Marauders! The Campaign

I'm currently going back through every map doing large updates and bug fixes.  The continuity of maps is shifting a lot too.  It'll be on when it's done.  The files here will remain unchanged.


Russian translation: 


What could you describe as kickass, manly, comedic, gratuitous, beautiful, breathtaking, stunning, incredible, indomitable, phenomenal, admirable, and just all around badass?

A Marauder of course.

Marauders! is a comedic single player campaign centered around, well, Marauders.  Follow the Marauder Squad in their shenanigans featuring custom factions and units in every mission with one goal in mind: Have fun and kick some ass. 

Marauders! has been ongoing since 2013 and as such, some things can vary wildly between missions.  Large breakpoints where the most change happens is between missions 9-10, where the Marauder Squad faction receives an overhaul, and between 13-14 where the rest of the factions get an overhaul.

Visit a page for short descriptions of each map.  Click download to be taken to the download page for the map.


2013 - ongoing

1.  Orbital Drop - Download page

2.  Sea Service - Download page

3.  Firejumpers - Download page

4.  Bane of Existence - Download page

5.  Marauding - Download page

6.  The Mechanic - Download page

7.  Rising Tide - Download page

8.  Technoblaster - Download page

9.  Team BAMF - Download page

10.  Kaboom Baby Part 1 - Download page

11.  Incognito - Download page

12.  Kaboom Baby Part 2 - Download page

13.  Kaboom Baby Part 3 - Download page

14.  Loan Sharks - Download page

15.  Queen of Banes - Download page

16.  Teach Me How to Jerk - Download page

17.  Initiation - Download page

18.  The Doom Train - Download page

19.  Origins - Download page

20.  Thrasher No Thrashing - Download page

21.  Hackarena - Download page

22.  Hackarena Part 2 - Download page

23.  Cold as Ice - Download page

24.  The Great Roach Migration - Download page

25.  Central - Download page

X1. Birth of a Legend Part 1 - Download page

X2. Birth of a Legend Part 2 - Download page

26.  Superstar - Download page

27.  Offensive Defense - Download page

28.  Maximum Overdrive - Download page


Extra: Maporino 2018: Avalanche - Download page


The former Marauder Minis has been redesigned into Murderific Minigames

Click here if you'd like a behind the scenes view.


How to Play

Download file, open it with the SC2 editor and press "test map." (The green SC2 icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen)



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