Achievement Guide/Episode I Achievement Guide

Episode I - Shadow of Deception

Terran01 - Schezar's Scavengers

  1. Schezar's Scavengers - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Wild Hunter - Kill all Zerg on the map (Norm/Hard) - No real trick to this achievement, simply ensure every zerg has been defeated around the map. Be sure to check around every corner for lingering colonies.
  3. No Marine Left Behind - Rescue the elite squadron within 10 minutes once located (Hard) - This timer begins only after you regain control once you have SCV's. You only need to bring a single unit to the squad to rescue them. With that said - there are a number of defenders between your base and the squadron, so a simple slip in won't work and you do not have dropships available. The best path is hugging the north cliffs but a number of ground and air zerg await you including queens which will slow you down with ensare. Your best bet is to build a strong marine/medic/firebat army and move out approximately at 8 minutes from the time you got SCV's. Ensure you have several vultures with move speed upgraded. Move-Attack northward with the vultures staying behind. Push as far as possible until you approach the 10th minute. Once you are within 30 or so seconds, make a run for it with your vultures into the elite camp to win this achievement.

Terran02 - Into Darkness

  1. Into Darkness - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. New York Minute - Finish the mission within 20 minutes. (Norm/Hard) - This achievement requires you to speed run through the compound under 20 minutes.  It's highly recommended you play the mission first so you know all the paths and already acquire all the palladium/iridum pickups.  You should break up the mission by cutscenes.  The first section before you and Gui split up should be done within 5 minutes.  The second section before the zerg are released should be done within 10 minutes.  And the final section during your escape should also be done within 10 minutes.  Going beyond the time in any one of these sections will cause you fail.
  3. Just a Scratch - Do not let the Commander's health fall below 200 (Hard) - Simply have a medic assigned to heal the Commander at all times. If his health falls to 300 move him back to have a buffer between the "danger zone" of failing the achievement. Be warned of using plasma grenades due to the health drain. Having gotten +5 palladium items in the previous mission will make this achievement a little easier to get as you will have +50 health to start. This achievement becomes very difficult at the end with the zerg against your back. Move quickly and sacrifice any of your marines if needed, but keep medics alive for as long as possible. If you lose your medics, this achievement will become impossible.

Terran03 - Playing with Fire

  1. Playing with Fire - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Blackout - Destroy all three power generators within 15 minutes once located (Norm/Hard) - The generator objective is received soon after you regain control of your base when Warfield arrives.   The best way to gain this achievement is to not have your best obliterated before hand so you can be ready to go with a sizable force to assault the generators.  If you're Command Center, lets say, is already destroyed, you likely will have a difficult time getting this and you should try again.  The best and likely only way you can do this is with an airforce so mass wraiths is your way to go.  Kazansky can attend as can Magellan for support.  Some generators can be sniped from behind but be warned of retaliation from the AI.  
  3. Iron Curtain - Do not let more than 10 Terran structures fall before Warfield arrives (Hard) - This is arguably one of the hardest achievements in the Terran campaign.  In order to achieve it, you need to have an extremely fast mouse to click ratio!  You should immediately begin by having someone pickup the extra resources to the east and west of your base while you build a constant supply of SCV's.  Build another Command Center to the east for the extra mineral flow as well.  You don't want to run out of resources here - ever.  Once the fighting starts, it won't ever end on hard.  You need a steady supply of SCV's near all your buildings on auto repair.  Your most fragile buildings are missile turrets so do not build more of them.  Instead, fortify the ones you have with goliaths and siege tanks.  Since units dying have no affect on this achievement, you should be maxing your units out in front of all buildings.   When the Nydus worms come, immediately snipe them with the Commander's abilities before they can cause too much havoc.  For the final 2 minutes your entire base should be covered with Tanks, Goliaths, Wraiths, Marines, and Medics.  DO NOT build anymore Bunkers and Turrets, as much as this against your best judgement.  With luck, your SCV's will repair your vehicles, and your medics will repair your infantry and you'll survive with few buildings lost.   Save/Re-load helps here!

Terran04a - The Rescue

  1. The Rescue - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Hide and Seek - Find four stranded Protoss groups within 5 minutes of each other (Norm/Hard) - This achievement is up to you if you want to make it hard on yourself or relatively easy if you are sneaky.  The best way to win this is to clear the forrest before you release The Danimoth.  Do not rescue a single Protoss however when you do this.  Then, once you think you've scouted all of their positions, take the Commander and save them all.  You should easily find 4 of them within the timer.
  3. Army of One - Rescue Mojo within 20 minutes (Hard) - There is no easy way to get this without brute force.  The Commander has to simply push foward and make it to the beacons of the Warbringer, The Danimoth, and Mojo in order to win this mission.  There's a lot of enemies however between him and them however.  The best way to win this is to ensure the Commander is fully leveled up to this point with Palladium and Iridium.  Also ensure he has his Combat Shield purchased.  He should be able to reach the Warbringer within 5 minutes with a straight push with his entire starting team, no matter the losses, although try and keep them minimal.  Once you have the base, use the Commander only and grab the Jet Pack.  This allows him to get around cliffs and you should be able to sneak past solo to The Danimoth.  However, the beacon is protected by bunkers and tanks, so he must be strong enough to solo defeating them.  Hellfire Blast works well but be careful on the life drain of Pulse Grenade.  By 10 minutes in you should have both bases.  Spend the next 10 minutes rescuing as much Protoss as you can find and once you have a large enough force push out against the final base.  With luck, assault the north east top and you should reach Mojo under the 20 minute mark.

Terran04b - The Pursuit

  1. The Pursuit - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. No Fly Zone - Destroy every enemy transport before it can take off (Norm/Hard) - In order to win this, you have to destroy the transports before they are allowed to lift off.  This can be done before you are warned of the takeoff or during the warning countdown and vision is given.  Once a transport takes off and begins leaving, however, you cannot get the achievement.  Without a doubt, wraiths are your friend here again, but also replaying the map by pre-locating the dropships ahead of time are extremely helpful.  Once you know where they are, its simply a matter of sending the wraiths around enemy defenses and attacking them from behind.  Once the countdown happens you don't have a lot of time to take down the heavy health the transports have so ensure you have at least 12+ wraiths at any given time.  There is no time to expand with this achievement so turtle in and dedicate all your efforts to wraith building and bunkers at home.
  3. Command & Conquer - Destroy all three enemy command centers (Hard) - This achievement is conversely against the last one.  You need to essentially take out all three bases, but mindful of the transports not escaping completely.  While the bases don't need to be leveled, it helps.  The southern base is the easiest to take out and should be expanded to first as it also gives you a bonus unit.  The north base is arguably more difficult but has more resources.  The eastern base is hardest to get to but an aerial assault will work nicely.  You can also snipe the Command Centers with wraiths or Battlecruisers for the same effect but they are deep in enemy territory and may waste resources against dropships escaping.

Terran05a - Defenders of Aiur

  1. Defenders of Aiur - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Personal Escort - Do not let Fenix take any health damage. (Norm/Hard) - This achievement relies on you defending Fenix if he leaves his base.  He will only do this if a Zerg gets too close to one of the three Nexus points.  You either have to always have a guard on Fenix to avoid him dipping below his shields or simply never have the Zerg attack the Nexus's structures in the first place, which directly synergies with the next achievement and is most recommended.  Either case, you should also cast Defense Matrix on Fenix as a bonus help with this.
  3. You Shall Not Pass - Do not let a single civilian Protoss structure fall to the Zerg (Hard) - Zerg will periodically and infinitely spawn against all three Nexus points, including the final assault at the end of the mission.  Besides your primary objective of defending all three Nexus' this achievement dictates you can't let a single structure fall, including any Pylons or Photon Cannons.  These fragile structures can fall quite easily, so you need to bulk the defenses with your own bunkers, turrets, and tanks.  You can also put supply depos down before your own so it takes a lot to get the zerg to get through.  With enough defenses, the Zerg won't ever get an opportunity to even see a pylon in their beady little eyes...

Terran05b - Assault on Aiur

  1. Assault on Aiur - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Brute Force - Destroy the warp gate without also destroying no more than 1 shield generator. (Norm/Hard) - This achievement means that you can ONLY destroy 1 shield generator (or none, but that's silly) before taking down the warp gate.  If you destroy 2 or more, you lose the achievement.  This handi-cap means that the shield generator has A LOT of shield regeneration and that means you need a heck of a lot of units to take it out.  Mass Marines is an option but the better option is likely mass siege tanks and battlecruisers from both armies.  With enough firepower once the temple is fully destroyed, you should be able to take it out.  You can also take out both bases without destroying the shield generators to avoid backlash attacks to your bases while your busy whittling down the generator.
  3. Shields Down! - Destroy all three shield generators within 20 minutes (Hard) - Completely converse to the other achievement, this achievement is a timed one that means you have to take out all of the three shield generators in 20 minutes.  One of them is easily destroyed by a snipe assault.  The one north of Alpha Squadrons base can also be destroyed by wraith's and Battlecruiser's.  The most difficult one to take out is the south eastern base as there is no easy weakspot there.  Your best option is to first take out the first two within 10 minutes.  Spend the last 10 minutes building a strong army from Omega Squadron and send everything you have at the final generator.  Once its down, breathe a sigh of relief and run back for defense!

Terran06a - The Final Blow (A Canon)

  1. The Final Blow (A Canon) - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. The Only Good Bug - Kill the Cerebrate before the Torrasque reincarnates no more than 10 times. (Norm/Hard) - A pseudo timer here, the Torrasque reincarnates faster on hard, so you're better off doing this on Normal, unless you're fast enough.  You can also delay killing the Torrasque to hold out building a strong enough army to complete this.  The Cerebrate is located north east of your position and while he can be sniped by wraiths and battlecruisers, he is HEAVILY defended by colonies, air support, and will spawn burrowed ground units when attacked.  So you must be prepared for a heck of a fight when you are ready to take it out.  Your best bet is to count up to 9 reincarnations and when its ready to spawn that 10th time, send your air army against the Cerebrate and go to town.  Don't worry about the Torrasque going to your base because as soon as the Cerebrate dies, it dies too, as well as the entire enslaved Zerg turning to neutral.
  3. Tower Offense - Destroy all energy towers within 30 minutes (Hard) - A real timer here on a timer mission to begin with, is the ultimate challenge.  Conversely to the last achievement, ignore the Torrasque, and ignore the Zerg.  You need to focus all your time on the towers. Now is the best time to turtle in and build mass battlecruisers.  Build up as close to a 200/200 supply for cruisers.  You should go no farther than 23-25 minutes in.  Then send everything you have at the towers.  Ignore everything at you and yamato the hell at them.  Remember as you approach the towers the Overmind's Zerg comes at you but you need to completely ignore them obliterating your base.  Just watch out for the Commander dying, so keep him in a bunker or hidden somewhere.  Same goes for Mojo.   Once you've yamato'd the towers, sit back and enjoy the ending.

Terran06b - The Final Blow (B Canon)

  1. The Final Blow (B Canon) - Complete the mission. (Easy/Norm/Hard)
  2. Hello Boys, I'm Back - Destroy the Mothership within 30 seconds after the temple falls (Norm/Hard) - This achievement is all about how strong your army is when the temple falls.  Instead of a quick snipe assault, you need to be fully prepared to take down the Mothership as fast as possible when it falls.  The best way to do this is Vikings if you went that route, or wraiths and Goliaths.  Battlecruisers simply take too long to fire.  Mass marines will work but the mothership is heavily defended.  Regardless ensure the Commander is in the fight and unleash everything you have at it.  With a 100-150 supply of anti-air, you should destroy the mothership in at least 20 seconds.
  3. Paybacks a Bitch - Destroy all enemy Terran structures (Hard) - Conversely to the A canon final achievement, this is not a timer achievement.  Instead, you must destroy each and every enemy structure.  While there is no timer, you still have the overall timer of the Overmind's Swarm coming to get you as well as the Tower's, so you can't take your sweet time, but you have a solid hour or so of game time.  The Protoss wont' be "deactivated" like the Zerg when the Mothership goes down, just becomes slightly more passive, so that is your time to go on the offensive.  Mass battlecruisers are going to be your friend here more than ever and use Magellan to heal them in the field.  In order to take out all of Schezar's structures before the towers the Overmind will assault you with his Zerg, so be sure you have a very strong defense ready for him and repel his constant attacks.


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