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Thoughts in Chaos

Team Antioch is proud to announce that we have begun work on The Antioch Chronicles: Episode 3. It took us some time to decide to take the dive into completing this famous piece of work, but we have already made great strides into completing it, with a complete script, several functional maps, and a nearly complete mod for it.

We have taken elements of the script released by Auspex Studios after the cancellation of the project, but as we don’t intend to continue past Episode 3 with their story we decided to make some changes. Our script was primarily written by our Project Lead, Adrian Bettridge-Wiese (Lucid Iguana), with contributions from Skyler Redmon (3yks), Abraham Yunes Gonzalez (Alevice), and Chris Colton (DTZ). Those who have read the original script will find that we ventured in a different direction, but we feel that it stays true to the themes of the first two and gives a completed story instead of leaving several open plot holes that were intended to be resolved in future chapters of the story.

We're very proud to announce that both Ruben "Auspex Turmalis" Moreno and Eric "Zeus Legion" Dieter have joined our team, as has Juan Mantilla, the original actor for Mason Rockwell.

Don't forget to check out the Remaster of Episodes 1 and 2.

Join the Cast!

In order to produce a campaign worthy of being called the Antioch Chronicles, we'll need a fairly large amount of voice work. Visit our voice acting page for information about joining the cast! We've got big parts, medium parts, and bit parts, and need a great variety of help!

Chaotic Thoughts

Chaotics Thoughts is a column we have started to provide insight into our development process and other things related to the campaign. You can see the articles published here:


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