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    Daaamn... frank castle would love you tank mate.

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    Muy muy genial

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    Yeap... I knew this reminded me of something ...

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    In reply to EDHRIANO:

     Hi. I played the las mission.
    - There is some gemmar problems like pixture 1
    - The turn of units mess the cinematics. Ill send you some pictures on how to fix that.
    - The boss was... to be honest was pretty easy. i didn't use those healt/energy items. maybe make her summon units like stukov did with the spawn infested terran ability.
    - The happy end is very.... happy. But end with the initial frase of the first mission. Yet the sad end dosent..... a weird cut of the pirmary line of yours story.  
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    In reply to R0binicus:

     YEAH BABY!!!
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    Quote from JayborinoPlays>>

    We are already talking about a possible followup next year considering we had more participation than expected; granted, we had no idea what to expect.  Question to anyone who participated or thought about participating: If we tried to do this twice a year, would that be too frequent for folks to try to make anything?

    As much as I want it. Making a map requires a lot of time (especially in SC2).

    It must be counted:
    - The history
    - Dialog
    - Terrain
    - Cinematics
    And the worst of all ... Feedback (It takes a long time to receive something from someone)

    All these factors collide with the obstacle of life.

     Does once a year make more sense?

    Although it hurts ... yes. At least to me.

    I would be interested in crowdfunding for some actual rewards for next time, would that inspire anyone else to join in?

    I suppose. But I guess it must be a good one for people to take the time to use the editor (whatever it is) 

    I also need to consider a better way to link up closer with the WC community over at Hive as I feel we missed an opportunity to get them better involved for more WC submissions.


    That would be great. There was very little material for WC3

    Lastly, we may consider a theme next time if only to ensure we confine folks to the submission window as there was no way to do so this time.  Considering the extremely low stakes, I don't see any real problem with that, but we'll need to account for it in the future if we can provide real rewards tiers.

     A theme would be like "boss", "macro", "micro", "Kill all" ... something like that?
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    - The map is in shadows. For total black Map Properties Grey Mask to Black Mask

    - The nexus for you  reinforcements don't star construction

    - Mineral / Vespen and Supplies dont apeard

    - The reinforcements are allies? Is not clear because they don't help you in the advance.

    - Deselect unit in the cinematics

    - Final cinematic don't activate when you kill the hybrid.


    Just a thing

    -The first cinematic is to short and is not really a got intro to your campaign. Maybe show when Alarak separate the Daelam of the Taldarim o a discussion with Artanis.

    - Also Alarak speak to with care of his troops. He doesn't give a shit about his troops. He only care for the price. 


    Good star for your campaign

    - I love The "clean area" thing. Very good.

    - The voice of your units is great

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    It is possible to create primitive protoss soldiers?

    Like the wolf riders of the orcs or the kodos beasts?
    Javelin throwers or archers.

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