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Rules for requesting models:


Rule 1. Only two requests are available per month (By 1 request I mean 1 unit / structure / other - that means it will include the main model + all other stuff I'm able to make for it, such as portrait, icon, wireframe and maybe some effects). Number of available requests for this month can be found on the overview page. Requests for new month will become available on last day of old month at 13:00 UTC, even if it's not reset yet on the main page, because I might not be always able to change it in time as I'm at work during that time. (For example requests for February will be available on 31st January at 13:00 UTC). Requesting can be done only via private messages here on sc2mapster, the name of the message has to be "Requests - month" (For example "Requests - February"). Then I will choose the first message received after 13:00 UTC (or 2 messages in case the first one only contains one request), if the requesting person didn't have 2 models done by me. Rest of messages will be deleted (So please don't put anything else in those messages, for example questions and so on, please send those separately if needed), so that I don't feel pressured. Once you see on the main page that the requests are taken, you know there is no point in sending message with requests. Also messages that are sent too early will be removed.


Rule 2. Every person can only request two times. So either two requests one month, or separately in different months. This is to prevent one person from getting many models, while other get none. I trust you, that you will be honorable enough not to make multiple accounts or not to ask your friends to request for you. (However if there still be some requests available after 15th of the given month, people who already requested twice, will be able to request as well !)


Rule 3. No requesting in advance. Simply if you see that there are no more requests available for this month, you can't request for next month. Instead I want to kindly ask you to wait until the next month and request then.


Rule 4. Please don't request anything crazy difficult, try to keep it at least somewhat simple.


Rule 5. No private models. All requested models will be released for everyone. Only option I'll allow is to make the models for you first and then wait until you release your project and then I'll release the models for public. If you want it this way, please let me know when requesting.


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