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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #23: Let's make a map, Mapster!

    This is a real great work. I don't know how many hours are in this if we count everyones' work time... It's really nice.

    But, I want to make you notice many flying rocks and also a mine entrance (at the top left)

    Also, we must think about we are going to make an RPG and we will walk around, looking at the Terrain design, etc. When people look at the terrain, they want to find bugs or things they shouldn't see... Like some borders in the map, I imagine someone moving his Marine or w/e, and see the end of the map... This aint really good. For example, top left, near the flying mine, there is a road that pass near a place where the ground lower next to the border of the map, making easy to see the end. If we look at the Camera border, and that place, we can see that it will be possible to see the background and the end of the map.

    Finally, there is exacly no pathing done. Except for some places, made with dynamic pathing like for the creep. The rest must be done. "H" is the shortcut for pathing, and there is none. And, through all the Doodate used, there is probably some without Pathing in them, what could be kinda bad if the person playing try to find bugs... (Don't say nobody do that, I do.. and I find bugs in other maps)

    So, nice work, really, but there is still some things to fix to get a "perfect" map.

    Note: this could be great also if we change some of the car/truck/moto into units that could be interacting during the RPG.

    Mozared, where is your next WTE? (If it's created...)

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    posted a message on Walking under Bridges

    I always think that there is a way to "fake it" like some people said. Even if most people dont think it is possible.

    So here is my "test" solution. I'm way not the best in the editor, I still begin with the editor (there is so much to learn...) But I think (with lots of time) I could make a marine pass over and under a bridge.

    How? Using behavior. First you make the brige dont have any effect on the units. So you "can't" walk over. After, just in front of the bridge befor passing over, you make the unit get a behavior that change his heigh to the heigh of the bridge (after some test >.<). When he reach the other side, you make it come back to normal. So, the unit would have "pass" the bridge, but was technically flying. To make it pass under, you just let him pass under! It wont effect with the bridge.

    I already see a problem comming up. How the marine will move over the cliff caus of the pathing? You could change that it fly or something. Make the behavior do the x,y,z effect so it works. I've never used behavior though. After this, it will be to test how the units under the bridge react (like while attacking) with units over the bridge. Again here, the behavior could be a solution.

    Anyway, I never tryed behaviors but, I played alot with bridges and saw my marine jumping on the bridge on a side and comming back to the ground on the other side... etc.

    So, could this work? Yes possibly, no caus of... I don't know... What do you think?

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    posted a message on Forums fonctions

    Is there a way to use the communs fonctions of forums in this one? For example: see the new posts, see our messages, see the unanswered posts... etc?

    Also, that would be great if there was a Chatbox (I didn't search for it though, possibly that it is alraidy existing) But, optimally, with Channels. Caus I'm sure that many people would use it and when you try to speak to someone when many people speaks of their day, it's kinda annoying. So, with channels, that could refere to the forum seperations: Data, Terrain, etc. it would be great.


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    posted a message on Terrain Emitters
    Quote from Mozared: Go

    It doesn't work for me or Scbrood and we both have EU.

    I got US version >.< (Notice that it is not only the US though, but all the North America) And it is working. Thanx for the "V" Notice that if it change your lightning setting, it's because you was in editor lighting or with none. To change this you can use "L" or in View -> Show Ligthing -> choose what you want.

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    posted a message on Terrain Emitters

    You know all the kind of emitter that exist, wind, cloud, rain, creep, sunray... Is there a way to see the effect of the emitter directly in the Editor, or we are always forced to load the map in sc2 to see what it looks like?

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    posted a message on terrain question
    Quote from Reaper872: Go

    Imagine if this was a map someone made.

    There is everythings you need in the editor to creat this world..... =)

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    posted a message on How do you add a skybox?

    It did that to me also... but while playing and too fast clicking while I was modeling the terrain (sometimes errors are usefull) The skybox started to pop-up!

    What happend? I pressed Ctrl+Mouse Wheel roll backward until the sky appear like magic.

    Note: There are many skybox, but only some are completed for every angles of view.

    Full skybox: Xil, Mar Sara (Earth kind background) Zhakul'Das, Bel'Shir (A nice blue background) Shakuras (purple background) Braxis Alpha (something like Saturne in bg) Avermus (a planet, a sun and some fly rocks)

    Others: Xel'Naga World (demi bg) Char (strange diagonal bg) Castanaar (demi shpere blue sky and stars)

    The others not named just dont have Skybox.

    Hope it helped. =)

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    posted a message on The fog distance from the camera

    I played alot with the Fog in the Data editor: the Color, Density, Distance Falloff, Distance Far, Distance Near, Falloff, Starting Heihgt.

    I wanted to creat a fog like we see everydays in real. More far it is from us, less the color is detailled. My problem is that there is no fog that effect from the distance of the actual position of the camera (from where you look). The only fog that the Data editor creat is a fog that comes from the ground. More you look to something that is far in the ground, more there will be fog. That's not what I want!

    How to creat a fog that effect with the distance but not through the ground (height) but the far...

    Note: I didn't see any changement when I played with the Distance Far and Near settings. It is probably this... but how to make it work, if it is..?

    Thanx for help.

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    posted a message on [Trigger] 3rd Person Movement

    Hey, I folowed your tutorial to slowly learn how does it work... Even if some things are not explain (you have to search a little bit by yourself) I were able to do everything. Thanx. But, there is one thing that I don't know... I have check for some stupid mistakes but found nothing... My view is not folowing my Archon?

    Any idea?

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