Fantastic Creatures ! And Where to Fight Them !

Fantastic Creatures !
And Where to Fight Them !






This is a compilation of the boss fights from the Noir Universe.

Not a campaign, no politics, no final big bad.




10 Creatures to fight, each with different star.

1 star is the weakest, 5 star is the strongest.


1 Star - Kraith
2 Star - Durga
2 Star - Naraka
3 Star - Chrome
3 Star - Najka
4 Star - Armin
4 Star - Eren
4 Star - Ymir
5 Star - Naktra
5 Star - Void Kerrigan


3 team to choose from.

The Hammer of Dawn [The team that start it all!]
- Kyra Han
- Mira Kel
- Ben Ar


The War Heroes [Noir : Automata]
- Sin Ar
- NS 5


A.C.C Special Ops [Compilation of heroes]
- Marie Gold
- Handsome Jack
- Kaiser


Missions Preview

For those wish to see the preview can go here :

Mission Preview : Fantastic Creatures ! And Where to Fight Them !


How to Play

For those having trouble, Hockleberry made a step by step tutorial on how to, get it here :

How to play custom campaign



  1. StarCraft II Legacy of the Void.
  2. Fantastic Mods and Maps file [Inside zip bundle].
  3. Don't forget to turn subtitle and TIPS on.


Forum Feedback 

Find it too easy or too difficult, have something that you like / don't like?.

Or perhaps you find an error / bug that I might have missed out.

Have ideas to better improve the battle ?
You think the star does not match ?

Or simply just wants to talk about it? 

Custom Campaign Initiative

What is the Custom Campaign Initiative?




Starcraft 2 custom model creators :

Starcraft 2 custom icon creators :

Starcraft 2 custom model creator and map tester :

Starcraft 2 Youtubers :





Goodluck and have fun.


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