I keep a text file to hold on to ideas for maps. I'll copy and paste it some of it here every so often. Read if you'd like to see how my creative process works. I'll also provide some background details.

Please note that I'm probably the least organized campaign maker here so you probably shouldn't do things that I do.


I'm lazy

Marauders started as an arcade game back in the WoL beta where everyone had a special marauder and had to defend several points. It was really bad. I uploaded it for some reason but deleted it a while after. However, many concepts of the campaign started here. Dealing with large amounts of enemies and huge bosses were key. Marauders featured:

  • Plain Marauder
  • "Firebat". There were no firebats in the beta. It became the Roaster.
  • Spaztastic was the same as now.
  • Beam Marauder had a mothership beam as a weapon and two drones that followed him around. No parallel to today.
  • Thumper was the same as now, without the mercenary model.
  • Rocket Marauder was basically the same as the RoboRauder without being a machine.

Why Marauders? They were my favorite unit at the time. Their model is also very adaptable.

Orbital Drop

A couple years later I decided to buckle down and make some single player maps right around when Hots came out. Everyone seemed to be making serious campaigns with strong stories, so i decided to do the opposite. The first map, Orbital Drop, is quite similar to the first Marauders. If I went back and redid it now, it would be very different. This was the music I originally picked for it. There was also this music for the second half where you use Super Marauder. It didn't fit as well as I'd liked so they were removed. I learned about attaching models to models and adding unique textures to units in this map. It took the longest to make, by far.

Sea Service

I had fiddled with the idea of underwater terrain ever since the beta. I made it work. Then I made it dark and attached lights to the units. Not much else to say here. I loved the way it looked. This map took a few weeks.


My least favorite. The only idea I had going in was Firebats cliffjumping. Everything else I made up as I went along. The Incinerators were fun though. Unfortunately I couldn't add them to the main faction without being OP or useless. This map took about 12 days.

Bane of existence

Banelings + batman = Bane. I had also fiddled with the idea of endless creepers from that one HotS mission where kerrigan kills the pack leaders. I think it worked out well. This terrain was incredibly hard to make too. Armorauders and Sniperauders were made specifically for this mission. They almost didn't return. Punk Blasters now shoot Banelings. This map took a few weeks.


Two words: Space Jam. I stumbled upon some cool protoss models and decided to make use of them. Not much else to say. The first advent of Jerkface! This map only took a few days.

The Mechanic

I wanted to make a metroidvania so I did. It unashamedly uses metroid prime music. The Apparition uses Thardus' theme, the mechanical bosses use the Ing theme, and the zerg bosses use Dark Samus' theme. Almost all mechanics are directly lifted from Metroid Prime. It ended on a cliffhanger that I planned on using later. This is the first instance of me planning ahead. This map took FOREVER.

Rising Tide

Bloodshot Ramparts and Hyperion Slaughter made this map entirely. It was punishingly hard and omitted the Sniperauder, Armorauder and Thumper while adding Engineers. I later reversed this. The enemies were fun to make. I learned how to rip models here. This map took about a week.


I decided to take the club section of Marauding and turn it into a full map. The color themes were one of the first things I decided on. I had to scour the internet for some matching music. Jerkface returns, making him the main villain of the campaign. The other protoss were never intended to return, but then LotV came out with those protoss models...This map took about 2 weeks.


I was playing the Wonderful 101 and loved this theme. So it turned into a map. Easy parallel if you've played the game. Firebadass returns. Ending leaves on a cliffhanger that I fully intended to explore. This map took about 9 days.

2 year hiatus. I worked on 3 different maps that never came out.


The intended sequel to Team BAMF. You were a marauder pretending to be infested taking part in a zerg attack. It was just bad. Soulless even. It sits in my maps folder 99% done. It even has a loading screen image made.

Warhound Rebellion

The warhounds rebel!. They were like slaves to the Marauders and had their own faction that paralled them. It was a take and hold scenario like the Lock and Load mission was in LotV, just two years earlier. I couldn't strike a balanced difficulty so it was scrapped. It is also 99% done with a loading screen.

Jerkface Armada

You play as Jerkface! The attack on Marauder HQ had been planned for a long time. You were to play as Jerkface on a ship heading towards it, but then Zerg attack. You fend off the zerg and it ends where you arrive at the HQ. It featured several Armored Core 3 tracks.. It is, again, 99% done with a loading screen. You even got to use the Titan that chased you in Marauding, along with some other super protoss. I found it boring so it never came out.

Two year hiatus over.

Kaboom Baby part 1

WE'RE BACK, BABY. Fixed glaring issues about the Marauder faction, notably lack of buildings and odd pricing. Swannites are exchanged for MCUs. Attack on HQ finally happens! It was going to be one map, but I couldn't fit all of my ideas into it without it being super long. It features several epic tracks by mark petrie, like this. Brood of Bane also returns, making them a recurring enemy as well. The Marauders, Banes, and Jerkface all receive new units. The banelings lack any sort of staying power, so they got some baneling spitting units. I fixed the unit circle issue that had popped up in previous maps by recreating all of the data assets (not fun). It was originally MUCH harder, but it took too long so Jerkface became easier to defeat with your allies doing noticeable damage. I'm talking an hour and a half for me to beat. The Boomrocker is my favorite part of this map. This map took about 2 weeks to make.


AKA, "Tying up loose ends". The endings of the Mechanic and Team BAMF are resolved all at once while revealing what I had planned since the Mechanic: the Apparition is Jerkface!!!1!11! With the advent of LotV I had good models and a tileset to finally make this happen. There was originally some sneaking to do in the Xel'naga area, but it wasn't any fun. This track from Metroid Prime started the feel of the map. It took about 3 days to make.

Kaboom Baby Part 2

Marauder PRIME! Swann was originally going to be the leader (hence the swannites) but he isn't as macho as regular marauders. Since the beginning, the color of Marauders has been purple, so Prime was to be EXTRA purple! Shagaru Magala's theme from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate shaped the gameplay here, namely the endless stream of Banelings. Sneakybat arrives a tad too late to warn anyone, but now they know what Jerkface really is. Too bad they don't care. The protoss from Technoblaster return entirely because of the new models in LotV. It adds some variety. This map took a week to make.

Kaboom Baby Part 3

Exists entirely because of Dire Miralis' theme from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Your base doesn't get attacked in this one. I wanted to capture the feeling of "Oh god its getting closer" so you had to keep the pressure on. Making the fortress walls and gates functional was annoying. The banelings are notably absent, saying nothing when arriving or leaving. Jerkface is finally repelled, yaaay. This make took about 12 days to make.


  • Boomrocker name comes from an old mecha multiplayer game called Exteel. A Boomrocker was a very bad, cheap, heavy type mecha. Literally the worst thing ever. It's name was originally "Titania," but that wasn't badass enough
  • Puh-lasama's name comes from an old N64 game called Goemon's Great Adventure. The first 10 seconds of this video will show you everything.
  • The powering up of enemy protoss seen in Kaboom Baby Part 2 onwards is a direct copy of Harbinger from Mass Effect 2.
  • The Snowblowers are indeed on cocaine. Subtle right.


marauders dont use overly vulgar language. damn and ass only.

i should stop using metroid music

the faction overhaul in kaboom baby is only the beginning.

brood of bane will be playable eventually. will be hard to make

marauder buildings will jump or teleport

marauders are metal af

future map ideas:

Sinkhole. void thrasher in a giant sinkhole slowly sucking everything in

more metroid music yaaaay. will probably use skygierr platform. skinny walkways, mechanical feel

underwater, but visible this time. ooooh.

warhoud rebellion remade. they become a recurring enemy. personality is AM I BEING DETAINED?

bane personality is hivemind with odd nonsensical goals. "Must aquire Chimichangas. Eliminate storeowner. Consume Chimichangas."

jerkface personality is generic angry villain

redzone personality is ANGRY ALL THE TIME CAPSLOCK

electrotherapist personality stuttering hippy

marauder personality is marauder. click on one if you forget

desert storm is sensible


hammer time is mr inuendo

puhlasama is r2d2

the faceless of rising tide should be a faction


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