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     Just an FYI, by default, conditions are considered under "and". Also to properly use an "and", "or", "not", etc, both conditions would need to be underneath the "and". Since "and" is the default, your version still works. Just good to know if you ever decide to use one of the other types.

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    I haven't looked at the other solution... Is this for a unit or all units. Because you can use behavior damage responses as dummies for event triggers.

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    Here is a screenshot taken from Mapsters map 6. You can download the file from the project page if you want to look closer. https://www.sc2mapster.com/projects/vespene-warlord/files

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    That would be fine. The main thing they don't want you doing is taking the missions that cost money to play, and putting those on the arcade.

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    I think that particular event uses "triggering progress unit" rather than "triggering unit". Does changing that in the condition fix the problem?

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    First thing I would do is at the beginning of the trigger, send a text message action. If the text message doesn't show up then it has something to do either with the trigger event, or the data effect. If it does show up, then something is wrong with the trigger actions themselves.

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    40 minutes is alright. I would say try not to ever go longer than an hour in game length.

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    Here is the video:


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    Hey! I just finished playing through your map! It was great. I made a video of my play through which gives my impressions as well as possible improvements. I'll post a link when it's all uploaded n whatnot. I think you did a lot of stuff right. I played on medium, and I think the difficulty was appropriate. The terrain was nice in both visuals and flow. The game length was perfect as well, I generally aim for 20-30 minutes for a campaign level play through and this hit that nicely. It's a great first mission as well in that it doesn't introduce you to a million brand new things all at once as some campaigners will do. 


    You did have a few small English errors, but it was great overall. Anything that was wrong, you can just say they were too drunk to speak correctly! :)


    Well I'm bad at thinking of more stuff to say in retrospective, so I'll just stop now and let you watch the video when its ready!

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    Easiest way would probably be triggers.


    Event - unit dies


    condition - unit type of unit (set it so the triggering unit type is your chest unit)


    Then the event would be a create unit (your neutral unit). Create it at the position of triggering unit (the chest)

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