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    for the data editor you'll want to look into persistent effects. You can specify an initial effect, a periodic effect, and end effect. You can say how long the periods are and how many. So you could apply your damage effect three times under the persistent effect.

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    For triggers, under flags, it'll say no options. Click on no options, and check the box that says Ignore Placement. 


    For Data, on the creation effect there are "creation options". I forget which one it is exactly. Probably placement, or ignore blockers.

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    I'd say for complete beginners, this is a good starting point: 


    Once you need more specific stuff, click on wiki on this website above, then click tutorials.

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    I think when you create a project, you can add people to it.

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    I just zoom out until I don't hear stuff.

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    I'm not sure if this is what you want... but the Auir Immortal has an ability where it can gain a barrier that absorbes 100 damage. It's like a shield but isn't one, so it doesn't affect existing shields.

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    LoTV should have all the stuff HoTS, and WoL have and more, just with slightly different balancing. So you should only need to add LoTV, and the campaign data if you want that. See picture for the dependencies I would go with.


    For the upgrades:

    - Presentation wise: I would probably follow other campaign that have map loaders. Often map makers will make one file that is purely for loading up missions. They'll create little scenes in these maps that represent what the mission will be about. The camera looks at these scenes when clicking a button. Then when hitting load or play, it'll jump to the new map file. You could make little scenes and UI for your upgrade menus.

    - Behind the scenes: You'll want to look into using "Bank" files. Go here: https://sc2mapster.gamepedia.com/Tutorials and do a search for Banks. Not much has changed, so even old tutorials are fine. Banks are just text files that get saved to the players computer and can include things like integers, booleans, and some other variables. So when a player is interacting with your upgrade UI, you can create a bank file. Your maps can then read that bank to see what upgrades they chose, you then activate them in your map.

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     Just an FYI, by default, conditions are considered under "and". Also to properly use an "and", "or", "not", etc, both conditions would need to be underneath the "and". Since "and" is the default, your version still works. Just good to know if you ever decide to use one of the other types.

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    I haven't looked at the other solution... Is this for a unit or all units. Because you can use behavior damage responses as dummies for event triggers.

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    Here is a screenshot taken from Mapsters map 6. You can download the file from the project page if you want to look closer. https://www.sc2mapster.com/projects/vespene-warlord/files

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