My fanmade factions

The Technomancers:

A faction that is in fact made of two Protoss and their equipment only, but their power makes them a faction on their own.




The founder of this faction is a former Tal'darim Votary named Dallanir. His psionic powers were always below average, yet he was able to survive multiple Rak'shirs due to his physical strenght, supreme tactics and intelligence. But deep inside he was no Tal'darim at all, he was always more interested in technology than in the Chain of Ascension. One day he disappeared during a mission and was not seen again.


He kidnapped a Khalai Phase Smith and forced him to teach him about technology as well as stealing technology from others. As the time passed he learned how to make powerfull weapons and tech on his own and became a feared pirate among Koprulu sector. While being a prodigial Phase Smith on his own, he continued to steal technology either to utilize it, make a defense against it or just remove it from enemy hands.


In order to become distinct from other Protoss Factions his armor has a shiny copper color with Yellow/green lights. He also injected a special nano-virus into his body that allows him to control technology on much higher level and also changed his eyes to Yellow/Green, this wasn't a coincidence, he wanted to break away from the Tal'darim and the red eyes would tell too much about his history even though he usually wears a helmet.


His armor is so durable it can whitstand the fire from Immortal's cannons when the shields are down. Hovering glider gives him incredible speed as well as maneuverability. Gauntlets that shoot powerfull energy projectiles became his favourite weapon, however he has dozens more and usually doesn't even need to use any of them as he can remotely take control of enemy tech and disable it or use it against them. His weapons are thus mostly used against the Zerg and some hostile animals.


His main goal is to become the supreme technological force in the Koprulu and beyond. However he is no madman and also enjoys exploring planets and ocassionally spook Terrans for fun. Unlike Tal'darim he doesn't kill unless he has to and has almost Terran-like sense of humour.


The Last Light:


When he left the Tal'darim it was seen as a treatchery by the Death Council, so Highlord Alarak has sent seven Blood Hunters to find him and bring him back for execution or to kill him should there be no other way.


Only one of them was ever able to track him down, a Blood Huntress named Ae'nala. However when she encoutered Dallanir her Bane Scythe has turned off and she has only hit him with it like it was a stick. Similarly to Dallanir, Ae'nala's psionic power wasn't anything exellent, however she was able to at least become cloaked and shoot psionic lightning from her hands.


She tried using the lightning against Technomancer multiple times, but it always got absorbed by his armor while he sent a telepatic laugh into her mind and was leaning against a rock the whole time. Eventually he told her to give up, but she was relentless and tried to defeat him for 10 more hours before she finally stopped and dropped exhausted on the ground.


When she woke up Technomancer was siting next to her just chilling. She asked him why he haven't run away. He answered that she was the only being in the universe that has ever found him, when he didn't want them to.

He saw a potential in her and offered her to join him. In the end he persuaded her, mainly because she was already disgraced by not being able to beat him and if she returned to the Tal'darim, she would probably be executed for being pathetic (Alarak's words) and she didn't want to be just a mindless lonely drifter.


It took some time before the Technomancer began to trust her enough to take off his armor in her presence as she could kill him and complete her objective. But she eventually fell to the power of the technology she now used and became his trusted partner.


In combat Ae'nala usually uses twin-bladed plasma ripper that can cut through even some of the strongest materials. She also uses Cloaking Generator allowing her to focus her power on her senses and battle awareness instead of using it on cloaking. Some of her favourite gadgets are blink module, that allows her to teleport, some stasis traps and remotely controlled drones.


After some time she has also injected herself with the nano-virus allowing her to control the tech just like Dallanir does. Unlike him she is more passionate about killing. The nickname "The Last Light" has been given to her as the last thing her enemies see, it the light of her weapon.


Traits of the technomancers:


This faction is recognizeable by their unique tech and armor design, using the copper colored metal with decorations having metallic seaweed coloring and greenish-yellow glow of their eyes and armor. They use superior technology and almost no psionics. They live like a pirates/engineers/travelers. Their logo is made from the logo of the Tal'darim (Which symbolizes the chain of ascansion, literally being a link of the chain with an arrow pointing up) and symbolizes that they've broken from the chain of Ascension and literally broken their chains.


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