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    Should be noted that if you use 3DSMax - 2016 required! - you can use TaylorMouse's M3 import script. Also install SC2ArtTools - we have pinned messages in the Discord for download links. After you make your edits, use SC2ArtTools (when installed it will be a top right menu option) to export it back out using the Export Floater from the menu's dropdown. Just tick Mopaq Paths in the export popup to make sure texture paths remain internal to the map or mod file.


    If all else fails I can just send you a blend file or max file with whatever model you need to print, but BaneBirst explained the Blender side really well so you should be fine :)

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    Blender has a tendency to deform the .m3 models incorrectly on import. While Dark Templar models are easily the most notorious for their inability to work properly in Blender, things like the Spectre are much more stable to fix. Until I figured out how to fix this, I wasn't able to edit some models at all. It's a 3 1/2 minute video, hope it helps!


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    VOD #1 is available!

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    that StarCraft thing is real cool ^^

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    Holy shit, those are AMAZING!!!!!

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    Not every model I make will be uploaded here. If I feel especially happy about something I've made, it'll go here. I'm still working on my skills and starting to migrate to 3DSMax so not everything I pump out of Blender is as elaborate or different from the original as I wish (even if they turn out fine).


    For starters, here is the recent Sanctifier Warmech - I just updated my Assets page with this model, its accompanying portrait, and another Adept model.

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    This thread was a long time ago but for sake of response I'll give you one if you haven't found out how to fix it yet.


    Problem 1 Fix: You must go to the Triggers, add a new one with Ctrl+T, then make your event (yellow flag at top) to Map Initialisation. Then add a new Action (green cinema card next to the flag) and search for Set Alliance. Then set the alliance between the three human players: Make Player X and Player Y treat each other as Ally with Shared Vision and Pushable.


    Problem 2 Fix: You must follow these steps:

    1. open Left 2 Die map from Blizzard, ignore error. Put a Stank, Spotter, Hunterling, Choker, Kaboomer on the map. They are white domes right? Go to step 2.

    2. Go to dependencies and then double click on Left2Die.SC2Mod

    3. A window will pop up, go to the search bar and look for the Left 2 Die mod.

    4. Click on it, make sure the Data Download says 100%, the green bar must be full.

    5. Press OK, OK, when you go back to the Dependency popup Left 2 Die mod will not have a file path. This is ok.

    6. Check on the special units you added, they should all have their unit models which means everything is working correctly. If not then delete them and place them again, the mod data should load then.


    Problem 3 Fix: You must make a new Mod folder under where your game is installed. For me it is C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II and I have a Mods folder inside StarCraft II.

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    I quite enjoyed the first missions, I thought the idea of using the Leviathan backdrop and SM characters for the Launcher was awesome. I didn't notice any gameplay glitches, and in the first mission I think you captured the cavelike, winding cliffs of a snowy valley pretty well. Mission 2 felt like I was back on Kaldir.


    My only comment would be that Archons attack godly fast - whether this is just a SCMR thing I never noticed is unclear, but man they rip through your forces like nobody's business XD Maybe tone that down a bit, in the early missions your only meatshields are Zerglings and they get shred really easily as a result. It isn't really an issue, as you could just fall back and make more, but it somewhat forces you to resort to poking tactics. Also, the Archons turn green when they attack. I'm not sure what that's about.


    For a future mission, do you like the idea of a "hold out" or "defend the allied base" type mission? I think a holdout would be nice where you need to defend yourself for a certain period of time, get reinforcements, and then clear your way out. Or a mission where your allied base is controlled by that new Cerebrate and he'll be able to train elite Zerg breeds, and sorta go at the Protoss like an AI tug-of-war. Just throwing things out there, I'm liking it so far.


    Edit: I agree with TChosenOne - the AI does not have enough production to keep up with rebuilding lost preplaced units so just opt for stronger waves - this can be offset by a slightly longer delay, although I wouldn't increase it too much. Mission 2 felt really campy in the sense that you could only push against the main base while camping in the third and holding off the flanking Scouts and main attack forces.

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    Hello everyone, I have recently completed the first huge chunk of my latest project. Those of you that know my older ones know that they were incomplete and effortlessly done, but this project is a far cry from that (get it?). While still an amateur project, as my level of skill in the Data Editor and Terrain is still improving, I feel like I've put in a great deal of work to make something that is worthy of being shared.




    Please post here if there are any bugs I may have missed. I've tested all of them myself and have yet to see anything, but you might find something I didn't. Also note that I will be working on a difficulty setting as soon as I am done with the final mission, but as it stands currently the campaign is about Hard to Brutal for a Blizzard campaign. If you've beaten those, you should be alright for the most part. I did test that none of the waves were obscenely difficult if you approach them the right way, but if you have too much trouble getting past them I will lower their difficulty or tell you how I beat them :)


    Note: Secret Mission is quite difficult, if it is too hard for you I will lower wave difficulty and preplaced enemies without question.

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    A little "back to mapster" project I did when I started using the Editor again. Been in the works for some time, trying to come up with ways to use some mods I made. So, I made this Protoss-esque campaign.




    Currently in beta because there are things I need to fix and there may be stuff that I missed in my own testing runs. Hope you enjoy!


    p.s. I'll make some screenshots soon for the project page

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