Orbital Drop

Orbital Drop

This is intended as part one of many to come in the future. My pet project or whatever.

  • Single player scenario.
  • Length: A little over an hour game-time.
  • Difficulty: Medium.
  • Scenario: Base Defense and Hero assault.


Premise: You, commander, have been sent to a derelict Xel'naga vessel to secure some minerals that the higher-ups desire. Unfortunately, there is also a large protoss force on this vessel. Outmanned and outgunned, all seems lost until KABOOM BABY, the Marauder Squad has arrived!

Featuring: Marauders!
Who needs the rest of the terran arsenal when you have marauders? Seven kinds of marauders at that.

  • Marauder - The plain ol' Marauder.
  • Firebat - Technically a Marauder (or vice versa).
  • Roaster - A firebat who ripped the flamethrower off of a hellion and decided he could use it better.
  • Spaztastic - A marauder scavenged the parts of a destroyed Stalker and decided to recycle their particle disruptors. It turns out that Stalkers restrain themselves a lot while in action; this thing fires fast!
  • Thumper - A similar story to the Spaz, a marauder repurposed the weapons of a dead Immortal. More bang fer yer buck.
  • RoboRauder - What happens when you give a squad of Marauders access to cybernetics.
  • Big-ass Marauder - Because big-ass is kick-ass.

The Marauder Squad doesn't skimp out on its structures either.

  • Marauder Barracks - Who needs marines when you have marauders?
  • Punk Blaster - No, we didn't kidnap probes and shove them into our missile turrets. Where did you get that idea? - Former Dominion Technician.
  • Tower of Power - Marauders don't believe in sending women out to the front lines. That's barbaric. Instead, willing Medics unite to charge of the Tower of Power to heal nearby allies.


Future Marauders! maps may include an ocean floor setting and a volcanic area featuring lots of firebats.

Credit for the dark protoss portraits goes to Thrikodias.








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