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    posted a message on Does SC Mass Recall have tac fighters?

    I would guess that it's unmodified code from the campaign. It appears that the Mass Recall uses a campaign dependency from the information you provided.

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    posted a message on Change Unit's Subtitle when behavior is active

    Unless it's not possible in your case, I would do a simple morph ability.


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    posted a message on Shield Absorbtion Gimmic

    I looked all over the forums for an answer to this question, but alias, to no avail.


    Is it possible to create a shield that absorbs all the damage, even if that attack would normally damage hull? For example, say a siege tank has 1 shield, and an immortal attacks it, dealing 50 damage. All of that damage will take down the shield, but the hull of the tank is completely unscathed.


    It's an interesting concept that I would like to see in sc2, if it's possible.


    Perhaps a damage response behavior of some sort? Not sure what that would look like.

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    posted a message on LotV Dependency and Player Tech Options

    you have to play around with the abilities of these structures. go to data and search for the gateway, then go to abilities and remove the "Upgrade to warp gate instantly" ability.

    If it comes to what units you can build, you have to change the "train" ability from the structure.
    The robo facility has an ability called "robotics facility - train (robotics facility).
    Go to that ability and go to ability info. Here you can set up all the units you want to train from a structure which has that ability. simply go to the reaver and change it to the colossus. you can also change the button at the top. this isnt necessary, but you need to remember the name of the button.
    Then go back to the robo and go to "command card". remove the reaver button and create a new button that has a colossus on it.
    Command Type: "Ability Command".
    Ability: "robotics facility - train (robotics facility)"
    Ability Command: the name of the button.

     This isn't quite the question. All this does is allow you to make campaign units.


    Here's a solution:


    Create an upgrade that adjusts the trained unit to the desired unit. Go to effects, and pick ability. Find the structure that builds this unit (in this case Robotics Facility), and find the colossus train field. We want to change the Train:Info^- Unit to the unit you desire. Changing the button here does not effect it on the command card, so there is little reason that I am aware of to do this.



    Bind it to a requirement that looks like: (This is for three theoretical units that have upgrades attached to them.)

    T3 Protoss:




          Count Upgrade (Reaver Option) - Queued or Better

          Count Upgrade (Heavy Immortal Option) - Queued or Better

          Count Upgrade (Buffed Colossus Option) - Queued or Better


    Add the upgrade to a research ability, and give that ability to a desired structure. (I'd attach it to your primary structure and use a submenu.)

    This works well. The nice thing is that the requirement method also works if you want to choose between a new upgraded unit, a buffed unit, a new unit, or any combination of these.


    There are some weaknesses to this easy approach, one being that the icon and description of the trained unit stays the same.


    The other being that this only works on the current map/mod, so I'd recommend making this on a dependency mod for all your maps that you wish to feature this on.

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    posted a message on [Tutorial] How to create custom resource icons and descriptions

    Use the import button. Right click your image file (.dds) and move to new path. Type in Assets/Textures in the blank bar. Save, close the map, and reopen.

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    posted a message on (Issue Resolved) Race/Team Trigger Problems

    Solved for a long time now. For those surfing the forms, here's how to do it:



    Note: Team 1 Players and Team 2 Players are a variable I created outside this trigger. (Global Variables) They are of the type Player Group, and they are initially set to nothing.

    As for AI, I can explicitly tell the ai to build the structure after a certain period of time, and attack rally it to your objective building. That creates a very basic ai. Depending on the map, you may wish to put limits or repeat orders on the trigger.

    As for the hero, it may be best to save that unit into a variable when the hero is created or respawned. You can tell the ai to target an allied hero, attack move to the objective, and/or retreat when life is low. Perhaps a defense trigger would be useful as well.

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    posted a message on [Request] Some Star Wars Models!

    And here is a reference image to the T4-B tank. (This version is fan-created. Author: henskelion) Perhaps a colonist transport or eradicator bot modification will easily produce this? This will need a weapon attachment on both of the turbolaser muzzles.

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    posted a message on [Request] Some Star Wars Models!

    I currently maintain a Star Wars extension mod on the North American server, based on the RTS Empire at War.


    The following models aren't absolutely necessary, but would be a nice addition to my mod.


    I bet everyone knows what these units look like in lore (goal reference set), but I'll still attach pictures and provide detailed information.


    - Protoss themed Star Destroyer

    Please don't get hung up on the texture color. I am mostly just looking for a modification to the existing battlecruiser hurricane model to more closely resemble a star destroyer. Protoss coloring is just icing on top of the cake. Namely, I would like to make the model triangular, and reshape the bridge. (See following pictures for 1.)

    Don't worry about weapon attachment points. This unit behaves like a protoss carrier, so I'll just use the root point for the hanger.


    - Terran themed MC80 Winged Liberty Type

    This one is a simpler.  The existing Protoss Frigate model is pretty close. I would like to see the floating portions of the wings filled in, the glowing weapon point on the front removed, and the entire model recolored. The thruster idea is only an extra idea, (if that's not too hard). On this model, I would like at least 1 weapon attach point, as this unit behaves similarly to the Terran battlecruiser, and has weapons. I know that the actual unit is creamy white to light grey, but I don't want that coloration.



    - Protoss themed AT-AT

    This one is hard. I want a four legged walker in the protoss theme. Everyone knows what this looks like, but there is nothing in Sc2 that I know of that remotely resembles this unit. In game, this is the Empire's assault walker, and it behaves much like a heavier colossus.


    - Terran themed rebel T4-B Tank (This one is less important)

    Dual turret turbolaser tracked tank. This is like the terran Thor in game. I already use a decent model for this one, but I put it up there as I would love to have this model for sc2.

    These aren't absolutely necessary, just have fun with it! I would make these myself, but at the moment, I have no experience with kitbashing or modelling from scratch. The only working Sc2 starwars model I know of is an X-Wing from Solstice, and it would be nice if these where out there as well. :)


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    posted a message on How to get a single unit to move?

    It's nice how convenient triggers are once you know how to use them.

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    posted a message on [Solved] How to set attack animation speed?
    Quote from FreeReign121 >>

    To clarify for those like myself who may be confused about this at first...  To make the animation play faster, increase the time scale number.  To make the animation play slower, decrease the number.  It is a multiplicative number.  So a time scale of "2.0" will play twice as fast.  A time scale of "0.5" will play half as fast.

     I tested it, and yes, that appears to be the case.

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    posted a message on [solved] Change Resource Icons

    That's a dependency issue. (Assuming that the tested map is different than the map/mod you are working on.) Make sure your testing map has the same dependencies as the map you are using.

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    posted a message on New Race and UI Modification

    I am interested in this as well; but in my case how to edit the tooltip and icon of the race's food.

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    posted a message on LotV Dependency and Player Tech Options

    I second this. If anyone has an idea on how this is done, please let me know.

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    posted a message on Structure Healing Field
    Quote from MonstrousOctopus >>

    Quite of a vast question, but here is basics:


    Give the structure a Behavior, set period of the Behavior as you desire, and make and link a Search Effect to periodic effect of the Behavior.

    Then make and link a Modify Unit Effect to the Search Effect, setting the amount of healing as you want in vital array.


    It should work, although with no vfx/sfx. You have to make actors and stuffs to make it more lively.

    Vital Array? What option allows a unit to be healed there? Total Life Healed?

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