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Finished requests


Here you can find a complete list of requests I made (since the new monthly system has been introduced) and ammounts of models made for each user (this is an indicator whether the person can ask for another model directly on 1st of the given month, or if they have to wait until 15th in case noone asked for requests until then):


adamthepure: Terran SentryZealous Marine (2/2)

ee3daz: SC1 Valkyrie PortraitReaperia - The Reaper Hero (2/2)

Nexus Co-op Project: Project Gestalt - Command CenterProject Gestalt - Gestalt TowerProject Gestalt - Heavy Bomber (3/2)

- Exeld307: Squire - Terran Gun DroneCrusader - Terran Railgun Walker (2/2)

xodbs0207Volatile Infested RoachVolatile Infested Ravager ( Azmodan Based) (2/2)

CerberusSC2StarCraft Remastered - ZerglingStarCraft Remastered - Spawning Pool (2/2)

voishadewarlordTassadar (Story Mode model)Warfield's Ultra Gorgon Battlecruiser (2/2)

AlexanderO6TitanTerran Hound (2/2)

- ChiekChiek: Outrider - Ihan-rii ScoutAncient Warden - Ihan-rii Dragoon (2/2)

darkknightwatcherlordSolarite God Karax (1/2)


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