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    posted a message on How to make your unit go through the colors of the rainbow!

    This actually contains exactly the information I was looking for a minute ago in the search function. Thanks :)

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    posted a message on All Doodads in picture

    Great job. Thanks for your efforts on this.

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    posted a message on Only execute missile impact effect when caster meets cost requirements
    Quote from Spoolofwhool: Go

    So the missile has a preset behaviour which searches for units to impact against. The problem with this is that there is no way to reference the caster since it does not figure into the effect tree of the behaviour.

    EXACTLY! Basically the main issue is the caster reference. That's why unfortunately your solution doesn't work Funky.

    My way mentioned above should in theory work but for some unknown reason the last search effect is not executed even when I removed validators and the set effect which leads to the search effect triggers.

    I tried building up the ability the way you two described. I actually don't understand how I should implement the redirection of the missile. Where do I lanch the missile to before redirecting? would I redirect the missile to the enemy unit from the caster?

    Edit: I tried implementing the redirect missile effect but with no success. Can you specify your idea? where and when should the redirect missile? a effect tree like Funky posted would be nice, also including a second tree which descibes the effects on the bahavior. I

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    posted a message on Only execute missile impact effect when caster meets cost requirements

    Yeah I tried sth like this. However this did not work. It seemed like the validator was validating the missile itself noo matter what I selected as target. Also this would not remove energy as cost from the caster.

    My Final goal for an ability was a target ability that launches a missile which damages enemy units on hit and heals allied units on hit if energy cost can be payed.

    After heavy brainstroming action I came up with a complicated solution:

    The missile has a behavior which periodically executes a search effect for enemy units, dealing damage on impact, as well as another search effect which on impact with an allied unit. So enemy unit = damage and allied unit = the following: the second search effect applies a void buff to the allied target and searches for the caster unit owned by the casting player, validates whether it has enough energy and if so, modifies the caster's energy -x. Additionally another search effect is executed from the casters position which searches for the unit with the void buff on it and heals that unit and removes the buff.

    I am currently trying that as this was just a theoretical approach so far.

    Easier solutions or comments on my possible one are much appreciated :-)

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    posted a message on Only execute missile impact effect when caster meets cost requirements

    Hi Fellow mappers I can't seem to figure out a soltion for the following basic ability idea:

    A target ability which launches a missile doing executing effect1 to a unit on impact AND if a certain cost requirement is met and only then, executing effect2, subtracting that cost from the caster's vitals.

    An example could be as follwed: the cost for the additional effect is 50 energy. A marine with 20/100 energy executes the ability on marauder. The missile hits. Effect1 - lets say damage - takes place. Effect2 - lets say an apply effect - doesn't because the marine doesn't meet the cost requirements. If it had 50+ energy, the apply effect would be executed with the marauder as target aswell and 50 energy would be subtracted from the marines energy.

    When I set a cost effects or validator has X of Y onto effects which are executed from behaviors on the missile unit, everything is refers to that instead of the executing unit.

    Any idea how this can be realised?

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    posted a message on Infterface to choice which hero you want

    For a nice ingame hero selector check out OneTwo's excellent Also make sure to check out the tutorial section of the wiki! A lot of helpful stuff there

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    posted a message on Making a gate open when a unit is within range

    Where can we find that demo map? I can't seem t find it but I'd be interested to see it

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    posted a message on (easy) please help spawn units

    u might want to use an array variable like: new variable of type unit - make it an array avatar [4] (unit)

    where the 4 is nr of max players. could be 5 or whatever then do this, just as Yaksmanofage said and add the last line

    Pick each player in Active Players and do Actions Create unit for player (Picked Player) at [...] Set AVATAR[picked player] = last created unit

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    posted a message on Past Monthly Triggering Exercise & Suggestions Threads

    I have recently been working on a very basic map with the purpose to simulate the predator-prey relationship after the Lotka-Volterra model my biology teacher taught us back in my school days. The idea is wolves for example eat rabbits so their population is dependent on the rabbits population. More rabbits more wolves. Less rabbits, less wolves.

    My Idea was to see whether it was possible simulate that relationship in the editor to generate graphs for the prey population over time and the predators population over time. The result should be two phase shifted sine graphs, determining their population and dependency of the wolves on the rabbits. This was somewhat inspiring to me and ever since I have had map ideas based around this dynamic popping up in my head.

    My suggestion is drawn from this basic idea and I am highly interested to see what great ideas will develop

    So my suggestion for a WTE is:

    Create a map on which an ecosystem cycle is running, featuring several species that are dependent on each other. It could be species1 eats species2 eats species 3 or species 1 can only breed when having sth. species 2 creates within its life cycle.

    The map should feature

    - several species: animal, human, alien, plant, robot... be creative

    - species should be somewhat dependent each other

    - make sure no species becomes extinct (too quickly)

    - The result should be a interesting to watch eco cycle

    - optional: Find a way for the player to interact with that cycle without being able to stop the natural cycle from functioning

    Let me know what you think of the idea. If you want to modify the idea, feel free to do so :)

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    posted a message on Enter submenu

    I don't think it is, as you basically access the ability itself when using an ability trigger. To my knowledge you cannot access the UI buttons. So when triggers only access abilities, that means if you order an scv to construct a supply depot via trigger, it doesn't matter if the supply depot button is in a submenu or not.

    There is a way to realise your vision but it might be a little work intensive for a small thing like that

    What you could do is add all the abilities you want in that submenu, to the unit on the main menu field (the place where the submenu button would also be) and hide them via trigger. Then create an ability - instant that does nothing, using that as a pseudo a submenu button. Now detect when that ability is used which means that the button is pressend and via trigger hide all buttons in the main ability menu and show all button which you want to have in the submenu. This way you could also (pseudo-) open the submenu by executing the submenu ability. Don't forget to create the back button the same way

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    posted a message on Mouse clicks activates ability from item in inventory

    This is totally possible.

    I would go about setting vaariable which defines the carried item. Just use an int and go sth like this: global variable integer 'carried item' = 0 the number of this variable defines the carried item

    Then a trigger which sets the variable according to the carried item when an item is pickted up

    event - "player collects item" I don't exactly know how ur items work, so u'll need to figure the event out urself

    actions - switch "collected item" case (sniper item) - set 'carried item' = 1 case (staff) - set 'carried item' = 2 and so on

    and then the trigger that triggers the items effect

    event - player presses right mouse button down (or however this is described...)

    actions - switch ('carried item') case (0) sth like create text messag or a text tag near the hero "you don't carry an item" case (1) - use ability with target and then just put psy storm or whatever with target clicked mouse position

    This way it should work. I cannot recheck on the exact texts for the events and functions right now as I am currently not at home but you get the idea of the triggers. I am sure you will make it work.

    If you don't understand sth, let me know and ill try to explain in more detail

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    posted a message on Level Up Lets Player Pick Attribute

    There are several threats that deal with this exact thing. I remember seeing one which had an example map attached. Let me assure you the solution was quite complicated Just try the search funtion

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    posted a message on Problem about dragging and selecting the unit made from copied structure

    Thik of a normal game in sc2. you have a barracks and two marines. try selecting all. You will only get the non-structures. Your turret is still being treated as a structure in terms of selection.

    What you would need to do is somehow change the selection behavior to a non structure unit type. Cant tell you where thugh. I assume its somewhere in the actor tab.

    The weird selection behavior occurs on every neutal animal unit. I have been looking for a solution to this problem myself some time ago but couldnt find one. I am sure someone in this cummunity knows though

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    posted a message on Zombie respawn

    I assume it should work like in imba league right? No variables are required.

    do it this way:

    EVENT unit dies

    CONDITION owner of triggering unit != player 9

    ACTIONS wait 'X' ingame seconds

    create 1 ' position of 'triggering unit' ' for player '9' facing '270' degrees.'ignore placemet requirements'

    that should do it :)

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    posted a message on 3rd person RPG style ladder maps?

    Well, a melee map with one unit for each player with a 3rd person camera? no prob. A game needs to have an objective in order to be A GAME Though. What would that be. All in all you need to specify your vision. Or is this just a basic idea that popped up in your head?

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