A Brief History of Antioch

The following is a transcription of a summary given by Khrillian to his students regarding the events of the Antioch Chronicles:

En Taro Adun. I am Khrillian, and I welcome you to the Antioch Chronicles.

Our adventures began when the Protoss lost contact with the province of Antioch. The conclave dispatched Judicator Turmalis, a celebrated hero recently returned from a deep space expedition, to investigate.

Judicator Turmalis confirmed that a powerful psionic deadzone had enveloped the province. However, before he could investigate, his attention was drawn to defending Temple of Jepok, an important Protoss reliquary.

Lead by the twin warriors Khorun and Nurohk, Turmalis’s forces arrived to defend the temple and were met by the archon Nannoth/Taeradun—a hero of much renown long-thought dead. With the Archon’s aid, Judicator Turmalis’s forces successfully defended the temple and cleansed the nearby area of Zerg.

With the temple defended, the Judicator turned again to the mystery of the psionic dampening field. At its heart was a mysterious psi cocoon that drained any nearby shields, making attack impossible.

Luckily, Protoss expeditionary forces had detected similar psionic carrier waves emanating from a Terran installation on Char. This lead the Judicator to depart Antioch and travel to Char, leaving the defenses of the province in the capable hands of Nannoth/Taeradun, Khorun, and Nurohk.

When the Judicator arrived on Char, he met the Terran in command of the outpost, Charlie Mox, and his second in command, Dale Gurney. Though they were not the source of the psionic carrier wave, Commander Mox suspected that it could be originating from the nearby Kel Morian mining and research facility.

Volunteering to aid the Protoss, commander Mox lead and expedition into the facility. At the heart of the facility, he discovered several telepathic Terrans in cryogenic suspension, as well as powerful psi emitter that his scientists modified to of suppress the Psi Cocoon.

With the Psi Emitter in hand, Judicator Turmalis parted ways with Commander Mox and returned to the province of Antioch, where he launched an assault on the Psi Cocoon. As Turmalis’s forces neared the Cocoon, he received a transmission from Charlie Mox, detailing the Combine’s interest in the item.

According to Mox, the Combine had been developing the psi emitter as a method to attract Zerg, intending to use it against Arcturus Mengsk. But the Combine’s efforts were not limited to the emitter alone—in fact, they had also developed the Psi Cocoon, hoping to use it as a distraction from their attack on Arcturus Mengsk.

Faced with the loss of both projects, the Combine dispatched a sizable force to defend the Psi Cocoon. Luckily for Turmalis, Commander Mox and his forces arrived to support the Protoss’s efforts. With their combined commands, Antioch was cleansed of the Psi Cocoon and the meddlesome Kel-Morian Combine, closing the first chapter of the Antioch Chronicles.

Several days later, Mox invited Turmalis to join him in orbit above Aiur, on a space station he had christened New Brisbane. No sooner had the Protoss arrived, then the Kel-Morian Combine launched a retaliatory attack against the station, though it should have been impossible to find.

After the attack was repulsed, Dale Gurney launched a search of the base with his new lieutenant, the bombastic so-called “General” Mason Rockwell. The search yielded a surprising discovery—a homing beacon in Commander Mox’s secure quarters. Faced with an impending mutiny, Mox departed the station to seek proof of his innocence, leaving New Brisbane in the care of Dale Gurney.

Though he despaired for the plight of his Terran friend, Judicator Turmalis was unable to aid him, as the Temple of Jepok had again come under attack. Joined by Dale Gurney, the Judicator journeyed to Antioch and met with Khorun and Nurohk, making haste for the temple of Jepok.

Unfortunately, they were too late. However, in the ashes of the Temple of Jepok, Judicator Turmalis gained a new ally, the Dark Templar Praetor Moloch, a former student of Nannoth and Taeradun from before their merger. Moloch had come to Antioch to destroy the cerebrate controlling the province’s Zerg forces.

Joined by Nannoth/Taeradun—who had been constructing a new temple in the nearby province of Scion—the Protoss destroyed the cerebrate, relieving Antioch of Zerg’s grip. Unfortunately, Aiur was still overrun, and Turmalis and his compatriots withdrew through the warp gate to Shakuras, home of the Dark Templar.

Meanwhile, Commander Mox journey to the spaceport of Bora Dalis, hoping to enlist the aid of a skilled operative known as “Trench” in clearing his name. In addition to recruiting Trench to his cause, Mox befriended Ian Anduin, Marshall of the Tornod Highlands, a territory near the spaceport that was overrun by pirates. While Trench journeyed to clear Mox’s name, Mox himself joined Anduin in the highlands first to cleanse it of pirates and then to establish a new base of operations.

Trench himself easily bypassed New Brisbane’s security system. Deep in the stations archives, he uncovered that Dale Gurney had framed Charlie Mox, hoping to place himself in sole command of the station.

Trench also discovered something much more troubling. It seemed that Mox had lied to Turmalis about the nature of his mission on Char. In truth, he and Gurney had been planning to use the technology in the research facility to hold entire planets hostage, threatening to unleash hordes of Zerg if the planets failed to pay for protection. Unwilling to return to Mox’s employment after learning the depths of his depravity, Trench went in search of Judicator Turmalis.

Turmalis and his warriors arrived on the planet of Shakuras far from the settlement of New Antioch. This is when I, Khrillian, most humbly enter the tale—I served as a guide, leading Turmalis and my old friend Moloch to a rendezvous with Khorun and Nurohk who had established an advanced position near a series of canyons housing abandoned vespene mines.

Before our forces could reach New Antioch, the Zerg would need to be removed from these canyons. With Moloch’s aid, we hatched a plan to ignite the lingering vespene fumes in each canyon, depositing a small force to first lure the Zerg near the abandoned mines and then to place and detonate explosive charges. The stalwart warriors Khorun and Nurohk volunteered for the task.

All went well until the final canyon. Just before the shuttle was to extract Khorun and Nurohk, it was destroyed by a squadron of white Protoss Scouts, coloring not seen on any forces known to us on Shakuras. Distraught at the loss of the warriors, we journeyed to New Antioch.

En route, Moloch and I revealed to Judicator Turmalis our own secrets. Long ago, a judicator named Sevorak had experimented with ancient Xel’naga technology, in an act of pure heresy. It fell to the brave Jepok—he of the temple—to defeat Sevorak. Moloch joined him, as did the warriors Kuldarus and Laurioch (who would be my teacher), and the High Templars Nannoth and Taeradun.

Jepok’s forces defeated Sevorak, but at the moment of victory, Taeradun turned against them, striking down Kuldarus before Nannoth could subdue him by forcing an archon merger.

Before he could grapple with Moloch’s tale, Trench arrived, and Judicator Turmalis was forced to learn the truth of Commander Mox’s betrayal, and of the crimes he and Gurney planned. Saddened by Mox’s misdeeds, Turmalis embarked to apprehend the Terrans before those plans could come to fruition.

And apprehend them they did, ending a battle that had ensued between Mox and Gurney’s forces. Turmalis took the Terrans back to New Antioch for trial. As they landed, Moloch requested Turmalis’s presence.

We join them now as Moloch stands above the caverns that had contained so many Zerg, revealing that he senses the presence of the same cerebrate he had killed in Antioch—as well as numerous Protoss, Protoss leaping to the attack at this very moment.