Models & Requests:


- Models I want to make (A personal list of ideas for models I'd like to create one day)

- Finished requests (List of models I've done for people since the new request system started)

Rules for requesting models (Requests are currently unavailable)


My other sc2mapster projects:


Aeon of Strife units (Models of Protoss from the ancient era known as Aeon of Strife)

DaveSpectre's Icon & Wireframe packs (Various icons and images)

Alarak's Conquest (Fanmade Tal'darim campaign - currently cancelled after 3 missions, probably never will be continued)


Other work:


Co-op Commander Concepts (Detailed descriptions & Preview videos)

Heaven's Devils Reborn (Fanmade video featuring my custom models)


Headcanon lore:


My fanmade factions (Custom factions of Protoss, Terran and Zerg)