player would, so watch out.  Your best bet is never ending turret construction, storms, and a strong money income, with some aerial units picking off Brood Lords as they come.  With a bit of luck, and re-loads, this achievement will be yours!


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