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    Just a heads up. For tutorials, the names in the wiki tend to be the same as the thread name. So you can search the tutorial name in the forums search bar, and you can usually find it.

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    Gameplay starts about 18 minutes into video.


    Here I play Gatsu's version 1 submission for Mapcraft 2017! Everyone be sure to test out the mapcraft maps and give feedback! You can find them on Jayborino's discord.

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    Alright, my map is submitted. Also, it'd be cool if this post was stickied.

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    Quote from DaveSpectre122 >>

    In reply to VastanX:

    Yeah might be because of machine too, but the final cutscene didn't work in case Alarak didn't enter a small region which could occur really often, so i made the region bigger. The Nexus works fine tho. Also i made the mask black, but I'm struggling with the deselection, maybe i'm just blind, but I can't find it in triggers, if you know where to look, please let me know :) Also really thank for your help & feedback, it's very valuable.
     I suggest using the actions "Store Unit Selection" to begin a cutscene, and "Restore Unit Selection" when it ends. With this you can clear the unit selection, and the game will remember what was selected, so when it ends, the units will be reselected. If you don't need to restore it, you can use "Clear unit selection".
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     So I looked at your map Robinicus, and made two changes that seemed to make it work. Not sure if both are needed or just one. 


    1. Gave the player the campaign upgrade

    Tech Tree - Set Story Mode Lab Tech - (Vespene Gathering) Micro-Filtering upgrade level to 1 for player 1

    2. Removed a validator from the autoharvest behavior. There was a validator on the "Automatic Refinery - Auto Harvest Vespene" behavior that was checking to see if the player had a command center before giving the vespene. The validator was called "Autoharvesterharvest".


    Does that make sense, or should I explain more?

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    For the immediately move part, you could spawn an empty drop pod with it's wait option off (for the animation). Then just use the create units instantly at the same spot the drop pod lands.


    As for two different types of units, you could use my above suggestion with more than one create units instantly. Or you could create the units, add them to a local variable unit group, create more units and add them to the same local variable unit group, then add that local unit group to the drop pod.

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    In reply to R0binicus:

     That's tough. Definitely the zerg ones... Probably Ultralisk, Lurker, and Swarm Host. So three favs :P
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    Super cool :D

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    I finished Noir lvl 5. I'll copy the video to here when it's done uploading/etc. I played on normal difficulty. Overall a fun mission, but definitely hard. I have some suggestions in the video, but here are some I think may ease the difficulty without making it too easy.


    - On normal difficulty give reavers -25% attack speed. On easy give them -50% attack speed.


    - Have killing the pylons make the enemy no longer able to warp in reinforcements.

    - When the boss has the invulnerable shield, make it so your units won't attack him (so they'll attack the zealots/cannons instead during that time)


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    Here is the youtube video for Noir Automata Lvl 4


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