Bane of Existence

Marauders - Bane of Existence

Requires Heart of the Swam.

  • Single player scenario
  • Length: Medium
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Gameplay: War of attrition

It is highly recommended to play Orbital Drop before Bane of Existence. The army used in both is explained in Orbital Drop.


Its Baneling season! Time to head down to the acid marshes and hunt some rollie pollies.

But wait, what is this? Bane, the gigantic Baneling, disagrees with this notion and is bent on killing you. He employs the best Baneling army around, with Bane Mothers, Bane Lords, and Baneling cannons. Kill Bane before you are overwhelmed.

New Marauders join the army from Orbital Drop:

  • Armorauder - Beefy and speedy, but does little damage.
  • Sniperauder - Fires a shot that pierces through enemies at long range

And of course, a new building:

  • Buff Block - A big obstacle that just begs for enemies to smack it.

Credit for the Sniperauder model goes to Kanitala of SC2Mapster. (Model name is Juggernaut)


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